Bastila have the perfect song for The Friday Slacker in us all


now i’ve got too much to lose, i’ve not got much to say

♫ Bastila – The Slacker

If I had this song in High School I would have listened to it every Friday, batteries for my Discman permitting. It’s the perfect mix of angsty rebellion and ska-punk energy that really got me psyched back then. I don’t listen to my old ska or punk faves much anymore but that doesn’t mean that when a jam like this blazes thorigh my ears I dont dig it. Bastila hail from Isle Of Wight in the UK and bring a fresh sound that I don’t hear much of these days. Although I am not et sold on the rest of their self-titled debut it is an interesting listen and has definitely got me intrigued. There are some high octane foot-stompers and there are mellow (read “mature”) ballads type jams and it is a generally varied and fun album. As I now listen to “Takin’ Over” I wonder weather I like it even better than “The Slacker.” Damn. Real time blogging is tricky. So anyway, “The Slacker” was the first single and it’s recently been followed by “Ghosts” but that song is a bit too mellow for a Friday night. Anyway, blah blah blah, I need a hamburger. I’m out.

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