[MP3] BATHS are not just for AMINALS

rawr! raah!

♫ Baths – Aminals

Baths is the moniker of 21 year old Los Angeleno Will Wiesenfeld whose debut album, Cerulean, is out now and garnering much acclaim. Some of the other tracks I’ve heard haven’t blown me away but “Animals” here instantly jumped out at me. Both delicate and pounding at the same time, its mostly instrumental beat skips and tweaks itself around until it’s some kind of hyperactive mess that is just waiting to burst. If you aren’t feeling this jam then you just need to turn up the volume, turn down the lights, and try again. Although the rest of the album hasn’t grown on me yet I can definitely say that headphones help. Right now I am loving how Baths takes these short vocal samples and streaches and weaves them into the rhythm until they are barely recognizable. “Maximalist” is another recommended jam

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