Bicicletas add 11 y 20 and get awesome


………. corazon! ………

Bicicletas – 11 y 20

Bicicletas are from Argentina and they sing in Spanish so my sing-along abilities are limited to excitedly yelling “corazon” when it comes along in “11 y 20.” In whatever language, the catchiness of this song is way more powerful then a simple bicycle. Maybe a bicycle with rockets strapped to it. Yeah. Makes me want to learn Spanish so I can sing along better… Anyway, the lead singer may look like a balder Jack Black, but these guys are no joke. They have been rocking Buenos Aires for years and even opened for Roger Waters when he was in their hood. I can’t find anywhere to buy their latest album, Quema, but there are more tracks at the Latin American Indie blog Zona Indie.

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