Bishop Allen wins cutest album cover with Grrr…

a hammer hit the nail with great sympathy

Bishop Allen – The Ancient Commonsense of Things

Bishop Allen plays the kind of music that everyone can enjoy: upbeat, poppy, and infectious. They came on the scene with their 2006 EP project in which they released a 4 song EP each month of that year. 2007 saw the release of The Broken String, a near perfect pop gem that clearly benefited from a busy 2006. If 12 EPs is what it takes for a band to hone their jams into a decent album then more peeps need to get on it. Well, Bishop Allen just released Grrr… and it does not disappoint. While not filled with as many clear standouts as The Broken String (see below) it is a solid album filled with plenty of pop fun as TBE favorites, “Oh Oh Oh’s” (see above), and “La La Las” (see “Shanghaied”). I have singing along on repeat for the past few days. Here is some magic from The Broken String.

Bishop Allen – Middle Management

Bishop Allen – Rain

“Middle Management” is the anthemic anti-office jammy that first grabbed my ear. “Rain” is the track that upon getting the full album, grabbed my other ear. Basically these two albums will molest the crap out of your ears. In a good way. As if these cats weren’t cool enough, Bishop Allen is giving away a few more tracks on their website.

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