Brakes ask that you Don’t Take Me To Space, Man


singing goddamn i’m happy just to be alive

Brakes – Dont Take Me To Space (Man)

You may have noticed that new little eMusic Daily Download box in the right sidebar. eMusic subscribers can pick up a free song everyday! What does Amazon give you? One a week? Ha! That, along with a million other reasons, are why I love eMusic and have been a subscriber for 3 or so years. Oh, and this hot track by Brakes? Yeah, picked it up from that same eMusic box yesterday. The sweet just gets sweeter. Brakes (Known as brakesbrakesbrakes in the US) are a UK quartet whose third LP Touchdown just came out. This is the first I have heard of them and I’m loving the straight up no-frills rock. Feels like something straight out of the 90s that would be at home in a Pre-Millenial Flashback. Very sweet indeed.

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