Brandon’s TBE Digest 15 – 11.10.2010 [Kanye West, Cold War Kids, Two Door Cinema Club, The Drums, Twin Shadow, Mark Ronson, etc]

Loosen those belts because this Digest is quite the spread and you’re gonna need some breathing room to get through all 18 of these morsels. Bear with me because, save for the last two, this is all great stuff and there are a few “Best ___ of 2010” shoe-ins lurking below. Once again, the jams are broken into “courses” for your convenience. Enjoy!

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♫ Kanye West – All of the Lights (Ft. John Legend, The-Dream, Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Charlie Wilson, Elly Jackson, Alicia Keys, Fergie, Kid Cudi, Rihanna, & Elton John) – Besides all the gems at in Kanye’s GOOD Fridays free mp3 program, this guest-crazy jam from the forthcoming My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy also dropped recently. It’s a memorable moment from the “Runaway” film and sure to be a centerpiece of the album.

♫ Trophy Wife – Microlite (acoustic) / Trophy Wife’s latest single “Microlite” may be even better than “Take This Night” and it definitely has a great video. The band is wisely giving away this acoustic version to tempt you to buy the full recording. Do it. It’s fantastic.

♫ Museum Of Bellas Artes – Days Ahead (label wasn’t happy) / Hopefully you were paying attention when I hyped up the super solid and super free Poule d’Or 5 compilation few days ago because this is the new Museum Of Bellas Artes jam you would have grabbed. More please!

♫ Cold War Kids – Royal Blue / From their upcoming 2011 LP Mine Is Yours. Kinda jamming but I’d like to hear a bit more heat from these guys.

♫ Ima Robot – Ruthless / Before Edward Sharpe wrangled the Magnetic Zeroes he had a real name in electro-clash rockers Ima Robot. Well the old band is back together for a sound between the two aforementioned projects. This track also perfectly soundtracks the awesome pyro Lakai skate video.

♫ The Knocks – Dancing With The Dj / New Knocks for our rump shaking and dance floor quaking pleasure! Grab the B-side at their Facebook page!


♫ Macklemore – Otherside feat. Fences [Ryan Lewis REMIX] / Joel introduced us to this guy and soon after I stumbled on this amazing remix. Gone is the RHCP sample and in it’s place is Fences’ beautiful chorus and an almost Dead Man’s Bones production vibe. Macklemore’s lyrics take on a whole new urgency and weight. LOVING it.

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix) / Two Door Cinema Club get a beachside sunscreen rubdown from old TBE faves Ted & Francis. I’m feeling that horn solo!

♫ The Drums – Me And The Moon (Twin Shadow Remix With No FX) / As if The Drums weren’t already spastic and 80s enough, Twin Shadow has given them an extra kick of both on this funked out finger-snapping remix. Sweetness.

♫ Kamp! – Distance Of The Modern Hearts (Nudge Nudge Nudge remix) / Polish indie saviors Kamp are picking up serious steam in these parts (opening for Robyn!) and now have a fresh remix to share. Keep ’em coming!

♫ French Horn Rebellion – This Moment (Young Empires Remix) / Young Empires take FHR’s awesome “Moment” and replace the strobe lights with tiki torches for a more intimate affair.

♫ Aestetik – Intense Business (Lenno Remix) / I’m still so down with this jam and the remix just brings a different flavor to that infamous bedroom. It’s still gonna be intense, though. Promise.

♫ Alex Winston – Choice Notes (Tomb Crew Remix) / Joel & Scott already gave us one remix for this Winston jam but the Tomb Crew have had their synthy way with things and now you can spend a whole night dancing with Alex! Hott!


♫ Stephen Francis – All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover) / Ummmmm….. Wow. I never really imagined that the original could be improved upon but Australian Stephen Francis has crafted a delicate and teder piano based cover that sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. The build is perfect. See what happens when you actually sing, Murphy!

♫ Matisyahu – Use Somebody (Kings of Leon cover + Beatboxing) / The new Kings Of Leon album has nothing close to “Use Somebody” on it so why not just revisit that jam with Matisyahu and his soulful beatboxing-garnished cover!

♫ Mark Ronson & The Business – We Used To Wait (Arcade Fire Cover) / Can we get a proper recording of this, please? Why all the half-assed “live-in-studio” covers these days?


♫ Travis Barker – Jump Down (feat. The Cool Kids) / I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised. Remember Tommy Lee’s Methods of Mayhem? But this is almost not indulgent enough.

♫ Wallpaper – Indian Summer / The Bay Area crew that remixed Das Racist to stardom follow up their hugely disappointing debut with this new single. This track might have had a chance in May/June but now it feels a bit too little, too late.

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  1. Brufkin
    Brufkin says:

    Enjoyed the cover of All my Friends but claiming James Murphy doesn’t sing is just idiotic. I will give you a pass this time and just assume you were in some sort of emo/cutter mood when you wrote that comment. Otherwise, cheers!

  2. Brufkin
    Brufkin says:

    So I suppose you would argue that David Bryne also just talked and was annoying as well? If you don’t enjoy LCD just say so.

  3. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I’m ok with Byrne, I just don’t really like murphy’s vocals although LCD has a few straight jams, “All My Friends” included”. I’ve said I don’t like them before. It’s no secret.

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