Brandon’s TBE Digest 20 [2.24.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers

Got a lot of goodies here and as usual lately my super-favorites are in bold! Dig in, rock out, and see if you can spot my Web Sheriff baiting. It’s been a while since that guy came around! What gives?

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♫ The Kills – Satellite / Mosshart finally gets back to The Kills and we’ve got a new album on the horizon! Although, I was hoping for a bit more punch.

♫ Say Hi – Devils / Long time TBE faves return with a bit more of a folksy vibe but the same signature vocals and shuffling beats.

♫ The Knux – She’s So Up / I just have a soft spot for these rap rockers. I’ll take ’em over the Black Eyed Peas anyday.


♫ Sparkadia – Mary (Royal Palms Remix) / The fantastic “Mary” gets a solid funking that seems to beg for a heartbreak themed dance off. Lots of knee slides and supplication.

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Young Empires Remix) / Now this is a match made in indie-Caribbean heaven.

♫ Bruno Mars – Grenade (Passion Pit remix) / I really can’t tell if Passion Pit are better at remixing or being a band, this past year as seen their remix catalog blow up with jams. Bruno and them are working great here.

♫ Toro Y Moi – Still Sound (Germany Germany remix) / “Still Sound” get’s an angels and ambience treatment from Germany Germany. Could be the perfect track for a spiraling into drug use montage in some film. Well, the first part at least, after that the drugged up kid will probably be dancing too much to really get any anti-drug message across.

♫ Toro Y Moi – Still Sound (KNIGHT STALKER Remix) / Knight Stalker brings his version down to earth for a way crunchier thump, full of compression and punch.

♫ Jhameel – The Human Condition (Barbara Remix) / Kid-Cudi-covering Barbara are hard at work on their debut album that may feature Jhameel on trumpet (woot!). This will tie us over… for now.

♫ Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. (Fake Blood remix) / I never really got into the band named after one of my college film professors but I’ve always been down with Fake Blood and they bring the heat here, turning this on on it’s head and sending it straight into the strobe light at the end of the tunnel.

♫ Amadou et Mariam – Je pense à toi (iamxl remix) / This is just butter. Sun-melted, moon-spread butter. Make toast. Or love. Or both.

♫ Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone (The Lost Boys Born In The 80s Remix) / Flashback to summer ’09! Yes! The Lost Boys dip back a bit for this sunrise hangover vibed mix of one of my favorites.


♫ The Friendly Giant – Forever (Drake vs Jack Johnson) / Go Drake! It’s your birthday! Hawaiian themed party! Nice board shorts! Hang ten! More cocktail umbrellas!

♫ It’s Overture – Biggie’s Holy Ghost (Biggie vs Holy Ghost) / Oh, Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, your mashup potential lives on!


♫ When Saints Go Machine – Let Me Love You For Tonight (Kariya Cover) / When Saints doin their haunted disco party thing on an 80s rave classic. Hells yeah. This’ll tie me over until their next LP, Konkylie, which they just wrapped.

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  1. Whitey
    Whitey says:

    I love me some Say Hi, however, once he dropped the “to your mom” part of his name and moved to Washington I feel he has been missing something ………..maybe his mom? First two records Eric recorded have never left my playlist……. Hoopla’s involving Circus tricks or But She beat my highscore classic probably my fav songs………

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