Brandon’s TBE Digest 23 – [6.2.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers!

Boy, this one was a long time coming. Either you are all quite patient or you didn’t notice. Either way I have been busy as heck which just means that all the tracks I had compiled got whittled down to just the gems. Rock.

For more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark / New Memory Tapes! This guy just has that touch. Never my favorite songs in the world but I always enjoy hearing them.

♫ Javelin – Cowpoke / Javelin released a new album of western-soundtrack-esque songs that were inspired by their US tour last year through the Southwest.

♫ The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – My Way / Simon Muschinsky of TBE favorites When Saints Go Machine has a side project with San Diego emcee NOTE. This is it. Funky. Nice.

♫ Bon Iver – Calgary / New Bonny Eye. Word.

♫ Anna Rossi – Safety Of Objects / Anna Rossi finally comes out with some new bouncy original fun after her string of fresh covers. Her album Heavy Meadow is out now and streamable here.


♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix) / It came up on random in my iPhone and before I could check whose remix it was I was already thinking “Damn, this is niiice.” You can imagine my lack of surprise. The phrase “solid like a rock” may need to be updated to “solid like a RAC.”

♫ Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Myndset Remix) [Soundcloud] / Kings of the recent Great Escape Festival, Foster The People have a debut album out and a fresh new remix of their ’10 summer jam.

♫ Freelance Whales – Hannah (Ra Ra Riot Remix) / Freelance Whales and Ra Ra Riot together on a track? Why hasn’t this happened before?

♫ Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise (Passion Pit Remix) / The same could be said for this pairing. Triple chocolate funk.

♫ NewVillager – LightHouse (PUNCHES Remix) / More Punches!! And on that sweet new NewVillager track to boot!

♫ Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Ladyhawke Remix) / Allegedly Ladyhawke’s first remix ever. So at least we know what she has not been doing the past 3 years. Where you at, girl?

♫ The Chain Gang of 1974 – Undercover (Twin Shadow Remix) / Don’t know this Chain Gang fellow but Twin Shadow sure makes him seem intriguing.

♫ Frank Ocean – Swim Great (Mo Green Remix) / Not a proper remix, per se, but just Mo dropping his own rhymes over Ocean’s 2011 staple of my stereo. Whatever, any excuse for more Ocean.


♫ Freelance Whales – Girl U Want (Devo cover) / Yes. This is what is up.

♫ The Silent League – Texico Bitches (Broken Social Scene cover) / Don’t know the original but this cover sure has legs. That run. And arms. That shred. Ungh. Love it.

♫ Trails – Animal (Miike Snow cover) / You know I love me some “Animal.”

♫ Mayer Hawthorne – Mr Blue Sky (ELO cover) / Fun times.

♫ Ezra Koenig – Papa Hobo (Paul Simon cover) / That guy from… you know… covers… oh whatever.

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11 replies
  1. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    if you haven’t listened to broken social scene before this, you really should! one of the best in canada for sure.

  2. JT
    JT says:

    You are so right about RAC. Midas touch. Just looked em up – interesting story. Kind of a remix hit factory. Reminds me of Swemix or something.

  3. Savannah
    Savannah says:

    The Freelance Whales remix sounds a LOT like Discovery. Makes sense, I guess, since Wes Miles made up half of Discovery. Haha

  4. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Yeah, except Andre does like 90% of their mixes (under the “RAC mix” moniker”) and then Andrew Maury does a few each year (RAC Maury mix). Andre is definitely the evil genius behind everything. And by “evil” I mean “awesome.”

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