Brandon’s TBE Digest 31 – [12.11.2011] New Jams, Remixes, & Covers!

Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler

Brandon’s TBE Digest is a place where I gather up all the recent jams that are worth a listen (or 10) but don’t necessarily need their own post. Here you will find new tracks by known bands, remixes, covers, and even mashups if they are interesting. My favorites of the lot are in bold.

This may be the last Digest I do like this. I’d really like to take the time to give the best of these tracks the solo post they deserve. If anyone feels strongly about this news leave it in the comments below. Otherwise rock on Wayne and rock on Garth.

For more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Saint Motel – At Least I Have Nothing / New Saint Motel jam. I like. Lets get a full album out, guys!

♫ Arrange – Sun Showers / New Arrange track is as blissfully beautiful as you would expect but I still prefer hearing this guy in full albums. Getting lost in it.

♫ Gotye – Showdown Below My Sombrero / This instrumental bonus track from Making Mirrors is pretty oddball but what do you expect with a title like that?

♫ BBU – Outlaw Culture (Prod. By The Schwarz) / Really? BBU comes back 2 and a half years after “Chi Don’t Dance” with this?

♫ Third Eye Blind – If There Ever Was A Time / Somehow I’m not surprised that it was Third Eye Blind that cooked up an irony-free Occupy anthem.


♫ Kelly Clarkson – Mr Know It All (It’s The DJ Kue Remix!) / CAN’T GO WRONG WITH KUE ON THE REMIX! This guy has been kiiiiling it this year.

Body Language – Holiday (RAC Mix) / RAC kicks the original in the dancin pants! The video is still great though.

♫ My Tiger My Timing – Written In Red (Portasound Remix) / Dangerous driving music! Bouncing in my seat! So good to have Portasound back.

♫ Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Hannes Fischer Video Remix) / Oh man. Spectacular. My favorite remix of a way over-remixed track. Don’t go anywhere before the 2:00 mark.

♫ Dems – Down On You (Hannes Fischer Remix) / One more jam from the emerging talent of Hannes Fischer. This guy is not afraid of keeping it simple. Perfect.

♫ M83 – Midnight City (remixé par Who Killed JR?) / Anyone taking on 2011 mega-jam “Midnight CIty” has a stone pair but laying down your own piano work on the intro is bold. For my money Cape Town’s Who Killed JR pulls it off with flair to spare. This remix is epic! Could be best of the bunch.

♫ Kanye West – Blame Game (Dj Sholz’s Edinburgh bootleg) / DJ Sholz with a 1-2 punch here. The “Blame Game” gets tense.

♫ Frank Ocean – Lovecrimes (Dj Sholz Bootleg) / And “lovecrimes” picks up its pace.

♫ Gigamesh – Red Light (Goldroom Remix) / Summer lives!

♫ The Milk – B-Roads (Byron bootleg) / The Milk have a new track and this is it’s Byron remix but so far nothing is matching their first jams.


♫ Jimmy Cliff – Ruby Soho (Rancid cover) / Legendary Jimmy Cliff has a new EP produced by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. I’m absolutely fine with this.

♫ The Antlers – VCR (The xx cover) / I want new music from The xx!!

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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    please keep these posts! i use them to download a load of music and i love not really knowing what im downloading. found so many amazing remixes and songs from these posts. thanks so much but please continue coz i dont have the patience to read individual posts

  2. Leyna
    Leyna says:

    I love the TBE digest! Mostly for the same reasons as the previous use, but really, they’re awesome. Maybe if you had a bi-weekly or a monthly digest just to round up your favourites? I get lazy with my blog-reading sometimes, and it would be great for a catch-up. :)

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Yeah, theses digests are pretty sweet. Please do not discontinue. I thought this was the blog for people who don’t have time for music blogs? I would rather listen to this playlist a bunch of times, than listen to KROQ play the same 20 songs every day.

  4. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I agree with you about the KROQ thing but now that you can listen to all the TBE songs on one player on the site its waaaay better than just the Digests that only had “OK” songs. Those posts were never “best of the best”

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