[LP] MOTOPONY have a GOD DAMN good debut with songs even your GIRL will like

you show me why love is critical, you show me my love is pitiful

I posted the original version of “King of Diamonds” back in February and haven’t been able to get Motopony out of my headphones since then. The absolutely stunning “Wait For Me” followed soon after and then the full album landed in my inbox. Go ahead and grab the acoustic version of “Diamonds” above (and watch the great Vegas video) but know the original is still available for free. Once you have caught your breath it’s time to dive into the Seattle band’s full length which is out now and streaming in full below. “God Damn Girl” is my current jam of choice and puts a 3rd track of theirs in Top Songs of 2011 contention. Motopony work with such basic ingredients (guitar, drums, bass, piano) but somehow manage to craft things that are far more delicate and indelible than they should be. It doesn’t hurt that frontman Daniel Blue’s voice is like cashmere butter. The self titled album changes things up now and then, getting a bit rowdy on “Seer” and even going all twangy on the foot stomping “I Am My Body.” The back stretch of the album can feel a bit sleepy but once you hear it in the right mood the music will click and it will all seep right into your subconscious. But enough of me, listen!  Read more

[LP] PANIC! AT THE DISCO are back so LET’S not KILL the vibe by being haters TONIGHT

they will play us out, with a song of pure romance, stomp your feet and clap your hands

♫ Panic! At The Disco – Let’s Kill Tonight

If you enjoyed Panic! At The Disco’s 2005 debut album as much as I did but were subsequently disappointed by the drastic rock turn taken on their follow up then this post is for you. I’d all but given up on the Las Vegas band but nabbed their album out of curiosity more than anything and found a massively pleasant surprise. After parting ways with 2 of the original members the leaner and meaner Panic! re-instated the exclamation point and the grand pop sensibility. The result is Vices & Virtues, an album that sounds like the natural maturation process of their debut. “Let’s Kill Tonight” kicks tight and fast with drum-machines and handclaps doing most percussion as the song surges and lurches through my ears, embedding itself in every corner.

Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) by PanicAtTheDisco

Vices & Virtues is full of fiercely competing favorites like the melodic freight trains of “Memories” or “Trade Mistakes” and the twangy “Sarah Smiles,” but “Ready To Go” is probably my other top jam (or perhaps it is just their next single and also was available on Soundcloud). Indie-pop songs don’t get much larger than this. Stadium sized hooks built for jumping and singing along to.

Fair enough if Panic! is not your cup of tea but I’d be remiss if I didn’t urge you to reconsider your opinion and give a little listening love to their new album. If it gives back the way it has to me then I know we will all be having a rad weekend.

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[LP] GENERATIONALS’ solid new album is still not as much of a GREENLEAF as i wanted it to be

raise our hands so they can see us, i’ll bet they want to know

♫ Generationals – Greenleaf

Generationals’ debut album flipped my musical landscape upside down and found itself recommended to anyone who would listen. It was a milestone album of 2009 and it’s timeless and genre-bending rock music soundtracked some great moments. So how is any band supposed to top that kind of impact? They aren’t. They can’t. And sadly that’s the situation between Generationals’ new album and I. I am quite fond of the thing but it didn’t have much of a fighting chance against the mark made by Con Law. Besides the top-notch standout opener “Ten-Twenty-Ten,” other album favorites are “You Say It Too” and “Tell Me Now.” Stream then and the rest of the album here and perhaps you won’t be so hard on the thing. Or maybe you will tell me I’m right. I dunno. I still love Generations and Astor-caster is a jam of an album but their debut is still my favorite.

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[LP] THE VACCINES have arrived IF YOU WANNA BLOW more IT-band smoke UP their hype balloon

well, i don’t wanna wake up in the mornin’, but i’ve got to face the day, that’s what all the friends i do not like as much as you say

♫ The Vaccines – If You Wanna (demo)

The Vaccines are possibly the most hyped band of the past year and their appropriately titled debut album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines, is finally out in their home country of the UK and out soon in the US. If this is the first you are hearing of them then here are two demos that surfaced last year (just dodging the Web Sheriff a bit here). Rambunctious guitar music with some big hooks. It’s garage rock for stadium sized garages. The album is a fun affair with some catchy tunes and a brisk tempo that keeps my toes tapping. Besides being piped into every hip retail store I’ve been in recently, latest single “Post Break Up Sex” is another catchy gem for introducing yourself to these guys (Try not to let the bands enthusiasm get you too excited! Calm down guys). My personal favorite is probably “If You Wanna” and it’s mega-chorus while other highlights are “Under Your Thumb” and “Wetsuit.” Anyway, if you are like me and all the hype has piqued your interest then I highly suggest you listen to the album before buying it.It’s a solid disc but probably won’t be making any best-of lists around here. Still not sure what all the hype was for. It just sets expectations awkwardly high.

♫ The Vaccines – Blow It Up (demo)

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[EP] PANCE PARTY lead me on a RAINBOW of a magical ROAD

♫ Pance Party – Rainbow Road

Aside from having one of the best names in the game, Pance Party also happen to bring the heat with their music. Regular TBE readers are no doubt familiar with a few of San Francisco based trio’s remixes as well as their stellar original track “Big Mouth” from back in the summer of 2009. Well thank our lucky stars that these dudes are back with a free EP of dance floor melting goodness to propel you into your weekend with more force than Hugo Vickers blocking Colbert’s pinkie. “Rainbow Road” kicks off it’s own EP and sets the mood oh so right. Listening to this song feels like I’m driving one of those convertibles from Crusin’ USA except that I’m not racing anyone and my digital co-pilot is a real babe . And then, as we whiz along the coastline and the sun slips behind the pixellated horizon, the sky explodes like a Nintendo firecracker and the car turns into a dance floor and the headlights start strobing and the a bunch of Marios jump out of the trunk and start doing a synchronized dance routine that includes jumping on a turtle shell.

Holy crap. I guess that’s what its like to drive on Rainbow Road. Grab the whole EP here and don’t forget to donate a little something to the cause before you slap it all on a CDR and head on your own trip.

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[LP] JAMIE WOON sounds like BLUE, feels like TRUTH, smells like NIGHT and tastes like fresh AIR

i’ve acquired a taste for silence, darkness fills my heart with calmness

♫ Jamie Woon – Blue Truth

“Blue Truth” is a good song. Listen to it. But don’t really listen too much. It wasn’t included on Jamie Woon’s debut LP Mirrorwriting and there is a reason why. The rest of the album is even better. You should start with the big single “Night Air” (below) because that’s where I started and I am really liking this album and so naturally I want you to as well. Subdued dub clicks and digital squelches mix with crisp live instrumentation to form the spine of a kind of music that slides and drifts more than it bangs or bumps. However, what pushes Woon’s music into such a special place is his excellent voice. He nails it on every track, bringing a layer of soul to the already beautifully woven vibe.
Night Air by woon

If you are like me and had heard Woon’s name bandied about in things like BBC’s Sound of 2011 or other hype lists but never tracked down his music then let this be a strong urging that you do so. Jess Harvell already covered all the proper album review type stuff so I’ll just say that some of my other favorite tracks are “Street,” “Lady Luck,” and “TMRW.” Although that list is in total flux as each track reveals a new side of itself that get’s me hooked on it. Grab your headphones and dive into Woon’s Soundcloud if you still need convincing.

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[LP] THE SHOES have apparently not been WASTIN’ any TIME

you know the hounds won’t wait for no one, but i, i waited my life for you

♫ The Shoes – Wastin’ Time The Shoes finally released an album!! These guys have been showing on remix radars for years now, finally releasing their own “People Movin” with Primary 1 back in 2009. Luckily the patient wait for these Frenchmen to get their act together (and recruit a host of fantastic guests like Esser and CocknBullKid) has been totally worth it. Crack My Bones is 10 songs of solid booty shaking gold, providing enough variety to get everyone grooving at some point or another. Nothing sounds half-assed and the album feels like it’s been crafted with a passion for moving people. But it’s not just limbs these guys move, they can get tender too. “Wastin’ Time” is a great example of the delicate touch these dudes have. Propulsive yet airy. It’s filled with energy but not overwhelming. It’s gorgeous. But just as you’ve been lulled into it’s hypnotic trance, The Shoes follow it up with the aptly titled pump-up “Time To Dance.” I mean let’s not forget what Fridays are all about people!

I’m not going to get into the album too much cause you can stream the whole thing here and discover your own favorite track. I will say that you should definitely make it through the whole album because closer and total sonic adventure “Investigator” does all 9 minutes of itself total justice.

BONUS: ♫ The Shoes – New York ft Boy Crisis (non-album track)

Here is a non-album single they let loose last year with the guys from Boy Crisis. Listen close and you’ll remember that yes, that’s the same band that features one half of Das Racist. I feel like this track needs a summer evening and a massive D-battery-powered boombox to do it right!

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[MP3] THE WEEKND fill my HOUSE with the sound OF dirty grooves like floating like BALLOONS. Not on the GLASS TABLE, GIRLS!

and i don’t close doors, so i listen to her moans echo

♫ The Weeknd – House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls

Unh…yeah… UNHH! Say it with me, unhh. It’s kinda like that fake sex noise you make when you are mock-humping something only you extend the groan and get it deeper. That’s the sound of as well as the sound for “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.” It’s music for a night drive. It’s music for fog machines. It’s music for sex. It’s music for taking a night drive (with a fog machine riding shotgun) to go have some sex. It’s no wonder The Weeknd have been blowing up the blogs lately, this kind of grimy electro R&B is something worth writing about. Luckily there is more from this mysterious Canadian duo. “House Of Balloons” is the title track off their free mixtape that is supposedly the shiznit. Please excuse me as I dip out to nab it. Listen to it Read more