[EP/VIDEO] Set Sail – THE RILEY MOORE EP (w/ “Boat Song”)

i don’t know this notion but i know it to be true

♫ Set Sail – Boat Song

  • Who: A guy named Brandon! Plus a Josiah and a Joshua…
  • What: “Popsters purveying awkward dancing and better music…” with violin! Like Two Door Cinema Club, Walk The Moon
  • Where: Sydney, Australia + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: The Riley Moore EP is out now.
  • Why: I have always believed that the best love songs are short and sweet. Longer and you risk alienating those not involved in your lusty circle. Or worse, the one actually involved. Set Sail know this well and dont hold back on the sentiments or the mega-foot tapping in their high-pep nautical love letter. The frantically fun song anchors the stellar Riley Moore EP, keeping the other 3 jams from bouncing away on their own caffeinated folk-pop vibes. It also has this awesome claymation video that manages to sneak a bit of a love story in as well.

I’m stoked to hear what these guys cook up next now that Colorado native Brandon has had his recent deportation from Australia lifted. The Aussies want Set Sail! I hear that.

[REMIX/COVER/EP] The Knocks – MAGIC [w/ “Brightside” (The Sound Of Arrows remix) & “Midnight City” (M83 cover)]

through danger zones and fearless flights, trying to go with no end in sight

♫ The Knocks – Brightside (The Sound of Arrows Remix)

The Knocks have been kicking out singes and EPs for a stretch now, earning many a post on TBE. Their endless stellar remixes would be enough to make them golden DJ gods but their own super jams like “Blackout” and “Dancing With The DJ” have earned them the real dance-floor props. Plus they did a great EP of Motwon covers AND they produce the beloved Alex Winston. With that many things on my radar I don’t know how their latest EP Magic evaded detection back in December but luckily I caught them live a few weeks back. After being floored by their outstanding set I promptly bought Magic and relived the whole dance party at home. You can too! Stream 2 of the 5 tracks here. Also get on the above remix of EP standout “Brightside.” AND this cover of “Midnight City.” The jams never stop! ♫ The Knocks – Midnight City (M83 Cover)

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon

[QUICKIE] Youth Lagoon – YOUTH LAGOON (w/ “Cannons”)

♫ Youth Lagoon – Cannons

Because Mondays are perfect for delicate tender emotive music that I completely slept on until recently. Painfully beautiful and timeless.

[Quickies are mini-reviews that can fit into a 140 character tweet. They are of albums that people already know of but perhaps are curious about our take on it. What did you think of the disc?]

Artist links: Facebook /Soundcloud / Amazon

[LP/COVER] Bear Mountain – LIVE AT THE CHINA CLOUD (w/ “Sing” & “Take Me Home” Germany Germany cover)

♫ Bear Mountain – Sing

  • Who: Ian, Doug, & Kyle.
  • What: Soulful loop-pop, like Germany Germany, Ray Lamontagne, Gotye.
  • Where: Vancouver, BC + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Live At The China Cloud is out now. A proper LP is slated for Spring.
  • Why: Live albums are generally rubbish for for diehard fans of outdated bands. And then there are the odd discs that actually turn you on to a new band, making you forget you are listening to a live recording long enough that when you remember you are, you say “Woah, all that was live?” Meet Bear Mountain. They make big (and often instrumental) swirling indie rock jams with a soulful heart and a pop edge. They also cover Germany Germany. Twice. Radical.

♫ Bear Mountain – Take Me Home (Germany Germany cover)

Second best song on the album is “Two Step” but you have no excuse not to get the whole thing because its free at their Bandcamp.

[LP] The Fantasies – THE FANTASIES (w/ “Gimme Bubblegum!!!” & “Tammy The Tease”)

my elevation in the morning, my satisfaction starts in the evening

♫ The Fantasies – Gimme Bubblegum!!!

  • Who: Brett & James
  • What: Surfy garage pop, like Wavves, The Denzels, Art Imperial
  • Where: Northampton, Mass. + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Their self-titled debut LP is out now and FREE.
  • Why: There are a lot of injustices in the world but one of the bigger ones has got to be that The Fantasies exist and only 89 people seem to care. Well, Facebook “likes” aside, these two massholes sure know how to channel the short and dirty magic of the coasts. Their songs bristle with energy and the simple production relays the raw talent at work. Their debut LP is the most fun 22 minutes I’ve had in forever. And thats 9 tracks! The Fantasies don’t wast anyones time and I love it.

♫ The Fantasies – Tammy The Tease

“Gimme Bubblegum!!!” (top) earns it’s exclamation points with a knee-buckling pace of jangly bounce that  is pure joy. Perfect for turning any frown upside down. And then putting it in a swimsuit! “Midnight Boogie” goes full spazz mode for a freight train of fuzzed out rock candy that will leave the ADHD set ready for a nap. “Tammy The Tease” (above) kicks back with a cold one and ponders the complexity of the fairer sex, showcasing The Fantasies talent with the softer jams. “Turn Me On” gets even tenderer. But enough play-by-play. The album is free and you are smart. Therefore you know what to do.

[LP] Sky White Tiger – ELECTRA (w/ “Awaiting Instruction” & “It Flows”)

the flames we
have framed with our burning reaction, the planes stuck in planes we’re fighting for action

♫ Sky White Tiger – Awaiting Instruction

  • Who: A former member of The Polyphonic Spree and his bandmates.
  • What: Dreamy indie rock-scapes, kinda like David Bowie, Rufus Wainright
  • Where: Brooklyn + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Debut LP Electra is out now.
  • Why: When you are invited to a friend of your friend’s girlfriend’s show in some venue you have never heard of it doesn’t always turn out so well. But sometimes it does! Guess which one this story is about? You got it! Sky White Tiger, their all-white ensemble, and tripped out projections wormed their way into my ear holes and I’ve been chewing on Electra ever since. Opening track “Awaiting Instruction”welcomes us to the album with a meandering musical tale that serves a perfect introduction to band’s sound. “It Flows” takes the reign a few tracks later for a slow burner that brings me back to the 90s in some way. The gravelly vocals and melancholy grooves evoke some of that decades signature alternative rock but I would hesitate to put them in that genre. Hints of psychedelic rock keep giving their music flashes of color and an off edge that sets it apart. Did I mention they are good live?

♫ Sky White Tiger – It Flows

[EP] Joe Goddard – “Gabriel” (feat. Valentina)

the sum of all the parts that you have taken are a fraction of the parts that make me whole

Joe Goddard’s Gabriel EP is only three tracks but when you are dealing with one of the Hot Chip frontmen that’s all that’s needed to lay down some serious song. The guy’s last solo album, Harvest Festival, meandered a bit and didn’t really sink in but this leaner and meaner release is all bite. The title track (above) packs serious punch, weaving Valentina’s epic vocals over an unstoppable beat that steamrolls through my speakers. “All I Know” takes nearly 10 minutes to run it’s course but with Goddard doing his signature love-song crooning over minimalist production that slowly evolves to be maximally transfixing, it is really OK. Meditative, even. “Jump” lives up to it’s name and gets a bit bonkers but at that point I’m so blissed out I don’t even care. Then the dub mix of “Gabriel” is just a victory lap for the short loop of great sounds.

Artist Links: Amazon