The Burning Ear’s July 2017 Spotify Playlist

I’m often guilty of listening to a song, loving it – and then forgetting it completely in the shuffle of everyday life. Sometimes I wonder how many potential new favorite songs I’ve lost this way. Here at The Burning Ear, we combat this entropy by collecting all our favorite tracks that are available on Spotify and  making a monthly playlist. Listen again to find the gems you may have missed and the anthems you forgot.

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The Burning Ear’s June 2017 Spotify Playlist

We’re now firmly in the summer months, which means our minds are focused on popsicles, BBQs, and, of course, great new music. While those first two items are hard to serve up online, we’ve gathered some of our favorite songs from last month and cooked up a great playlist for you.

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The Burning Ear’s May 2017 Spotify Playlist

The year seems like it’s rocketing by, each week completely jam-packed with activity, shows, releases, and more. If you’re feeling like you blinked and May was gone, never fear – we’ve got (almost) all our choice tracks from last month in one handy-dandy playlist for you.

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The Burning Ear’s April 2017 Spotify Playlist

The Burning Ear sends out a lot of music each month, so you’d be forgiven for missing some songs. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our new monthly Spotify playlists. We gather all the available tracks we’ve posted in one place, add them as they’re posted, and shoot them out as a monthly recap.

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