Remix Roundup /// Vol. 7 – The Beast

Holy shit. I just finished putting together this Roundup and it’s a beast! Fantastic remixes of Miike Snow, La Roux, Lykke Li, Phoenix, MSTRKRFT, Daniel Merriweather, and oh so many more. I won’t waste much time here cause you people have work to do after the jump. Oh, and regular readers will notice a few new features. I hope they make your Roundup experience just that much more buttery smooth.

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Michael Jackson Remembered: Remixes, covers, and memories of the King Of Pop


Every so often an event comes along that is so powerful/epic/moving/tragic people never forget where they were when it happened/they heard. JFK’s assassination is one. 9/11 is another. I have a feeling that news of Michael Jackson’s death might be another for many. Nobody I can think of has affected as many people around the world. Over the past 2 weeks we have seen and heard a lot of tributes to MJ and today I wanted to give mine. I’ve gathered some of my favorite MJ remixes and covers here and will mix in a few memories of my own as they relate to Michael.

Don Diablo – Song for MJ (Remember The Time)

My first concert ever was a Michael Jackson Concert. It was just me an my dad at The Great Western Forum and I was probably about 6 so I’m guessing it was the Bad tour. I was too young to really know what I was seeing but it definitely made an impact. My memory is hazy but I know my dad and I stood at the railing, my earplugs in place, and I just stared at the stage.

The Hood Internet – Billie “Wildcat” Jean (Michael Jackson vs Ratatat)

“Beat It” get the Weird Al treatment and “Eat It” pushes MJ further into my consciousness although I am still more familiar with him as a celebrity than I am with his music.

Richard Cheese & The Lounge Against The Machine – Beat It

Fall Out Boy ft. John Mayer – Beat It

Dangerous is released. I am 9 years old. This is epic. “Black or White” spawns a million playground jokes about his skin color. My friend Brian has a “Black or White” parody on their answering machine. Something about how anyone can leave a message, it don’t mater if you are… well you get it. Awesome.

James Morrison – Man In The Mirror

All the child molestation stuff comes out and I guess I just assumed he was “Wacko Jacko” and had been getting pervy with kids. A kid in my class says he knows one of the boys suing MJ. Coming from this kid the whole thing now seems less credible. But what do I care, I just drive by Neverland, I don’t sleep there.

Alicia Keys – Human Nature (Michael Jackson Cover)

MJ’s marriage to Lisa Marie Presley furthers my opinion of him as a weirdo. To me he is still more of a joke than a legend. Second marriage to that weird lady doesn’t help.

Ben Gibbard – Thriller (live)

Alien Ant Farm cover “Smooth Criminal” and it takes me over. Every time it comes on KROQ I crank it and rock out to the max. I am inspired to go back and give MJ chance as an artist, not just as “wacko Jacko.”

Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (LAZRtag remix)

“Billie Jean” becomes my go-to MJ song and I realize that if he can create a perfect song like that then he is clearly more than just tabloid fodder. More and more of his songs make their way into mu iTunes.

Chris Cornell – Billie Jean (Live)

I see the Jackson 5 tribute show at Madison Square Garden in NYC. The highlight of the night is MJ’s performance. He is just breathtaking to see perform live. He makes it through only a few songs before a split seam up his backside sends him offstage. Whatever, it was epic. The date was September 10th, 2001. The next morning I am unknowingly on the last train out of the city as I head back to campus. Thoughts of the show are quickly overshadowed but I can still remember how amazing it was to see him move.

Rockwell (feat. Michael Jackson) – Watching Me (After Midnight Bootleg)

The Martin Bashir interviews air and it is clear that MJ is just a boy trapped in a man’s body. A boy who never had a childhood and never grew up. Suddenly his “molestation” incidents seem much more like innocent child’s play than anything predatory. He just has so much love for the world and never learned how to show it. I feel for him.

Erykah Badu & The Roots – I Wanna Be Where You Are (Michael Jackson Cover)

I am walking to get dinner in San Francisco with my friend Joe and we are catching up on old times when he suddenly interrupts me to blurt out that “The King Of Pop is dead.” I am stunned. Stunned that he is dead and stunned that he was 50. It was just 8 years ago that I had seen him dance, and I mean DANCE! Wow. What an amazing man. You gave the world so much and it rarely repaid you. You deserved better. I hope you know how much love the we all have for you. May you finally find peace.

Michael Jackson & Bag Raiders – You Are Not Alone (VIKING & CJ Milli Shooting Stars Tribute)

« Flashback « Jon Secada – Just Another Day

Jon Secada

i, i cant resist trying to find exactly what i missed

Jon Secada – Just Another Day / 1992

Hahaha, man this brings me baaaaack. I think it was MJ’s passing that made me think of this song. As a kid I used to go with my dad to go to a friend’s ranch near that was near MJ’s Neverland Ranch. As we would drive through Los Olivos I would always think about Michael and all the stories I had heard. I would think about his crazy big ranch and Bubbles and whether Michael was really as bad as everyone said. As we blazed along in my dad’s Honda Prelude two-door we would have Jon Secada’s debut cassette cranked unnecessarily loud, all singing along. My 10 year old self in the backseat, sitting diagonally so my head wouldn’t rub the ceiling, clueless to how much more (better?) music lay ahead, and how much Michael would eventually mean to me, and to the world. I guess today is just another day without you, MJ. We miss you (not so much you, Jon).

Jon’s Website / “Just Another Day” video

« Flashback « Bush – Glycerine / Bubbles

Sixteen Stone

our old friend fear and you and me

Bush – Glycerine

Long ago, in a time before Gwen Stefani and “Hollaback Girl,” hell even before Gwen was “Just A Girl,” there was Bush. Fronted by future Mr. Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, they were Britain’s answer to the grunge exploding across The States. Cobain had died just months earlier and although I wont say he filled Kurt’s shoes, Gavin and Sixteen Stone personally rocked me more than the Nirvana albums. Bush’s debut was filled with growling rock jams that blasted out of my radio for all of 1995 as Sixteen Stone produced 5 awesome singles. I still remember belting out “Comedown” and “Machinehead” with all the angst my 12 year old self could summon (not much I bet) but at the end of the day it was Glycrine that stopped me cold for a somber sing-along every time. It still does. The rest of the album is great and will always transport me back to 1995 but “Glycerine” transports me somewhere else entirely. Somewhere I can’t name or place, but I like it.

BONUS: Bush – Bubbles (from the Mallrats Soundtrack)

Ok, I trust you love the movie (just nod) but I don’t know if anyone else ever listened to this Soundtrack. Quite a few jams, this one included. “You dumb bastard. It’s not a schooner… it’s a sailboat.” Oh magic eye, where did you go? One more talent I can no longer uselessly show-off…

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[JBI!] TBE Presents: Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.

fever Flavor cover

Los Angeles, the city of a million legends and a million disappointed tourists. Its too big to take in by foot and too confusing and traffic-packed to really see by car. It really isn’t a city at all, but more of a collection of cities that all happen to touch each other and give the illusion of being unified. However, while the city/ies may be sprawling and disjointed, they share a role as muse for great music. As I have simmered here this past two weeks I have been compiling my list of great L.A. songs. Some tribute, some complaint, but all about L.A. The mix’s title comes from Bran Van 3000’s “Drinking in L.A.” whose lyrics seemed strikingly poignant during this 26th year of my life. Oh, and it also reminds me of all the good eatin’ I miss when I’m away from L.A. Mmmmm, tacos…..

What is your favorite L.A. song/story/riot/natural disaster/celebrity sighting?

Download “Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.”

Tracklist and individual downloads after the jump.

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« Pre-Milennial Flashback « Toadies – Possum Kingdom


i will treat you well, my sweet angel, so help me jesus

Toadies – Possum Kingdom / 1994

Oh man, this song brings me straight back to Middle School. Back to the days when I knew the lyrics to every song on the radio. Music was so much simpler then. Fuzzy guitars, a simple hook, some reverb, and a death threat or two and you were set. Apparently there is a lot of discussion/controversy over the song’s content and the band even have vampire fans because of it. Weird. I’ve never heard another song by Toadies. Am I missing something?

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Remix Roundup /// Vol. 6

Less talk, more rock. You know what to do.

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« Pre-Milennial Flashback « Geggy Tah – Whoever You Are


so i drive around all day, coming atmospheric haze

Geggy Tah – Whoever You Are / 1996

As I re-acquaint myself with the streets of Los Angeles I can’t help but be reminded of Geggy Tah’s 1996 driving classic, “Whoever You Are,” an ode to the generous driver. They are few and far between but deserve every ounce of appreciation. So does that dog. He/she is the Geggy Tah mascot and it doesn’t get much better than that mug and those ears. Another interesting note, Geggy Tah is not a complete nonsense name. Bandmembers Greg and Tommy both had younger sisters who couldn’t fully pronounch their names. “Geggy” and “Tah” were their respective attempts. Awesome.

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