Flashback! I haven’t written one of these for a looong time but they were a weekly staple in the early years of The Burning Ear. It doesn’t matter because they are all timeless gold!

«Flashback« Skee-Lo – I Wish

i heard that prom night is the bomb night, with a hood-rat you can hold tight

♫ Skee-Lo – I Wish / 1995

I wish I could tell you that the only inspiration for this weeks flashback was nostalgia. Alas, thanks to Buddyhead, I now know that Skee-Lo is back with a new album for 2010 and not content to just let “I Wish” chill with it’s bad self he has gone and made a rap-rock remix. No bueno. Anyway, recent misguided efforts aside, “I Wish” is still the best rap anthem for the vertically challenged of the 90s. Pretty funny observational lyrics too, with all the curse words swapped for something your grandma might say instead. I wonder is Skee-Lo ever scored raked in mad tail during his 15 minutes or if his self deprecation worked against him. Can we get a Behind The Music, ASAP?

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«Flashback« The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl

superstar djs here we go

♫ The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl / 1999

This one snuck up on me at a bar last night and instantly brought be back. Damn, what a great song. And I had totally forgotten about the video. Humping skeletons was where it was at back in ’99! This whole album is solid business and definitely reminds me that I need to dip back into The Chemical Bros back catalogue. In the meantime just download this jam and practice the lyrics all week so you can be on point come Friday night!

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«Flashback« Soundgarden – Spoonman / Black Hole Sun

tired friend, times are gone for honest men

♫ Soundgarden – Spoonman / 1994

As you may have heard, Soundgarden are reuniting. What is crazy about the whole thing is how little I have thought of (or listened to) them in the 12 (!?) years since they broke up. And I guess I never realized that they only had one album after their 1994 breakthrough Superunknown. Anyway, enough about the shit I didn’t know. What I do know is that “Spoonman” is still as much of a jam as it was 15 years ago and that the opening chords of “Black Hole Sun” instantly transport me back to middle school. I was never a huge Soundgarden fan but always got down with “Spoonman” on the radio and the weird ass “Black Hole Sun” video on MTV. It is weird to think that before today I had never actually chosen to listen to either of these songs yet I know them so well that I can rock along with them no problem. They were so ingrained in me during my adolescence that I will probably die having heard these songs more times then my favorite song of 2009. That era of radio just doesn’t exist anymore and it’s crazy to think about since KROQ was pretty much my best friend growing up. Yes, we now have the power to choose our own niche musical identity but there is really something beautiful in knowing that you are listening to the same jam at the same moment as thousands of other people. Anyway, some food for thought as we enter this new decade and The 90s officially becomes the Flashback era of today.

♫ Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun / 1994

Also crazy that these guys broke up so long ago that they don’t have a MySpace (that I could find). Not even a bullshit placeholder one. Just fan sites. Crazy.

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«Flashback« Cornershop – Brimful of Asha

everybody needs a bosom for a pillow

♫ Cornershop – Brimful of Asha / 1997

Last week’s post about White Town got me thinking of another British/Indian group that had a sweet sweet jam out at that time. I tracked down Cornershop’s “Brimful of Asha” and here it is, in all it’s chilled out glory. This has got to one of the best summery jams of all time and its high time this one got put back into regular rotation in my “Memories” playlist. Not only has this song held up like a champ, but Cornershop is still around and kicking. They even released an album this year although since they haven’t put any of it’s tracks on their MySpace I’ve got nothin on it. Smooth move, dudes. Honestly though, that’s just fine with me. When I find out that these 90s bands are still around I always feel a little guilty posting their big hit while knowing that I will never check out their new materiel. Thanks to Cornershop I can rest easy tonight!

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«Flashback« White Town – Your Woman

you don’t even know you’re being unkind

♫ White Town – Your Woman / 1997

Yowza, that is some brutal album art. I know the 90s weren’t exactly the height of graphic design but that hurts my eyes. At least my ears are happy because this jam was the business back then! A bit lo-fi/fuzzy, androgynous vocals, a sampled beat, and all recorded in the dude’s home studio! So how come White Town never blew up? Oh yeah, it was 1997. Oh well. Although I have never heard the rest of Women In Technology, “Your Woman” is still well worth my time. And I hear Wiley has sampled it for his latest jam. Does that mean that come 2010 the 90s will officially be far enough in the past that we are gonna hear more samples like that? I’m down.

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«Flashback« Nerf Herder – Sorry / I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas

Nerf Herder

what can i do, i am a loser

♫ Nerf Herder – Sorry / 1996

There are so many great jams on this album I have really been struggling to decide which tracks to include. “Sorry” is the obvious first choice, but considering this debut album from Nerf Herder was criminally underheard, I figured I would throw in another jam to whet your whistle for the band that can best be described as the challenged bastard child of early era Weezer and Blink 182. “Van Halen” was their famous hit, hit, big single, most well known song, but I’ve always been more partial to “Down On Haley” and it’s subtle-as-bricks double entendre. However, I just remember that it’s the holiday season so their original gem, “I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas,” (below) is the perfect choice! (duh) I still recommend picking up a copy of their debut album for mere pennies from Amazon. Other fun facts about Nerf Herder are that they wrote the theme song for the geek-boner magnet Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV show, as well as once sporting Marko 72 (the dude from Sugarcult) on bass. I followed them through their 3rd album, 2002’s American Cheese, but nothing ever lived up this debut. Haven’t heard their 2008 reunion album, Nerf Herder’s IV, but I have a feeling that’s ok with the world.

♫ Nerf Herder – I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas (2000)

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«Flashback« Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You


you give me just a taste so i want more and more

♫ Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You / 1994

This is a total mid-90s classic that always seemed pretty timeless. The album art, however, hasn’t fared as well and definitely looks its age. I never had this album (or heard much of Edwyn’s stuff) but it’s kind of weird that before today I swear I had never even seen that album cover. Anyway, BORING…. Perhaps more interesting is that percussion on the album was played by The Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook? Perhaps even more interesting is that, despite being a bit worse for wear health-wise, Edwyn is still kicking out jams? Well, his 2007 album, Home Again, (which I have also not heard) contained this song that would be downright idiotic not to share with you today.

♫ Edwyn Collins – You’ll Never Know (My Love)

Listening to these 2 tracks together makes me think I need to seriously consider getting some full albums from this guy. Talk about sexy music. Just leave the album art off in iTunes.

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«Flashback« Sponge – Molly / Plowed

Sponge_Rotting Pinata

to see wide open with a head that’s broken

♫ Sponge – Molly (Sixteen Candles) / 1994

I always knew that one of my favorite songs from the 90s was “Molly (Sixteen Candles)” and that it was performed by Sponge. Hence the reason why I tracked this jam down to put up here. In the process of putting this post together I heard mention of their other hit off their ’94 debut Rotting Piñata, “Plowed.” Not remembering what that sounded like I nabbed it too. Holy shit! It’s that song! “Plowed” is for sure another flashback-inducing formative-years jam that I am embarrassed to admit I did not realize was by Sponge as well. Better for you kids, though. Double whammy flashback this week. Both of these jams are super nostalgia inducing for me. I don’t know why exactly but they both bring an instant surge of nondescript emotion. Crazy.

♫ Sponge – Plowed / 1994

Because I love it you, I’ve thrown in Sponge’s cover of the Speed Racer theme. Listen to it on repeat for 2 hours and I guarantee you’ll have ore fun than that Whackowski bros joint.

BONUS: ♫ Sponge – Go Speed Racer Go (cover)

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