[MP3] Night Cruise – “Mah Body (Say My Wat)”

Australia’s Night Cruise clearly knows a thing or two about getting weird on the dance floor. This Ciara rework is built for after hours body work of all kinds. Get into it.

[MP3] MVSCLES – “Game”

New Mvscles is funkier than ever! “Game” is a pushy funk jam with bass and grooves for days (nights?). I love this game they play…

[MP3] Das Tapes – “Fetish”

Das Tapes just dropped a hot slice of funky goodness in time for their night at The Spare Room tonight! “Fetish” blends the tropical funk of Toro Y Moi with the hypersex of Chromeo for a jam sure to fog your windows.

Come see Das Tapes tonight in LA!


[PREMIERE-MP3] Christopher Norman – “Cult Logic” (Miike Snow Cover)

[soundcloud id=’137821427′]

When I was compiling the list of top songs from the last five years of this music site I knew Miike Snow had to be on it. But anyone alive in 2009 hear their fair share of “Animal” covers & remixes already. Plus, it was “Cult Logic” that always had my top vote on that album. But who would cover it? Who would step up and do this jam justice!? Well, the one and only Christopher Norman, thats who. Christopher continually flies under too many radars as I post jam after jam of his here on TBE. Let hope this awesome cover grabs some more ears leading up to his debut album. It certainly made my day.

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[PREMIERE-MP3] Da French Connexion – “Hold On We’re Going Home” (Drake Cover)

[soundcloud id=’137037988′]

Nobody does sex better than Drake and nobody does sexy like The French, so its a natural fit for our friends Da French Connexion to cover the best love song of 2013. Things get a bit darker and haunting, with more grit in the vocals and not much else left resembling the original song. Which is just how we like our covers.

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[PREMIERE-MP3] Pr0files – “Song for Zula” (Phosphorescent cover)

[soundcloud id=’137724094′]

Pr0files are the 2013 champs of making heartbreak sexy so when they told me they were covering “Song for Zula” for The Burning Ear 5 Year Anniversary AlbumI knew the results would be wonderful. The original gets a lot more haunting, dark, danceable. You can almost hear the fog.

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[PREMIERE-MP3] Scavenger Hunt – “Lost” (Noah Hyde Remix)

[soundcloud id=’137638401′]

When Scavenger Hunt broke onto the scene last fall with “Lost” it suddenly felt like Summer hadn’t left us. This magical remix from longtime TBE favorite Noah Hyde feels like the Summer of 1987 never left us. Hyde adds his featherlight tough to this airtight mood lifter, doing the original more than justice on its first remix (finally!). I’m just proud to have this partnership happen under the banner of the Burning Ear 5 Year Anniversary Album!

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[MP3] Mr. 50 – “Vodka Soda”

[soundcloud id=’132337150′]

“Vodka Soda” by Bristol’s Mr. 50 is disco dance music for the demented. Grooves made by and for the after hours. A soundtrack for something seedy. Get into it.