[PREMIERE – MP3] Y LUV – “Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National Cover)”

[soundcloud id=’137163024′]

Y Luv have never been afraid to get nasty with an electric guitar and they bring that riffage right up front on this “Bloodbuzz Ohio” cover. It’s a song with a place in all of our hearts and now that place just got a bit more weird. The fog machine is on high and that Lava lamp is kicking out some awesome shapes. And the music… the music is not loud enough. Turn it up!


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[PREMIERE-MP3] Rhye – “Open” (Wiley Webb Remix)

[soundcloud id=’136822765′]

Wiley Webb flips things on their head. His remix of Katy Perry’s “Roar” was fearless, turning the formulaic chart topper into a spastic body mover that has been in every DJ set I’ve played all year. Rhye’s 2012 slow burner “Open” is a bit more sacred than “Roar” but Wiley handled it beautifully, adding just enough glitch and haunting groove to give the song a fresh dimension. Wiley calls this remix “even slower, even more sensual, darker, sexier, with more tease, more quiet, more moments of silence, more breath, more sighs, eyes closed, curves, shadows, touch.” I couldn’t agree more.


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[PREMIERE – MP3] Manu el Chino – “Midnight City” (Instrumental M83 cover)

[soundcloud id=’134566636′]

There are few songs as iconic and massive as M83’s “Midnight City”. As beloved and significant as the song is to the 5 year history of The Burning Ear, I was still hesitant to offer it for reinterpretation. Its been remixed and covered so wonderfully so many times! Well, get ready for 1 more. France’s Manu el Chino pulled the song apart and pieced back together this instrumental cover that builds slow and steady, barely resembling the original until its already stuck in your head. Turn it up loud and do something in the dark. [sociallocker]


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[PREMIERE – MP3] Germany Germany – “Radiowave” (Germany Germany 2014 Darkwave Edit)

[soundcloud id=’136038376′]

Germany Germany has been underrated and under-appreciated since day 1 but his 2010 super-jam “Radiowave” is an absolute favorite of mine. When the Vancouver Groove-master volunteered to re-edit his own song for the TBE 5 Year Anniversary project I was excited to hear what he had cooked up for us, 4 years later. Its a rare occasion to hear an artists second take on their won music. In this case things got, darker and more twisted. Probably a lot like us compared to 4 years ago. Get into it.


Stay tuned for the rest of 5 Year Album Project…

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Feb 21 // Germany Germany > Remix > Germany Germany – “Radiowave”
Feb 24 // Manu el Chino > Cover > M83 – “Midnight City”
Feb 26 // Wiley Webb > Remix > Rhye – “Open”
Feb 28 // Y Luv > Cover > The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
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Mar 7 // Parade of Lights > Remix > Chvrches – “Mother We Share”
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[MP3] Negative Youth – “Sons & Daughters”

[soundcloud id=’122109198′]

South Africa’s Negative Youth just released their debut track “Sons & Daughters” and it sounds like Chvrches if they weren’t so afraid of dancing. Music for under-lit basement parties and driving around town in your parents sedan. Long time TBE readers will recognize producer Johnny Kotze as the genius behind Johnny Neon. For Negative Youth he has teamed up with Johannesburg vocalist Eve Rakow and I’m just hoping that this project is as durable as those killer leather jackets.

[MP3] Mugen – “Fake Holiday”

[soundcloud id=’134728956′]

I missed posting this love song on Valentine’s day but its such a sexy groover that it deserves its own day in the sun anyway. Plus, its more of an anti-Valetine’s song so whatever. Use it to set the mood for a sexual proposal with someone you care about! You can even gift a free download to someone on Mugen’s Bandcamp.


[MP3] Magic Giant – “Glass Heart”

Magic Giant - Glass Heart

The members of Magic Giant hail “from Washington DC, Nashville, and Korea, and [unite] in Los Angeles.” So I’m guessing it was its was either start a fusion food truck or a band. I’m glad they chose band because “Glass Heart” is a fantastic mix of folk and catchy rock. It’s only their first release but since they recently played the Sweetlife and Life Is Beautiful festivals alongside The Killers, Kings of Leon, and Passion Pit, I’m betting they have a handful more awesomeness up their sleeves.

[MP3] Strange Talk – “Climbing Walls” (Viceroy Remix)

Strange Talk - Climbing Walls (Viceroy Remix)

This Strange Talk jam has been my jam for a while now and it finally gets a proper badass remix from Viceroy. Its a match made in dance party heaven! And hopefully will give some more attention to the strangely underrated Strange Talk.