[MP3] Lincoln Jesser – “Tops”

Lincoln Jesser - Tops

Fresh off of killing it at Blind Date last month, Lincoln Jesser has dropped “Tops”, a track that shot to the top of the HypeM charts before I even had a chance to post it! With dizzy synth grooves and Lincoln’s smokey vocal, it’s no surprise why! I’m hearing a lot of Christopher Norman in this jam and I’m loving it.

[MP3] Party Supplies – “Going Back To New York” (The Knocks Remix)

Party Supplies - Going Back To New York (The Knocks Remix)

The Knocks smash another one out of the park. Well, it is an ode to their hometown so no doubt inspiration was heavy. All I know is I gotta check out the rest of Party Supplies’ debut album!

[MP3] Chris Malinchak – “Call My Name”

Chris Malinchak - Call My Name

This new Chris Malinchak song is as beautiful as his past music – and this new album art — would suggest. “Call My Name” is a keys-and-beats groover with distant and fragile vocal samples woven in. Perfect for the post turkey dinner digest-fest tomorrow.

[MP3] iamforest – “Armies and Air Raids”

Vancouver’s iamforest (Luke Hartle) follows up March’s “Structures” with a brand new EP of his pulsing electronic movement music. Luke is proving himself on the level of other beat geniuses Tycho, and Odesza and I can’t wait to see this guy get some more love. Get into “Armies and Air Raids” for its looping beat and fantastic tension. Then spread the whole free EP far and wide!

[MP3] Trails and Ways – “Lost” (Frank Ocean Cover)

Trails and Ways take Frank Ocean’s fantastic “Lost” on a trip down south, flipping the lyrics to Portugese and changing the story to a “back-and-forth between young lovers on forking paths, one winding through northern Brazil, the other up the office towers of San Francisco, each calling the other lost.” Sounds good to me!

[MP3] Broods – “Bridges” (Chores Edit)

Broods and Chores. Chores and Broods. It just sounds right when you say it. And it damn sounds right when you hear it.

[MP3] Crooked Colours – “Come Down”

Crooked Colours is a great name for a band making this kind of magical and twisted music. “Come Down” lures you in with delicate instrumentation and fragile vocals before mutating into something bigger and badder. Like fellow Australian Flume, Crooked Colours aren’t afraid to twist the envelope (or push the knob?) on their sounds. I’m sensing big things on the horizon…

[MP3] The Derevolutions – “We Found That Beat”

The Derevolutions kicked down the door to my brain with their amazing Danny Brown remix and I immediately assumed they were well known pros that I was late to the game on. I was wrong! There is a Soundcloud with criminally few plays and followers. And this song. This raucous, spastic, dance funk soul jam that takes a maximalist approach to getting your body twitching. I cant stop playing it and I can’t stop smiling. Cheers to these guys taking Javelin’s place as kings of spazzy dance music!