[MP3] Lenno – “Rebirth”

Apologies for the radio silence over the weekend, I was in beautiful Baltimore for the wedding of two dear friends. In their honor I will be posting some fun ass dance songs now. The first is this new jam from Finland’s Lenno which you can download free for the rest of the day. It sounds a lot like that tiger… if that tiger was driving a convertible in an 1980’s video game. Boss.

Let’s also not miss the track Lenno did with TBE fave Zak Waters.

[MP3] Blackstreet – “No Diggity” (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Fare Soldi gave us an epic remix of Blackstreet classic a while back but if you need to dial things back a bit then this Polish Ambassador flip is just the kind of laid back funk for you. Just the kind of Ambassador-ing I like to see for Poland!

[MP3] Lincoln Jesser – “We’ll Be Fine”

Los Angeles’ Lincoln Jesser hits just the right Friday afternoon spot with “We’ll Be Fine”. It’s a gentle electro-pop groover that is helping me shift gears from this hectic work week into the weekend of fun ahead. If you are feeling sressed today, just remember that “we’ll be fine”. Its true. Especially with jams like this in rotation.

[MP3] Nova Albion -“City Streets” (MyKill Remix)

Nova Albion used to be called Music For Animals back when I first covered “City Streets” 2 years ago. They have since moved cities (SF to LA) and changed names but continue to bring the jams. This remix by TBE fave MyKill is a perfect re-introduction to the band. And still perfect for rocking to with headphones as you walk the fall streets of your city.

[MP3] Gemini Club – “Preacher”

Finally! New Gemini Club! If you have seen their live show then you’ll recognize this jam as the one you wished you had in your iTunes. Now you can! Stop complaining!

“Preacher” is a personal song for singer Tom Gavin. Growing up in a Catholic family he witnessed a lot of great and influential priests positively influencing his community. But when his sister came out he “could no longer support an institution that condemned her. It was a weird time.” As someone who has experienced the same with my family I can totally understand. Cheers to weaving deep personal experiences into beautiful dance music! Catch the Chicago band opening for The Sounds here in Los Angeles tomorrow night.

[MP3] Romeo Testa – “Let Me Go” (feat. Jinx)

Usually a 17 year old artist with less than 500 plays on Soundcloud equals some sort of unlistenable laptop trap. This… this is different. Romeo Testa’s voice sounds years ahead of itself over the stripped back “production that is worthy of Joel Compass of even The Weeknd.

[MP3] BROODS – “Bridges”

New Zealand’s Broods just broke onto the scene with this sparse bit of gorgeous beat music. I would say that this boy/girl producer/singer combo trend was getting out of hand if the results weren’t so good.

[MP3] Rone – “Bye Bye Macadam”

France’s Rone weaves a pulsing electronic wave of sound that sounds damn good on its own but gets an extra boost when paired with this beautifully entrancing music video. Just space out for a minute with me.