[MP3] Kiely Rich Remixes Sir Sly, Jaymes Young, RDGLDGRN

Sometimes you just need to let your inner Ibiza out and get all spazz-dancy to some euro style beats! Thank goodness for Kiely Rich who specializes in taking non-mainstream jams and giving them a big-room club edge.

[MP3] Robotaki – “It’s Still About You” (feat. Hey Champ)

More Hey Champ smoooveness for the weekend! This one rides on the wave of Montreal’s Robotaki who lays down some funkified production for the Chicago duo’s vocals. Its an all around party starter that makes this desk feel like a prison!

[MP3] Satchmode – “Old Fears”

“Old Fears” starts soft and tender. Soothing you into a feeling of peace. But just as soon as you are ready to let the song wrap up and move to the next in your playlist a little vocal hook jumps out in the last minute and suddenly you want to move. To get up and bop a little. To reach for the volume knob. To hit repeat. So I’m just saying, don’t get too comfortable. Its coming.

[MP3] French Horn Rebellion – “Caaalifornia” Feat. Ghost Beach

Two of New York’s finest get together for a sweet song about the other coast and damn it’s spot on. They may live in the land of sweaty subways and snowy winters but they captured the spirit of the best coast just right. Feel free to do a whole album, guys.

[MP3] Chad Valley – “Real Time”

Oxford, England’s Chad Valley does tropical sun drenched chil vibes better than most and it’s about time he came back with another slice of heaven.


[MP3] MOTION CNTRL – “Departure”

Los Angeles’ Motion Cntrl are working with a special kind of smokey magic here. Boy/Girl vocals over steamy production that pulses with heat and tension. Plus, I’m loving their art direction. That album art is on point and this video is on fire. It was a pleasure hosting them at the Venice Music Crawl last week.

[MP3] Julian Maverick – “Good for me”

Melbourne’s Julian Maverick calls “Good for Me” a “summer disco song about two Cheetah’s”. So… why are you still reading? That’s about all you need to know.

[MP3] Great Good Fine Ok – “You’re The One For Me”

Great Good Fine Ok

We all know Mondays are no treat. But thank goodness there is this singular song out by Brooklyn’s Great Good Fine Ok and I can just play it on repeat until the week seems just a little bit brighter.