[MP3] Hunter Hunted – “Keep Together” (Viceroy Remix)

Hunter Hunted - Keep Together (Viceroy Remix)

Viceroy and Hunter Hunted are not an obvious pairing but this remix is smooth as hell. Viceroy turns down the anthem to a more sedate pool party vibe that is definitely his style. And perhaps these guys too.

[MP3] Chromeo – “Over Your Shoulder”


New Chromeo. Nothing new here. Just smooth seductive sounds for the lovemaker in you. Oh, I know its in there.

[MP3] Kool Head – “Stick Up Kids” (Produced by Joywave)

Kool Head

Kool Head are a Brooklyn-Atlanta collaboration self described as “black wave” and “Stick Up Kids” is produced by Joywave. So you don’t even need to press play to know we got a jam here. But you really should press play. Like right now.

[MP3] Say Say – “Like An Animal”

Say Say - Like An Animal

Say Say throw it back with big 80s synths and an epic vocal sound that begs for a sing along! Another band with only 1 song on their SoundCloud but after we see them live tomorrow I’m betting there are handful more gems to report…

Catch them tomorrow at the Wurstküche stage at the FREE Venice Music Crawl. Beer, sausages, and music!


[MP3] ASTR – “R U With Me”


New York’s ASTR mix  a bit of twisted Purity Ring with their throwback 80s dance synth grooves and the result is all kinds of haunted disco goodness.

[MP3] Mansions on the Moon – “Full Moon”

MOTM - Full Moon

New Mansions on The Moon! With a song featuring the word “Moon”! Serious business! Serious spaced out synth magic business… Loving that stutter percussion…

[MP3] Hey Champ – “On Holiday”

Hey Champ On Holiday

It’s Hey Champ. It’s called “On Holiday”. That about sums it up.

[MP3] Clubfeet – “Acapulco & LA”

Clubfeet - Acapulco & LA

Hey I like Clubfeet! Hey I went to Acapulco once with my dad! Hey I’m from L.A! Hey I like Fridays! Hey I like  tropical Australian dance tunes with soothing vocals that makes my muscles relax and my worries fade away!

(Heirs & Graces is out now worldwide)