[MP3] Ellie Goulding – “Burn” (Lovelife Remix)

Ellie Goulding LVLF

Ellie Goulding is burning up the mainstream charts. Lovelife are burning up the indie/blog world. For my money, this jam brings out the best in both. Get steamy.

[MP3] NoteOn – “Love”

NoteOn Love

Summer groover for fun times in the sun

Thats what it says on the SoundCloud page for this new jam from TBE fave NoteOn. And thats about all there is to say. Summer lives on!

[MP3] Viceroy – “Sunny Daze” (Club Edit)

Viceroy - Sunny Daze (Club Edit)

Remember when we posted on Viceroy’s jam “Sunny Daze” over 2 years ago before he blossomed into the powerhouse he is today? Remember when Summer started earlier this year before everyone said Labor Day killed it? Well we are bringing back both those moments with this new club edit of the jam that started it all. Never put on pants!

[MP3] ODESZA – “My Friends Never Die”


There are too many people dying of Cancer and there are not not enough people listening to Odesza. I’m not saying that one has the cure for the other but just look a this song title…. Just saying. All I know is the party never dies when these guys are ripping up beats in their live show. Still one of my favorites of 2013. Download “My Friends Never Die” and start your own dance party right now.

[MP3] Memoir – “Los Angeles”


Memoir is the L.A. based duo of lyricist Dena Deadly, and musician and music producer, Zed Kelley. This song about their city (and mine) is a straight sexy jam. Get into it.