Wrabel – “I Want You”

For those of you not escaping the city’s orbit this weekend, Wrabel has a few nights of heartbreak and sorrow he is willing to share. At least you can blast “I Want You” and dance out the tears together. He seems like a dude who would definitely get down with a hair-dryer-as-microphone session. Whatever it takes to take your minds off the one with your heart in their hands.  Read more

Babe – “Baby You’re Right” (Touch Tone Remix)

As if Babe’s original wasn’t catchy enough, Touch Tone has done the remix equivalent of the hottest person at the club grabbing your hand and dragging you onto the dance floor. Once your head stops spinning you realize your having a damn good time and don’t much care that you left your half full beer at the bar. The glint in this hottie’s eyes says there are bigger things at stake…  Read more


First of all, I pity the fool that can’t whistle because you are going to bee feeling pretty left out of “Top” about 15 seconds in. This debut mega jam demands that you join along with all your whistling, dancing, and jumping around skills turned to 11. Find a sturdy table to jump on, an open window to pump your arm out of, an unwitting stranger to shake your hips at. Before you know it you’ll have your spirits lifted from the bottom to the top. I’ve been looping that ride at least 5 times in a row now.  Read more

Kisses – “The Nile”

Just when you thought Monday just wasn’t going to work you hear that bassline creeping over the horizon and suddenly the shadows on your desk start to dance in the afternoon light and the whole day seems a lot more manageable. Thanks Kisses!  Read more

Daniel.T. – “Planetesimal”

Its a big world out there. Time to finally build that candy-powered hover craft and set out to explore the plains, trains, and analog synths of the open road. Sure, after hours of turn-less highway you’ll start to lose your marbles but as they slowly fall from your head and clink onto the center console you’ll be inspired by their unique acoustics and write a hit song.  Read more

Little Wolves – “Alone”

Every single year now
It never seems to go down
I’ve been waiting for so long

Nobody really wants to be alone. But when that lonely feeling strikes its nice to know that Little Wolves are right there in your headphones with you. “Alone” will turn any Netflix night into a solo dance party. Crank it up loud enough and you may just get the neighbors to join the fun. Not so alone anymore, eh?  Read more

DWNTWN – “Compact Disco”

The next time you fire up your jet-craft for an inter-dimensional jaunt through some distant geo-scapes make sure you’ve got this new DWNTWN jam loaded up on your audio pod. Then hit the cruise control lever and crank it loud.  Read more

[PREMIERE] Mexico City Blondes – “First Cut” + S/T EP

Mexico City Blondes has sure made us wait for it but today they finally release their debut EP. Anyone who has heard the blissed out “Fade” or more funked out guitar groover “Colors” will be as excited as I am. And even more exciting, TBE gets to premiere new single “First Cut”. Pairing Greg Doscher’s spaced out guitar work with Allie Thompson’s silky vocals, “First Cut” is a perfect reintroduction to the band and a killer song to open the EP. Crank it loud today and let it turn your mundane tasks into epic film sequences with hotter actors and better lighting.

Listen to the debut EP from Mexico City Blondes.  Read more