Jaded Incorporated – “Coconut Sofa”

Long time TBE fave Mayer Hawthorne has a new project with longtime DJ collaborator 14kt. Enough said. Time to get sexy and a bit spooky.

The first listen from the upcoming album The Big Knock, out 6/17 on vinyl and digital only.

Magic Bronson – “Shivers” + “What I Did”

Magic Bronson have apparently been hiding out here in LA rocking the occasional party and quietly dropping impressive jams like last year’s “What I Did”. Well, and the rest of the Nor’easter EP for that matter. Earnest synth rock with a touch of hip hop flare. New single “Shivers” is a dance jam wrapped in smoke, mirrors, and cigarettes. #Weekendmusic.

Georgeous feat. John Gray – “Trapped”

[soundcloud id=’124139526′]

Usually when I find a song like this on Soundcloud its been out for 6 months and has 200, 000 plays already. Somehow this amazing jam has barely 1000 plays… The Internet is so weird. So Gorgeous is from Spain and part of some collective called Depaart but none of that really matter once the funk of “Trapped” hits your ears. John Gray’s vocals cut a beautiful path through the oversized beats and smooth grooves. Listen to this one in the car. Loud. It gets better every time.

The Derevolutions – “Automate Your Soul”

[soundcloud id=’130602321′]

Just because this Thursday keeps feeling like a Friday doesn’t mean you should be depressed! Get out of that chair and move your limbs! Do some freaky dance moves to a new Derevolutions jam and you will feel better. Guaranteed.

Sango – “Baile Somebody”

[soundcloud id=’131153299′]

Mashups get a bad rap these days but then someone like Sango comes along and breathes new life into the art of chopping up other people’s sounds. I could never get down with the ADD edits of Girl Talk so Sango’s ability to let a thread linger through a song is refreshing. Listening to so much new music, sometimes its nice to have a familiar face deep in a brand new song. Grab a whole album of Sango jams for just 1$ right now at his Bandcamp. I just did.

[MP3] Mr. 50 – “Vodka Soda”

[soundcloud id=’132337150′]

“Vodka Soda” by Bristol’s Mr. 50 is disco dance music for the demented. Grooves made by and for the after hours. A soundtrack for something seedy. Get into it.

MVSCLES – “Somethin”

[soundcloud id=’130394479′]

Los Angeles duo Mvscles keep things simple and sweet. “Somethin” pulls no punches and tries no tricks. Just a dainty synth groove and some glitchy beats to carry the song from headphone to heart.

Stepdad – “Running (Does That Mean You Care?)”

[soundcloud id=’121894653′]

Its been too long since we heard from TBE faves (and SXSW alums) Stepdad but damn it sounds good to have them back and swinging for the fences of the sweaty basement dance party. Grand Rapids, Michigan, be proud!