Gentlemen Hall – “All Our Love”

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Cheers to RAC for his remix of “Sail Into The Sun” that perked my ears to these local indie-pop jammers. “All Our Love” is a shiny chunk of sing along goodness that is perfect for this February Summer here in Los Angeles. Windows down!

Banks – “Warm Water” (Snakehips Remix)

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Banks is a pro at the dark, brooding and sexual. Her new track “Brain” (below) is a perfect example of the kind of smoldering jams she does best. But take a listen to what Snakehips have done to Banks’ hit “Warm Water”. It’s a perfectly minimal rub of funk on the slow burner. Too much groove would make the whole thing feel cheesy. They have spiced it just right!

Free Download of this remix here.

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SKOGSRÃ… – “Now You See Me”

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Oh man, Sweden again with the win! Skogsra’s debut track is all hot sheets and scuffed dance floor. Sexy to the max. Nearly seven minutes of ups, down, and twirls as he takes you on a beautifully funky ride.

Monarch – “Want Your Love”

There is always a place in my heart for big and polished heartbreak jams for lonely hearts. The kind of music that makes you want to sing out loud in the rain in a totally un-ironic way. (Gotta let the emotions out, man!) Monarch are currently delivering a major thunderstorm in my room right now. “Want Your Love” is a fantastic slice of heart on sleeve lover rock that is just 1 of the 7 jams streaming on their Soundcloud. Get into it. Oh, and not that it matters with the lights off, but Monarch shares some members with One Republic so its kinda no surprise these jams are so tight.

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Come see Monarch play live tomorrow at Read more

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Collapse”

Brisbane, Australia’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic borrows a lot of the tone and feel from our own Bon Iver but I say there is plenty of room for more gorgeously minimal beats & strings music in the world.

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The Burning Ear Presents: Speak @ Bootleg Bar 1/26/14

I’m pretty damn excited to present Austin’s Speak tomorrow night at Bootleg Bar. Tomorrow is night 2 of a 3 night Sunday residency. I can’t think of a better way to wind down a weekend then to the beautiful sounds of their newest jam (and TBE fave) “Peaks”. Dive into the original and a couple great remixes below and then come out and hang tomorrow night!

George Ezra – “Cassy O'”

London’s George Ezra packs a lot of voice into that sleight frame. “Cassy O'” is practically hurled from my speakers by the weight of that baritone. Its a voice that sticks in the brain, singing the chorus deep into the day. When paired with that jangly guitar work and crisp handclaps, I’m so sold. Watch out for the keyboard solo!

Johnny Stimson – “SO. GOOD.”

The typically up tempo Johnny Stimson slows things down on his fresh new jam “So. Good.” It’s not all parties and fun with this guy! He will seduce the pants right off you if given the chance. Just look at those eyes. Not too long though!