Parade of Lights – “Golden”

I’m pretty stoked about the upcoming Sochi Olympics and getting my every-4-year fix of sports like bobsledding and ice skating. Another thing to get pumped about is Parade of Lights new jam “Golden” which is being used NBC’s TV promos for the WInter Olympics. Very cool for the hometown LA guys and very cool for Sochi. Everyone wins. Especially me.

Look out for Parade of Lights new EP on Astralwerks coming soon.

Years & Years – “Real”

Pretty much everyday since I first heard “I Wish I Knew” I wake up hoping that the day will bring new music from London’s Years and Years. A couple of days since then have come through but none like the other day when I heard “Real” for the first time. The band has finally outdone themselves with this haunting surge of a jam that flickers and morphs under Olly’s amazing voice. Pardon me while I keep this on repeat for the rest of the day.

Raleigh Ritchie – “Bloodsport”

London’s Raleigh Ritchie is following up his solid Middle Child EP with a new one called Black and Blue. Opening track “Bloodsport” is exactly why this guys is so promising. Bruised heart vocals swerve through a pulsing R&B beat, eventually picking up some rap heat towards the end. We’ve all felt those “Bloodsport” moments. Well said, Raleigh.

Scavenger Hunt – “Dreamers”

Scavenger Hunt - Dreamers

We got no shame about our love for LA’s awesome Scavenger Hunt and finally this live favorite is out on in the world! “Dreamers” is an instant gem of bouncing percussion and bad ass bass, all perfectly complemented by Jill’s soothing vocals. Oh wait, guitar solo! Hold on tight!

Catch Scavenger Hunt LIVE at The Burning Ear’s 5th Birthday party on Saturday February 1 right here in LA @ The Satellite.

Air Traffic Controller – NORDO EP

A lot of bands have a lot of names about a lot of random things (I’m skeptical Billy Corgan ever smashed a pumpkin). Air Traffic Controller’s frontman Dave Munro, however, actually served in the US navy as an air traffic controller! The project was born from demos he recorded overseas and the resulting fan base he found when he returned home.

ATC’s Nordo EP is a rousing hunk of indie-rock with tinges of folk and pop flaring up here and there. Catchy jams for fans of fun. Opening slow burn anthem “You Know Me” pairs handclaps with boy/girl vocals and a ton of sing-along potential. “Hurry Hurry” packs hilarious lyrics into a caffeinated nugget of churning guitars and drums. The fun continues for 4 more jams that will lift your weekend’s spirits, guaranteed.

Mansions on the Moon – FULL MOON EP (w/ “Heart of the Moment” ft. Zee Avi)

MOTM - Full Moon

Mansions on the Moon have been loooong time favorites here at TBE and their latest EP is a testament to the sheer goodness pouring out of these guys. “Heart of The Moment” kicks the funk into high gear, setting the perfect stage for a weekend of getting loose.

Speaking of stage, they will be headlining The Burning Ear’s 5th Birthday Party on 2/1 at The Satellite. If you have ever seen them live then you know what a treat we are in for. Things get pretty weird and wonderful! Make sure you bone up on the whole Full Moon EP beforehand!

[MP3] Magic Giant – “Glass Heart”

Magic Giant - Glass Heart

The members of Magic Giant hail “from Washington DC, Nashville, and Korea, and [unite] in Los Angeles.” So I’m guessing it was its was either start a fusion food truck or a band. I’m glad they chose band because “Glass Heart” is a fantastic mix of folk and catchy rock. It’s only their first release but since they recently played the Sweetlife and Life Is Beautiful festivals alongside The Killers, Kings of Leon, and Passion Pit, I’m betting they have a handful more awesomeness up their sleeves.

The Burning Ear 5th Birthday Party // Feb 1 @ The Satellite // Bands – DJs – FUN


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