[LIVE] Japandroids @ The Echo, June 15th, 2012

♫ Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

Th story goes that Japandroids had basically quit being a band in late 2008, right before a surge in Internet attention got them to give it one last go. Cheers to you, Internet, I owe you one. Watching Brian and David rip through their set on Friday night was a sight (and sound) to behold. One guitar, one drum kit, two voices, and the two absolute beasts controlling them all. I haven’t seen that kind of overflowing passion pour out of a band on stage in years. And crowd gave back. There was moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing, and electric sing alongs throughout. Do not miss Read more

[LIVE] RAC @ Drai’s, June 10th, 2012

♫ Penguin Prison – Worse It Gets (RAC Mix)

Drai’s is a super fancy (and somewhat douchey) Hollywood club that has started bringing in awesome DJs for their Sunday night parties. It’s weird. I’m not used to being on a rooftop with a pool surrounded by muscle heads and walking make-up displays drinking double digit drinks (them, not me). Luckily all of that oddness melted away when the sweet beats of RAC started pumping through the Read more

[LIVE] DWNTWN @ The Echoplex, June 9th, 2012

♫ DWNTWN – Big Jet Plane (Angus & Julia Stone cover)

Saturday night was the Kitsuné party at The Echoplex which featured a few bands and DJs but the highlight of the evening was obviously DWNTWN. I’ve seen them rock stages a handful of times (Texas included!) but Saturday was the first with their new live drummer. And it was awesome. Swagger and sex appeal were overflowing from Read more

[EP/LIVE] Harlan – NATIVE SON (w/ “The Come Down”) + @ The Echo, May 21

the choices that surround you are only yours to make

♫ Harlan – The Come Down

  • Who: Harlan Silverman & friends
  • What: Funky soul pop, like Mayer Hawthorne, Seye, Prince
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Native Son EP is out now (Stream it below).
  • Why: Big, bold, and undeniably dripping with sultry grooves is the name of Harlan’s game. Jams like “The Come Down” are instant ear pleasers, getting you to sing along before the first listen is through. Other tracks go slower, establishing a mood or feeling with Harlan’s super-tight musicianship (he plays all instruments). Native Son concludes with “Dancing On The Bed,” a perfectly named funkmobile that celebrates all the best things about Harlan. All the things he celebrates in his live show.

While Harlan’s debut EP Native Son is varied, textured, and showcases a broad new talent. Harlan’s live show, however, only has one setting: dance party. His touring band The Powers may be a motley crew of style but they all take care of business like pros. The real talent is Harlan himself. Watching him shred on the guitar is a total treat. He is clearly a man with both immense love and skill for his instruments. Anyone who can get an LA crowd dancing on a Monday is surely some Read more

[LIVE/MP3] Saint Motel @ The Hudson Block Party, May 20 + “1997”

well, it’s tough to love another, and it’s hard to find a friend friend, somebody else who has no others, somebody else who understands

♫ Saint Motel – 1997

Saint Motel play "1997" live

For lots of thought on Saint Motel go here. For lots of rock from Saint Motel go back to yesterday where they rocked The Hudson Block Party, winning over innocent bystanders and confirming that these guys have way more up their sleeves then a few singles. These 4 LA dudes are made of equal parts serious rock and equal parts goofball and it’s what makes their music so charming. Nobody is taking themselves too seriously and that acts as an silent invitation for wallflowers to groove. The twilight of an outdoor mini-festival is one thing but I’m now really looking forward to catching these guys in a more intimate and sweaty locale. How about The El Rey on July 14th? Good, see you there.

♫ Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces (previously posted)

Upcoming shows:

Los Angeles, CA – The El Rey, July 14

[LIVE] Caught A Ghost @ The Satellite – May 15th

Feel free to make donations to the "Buy Brandon A Better Concert Camera" fund.

♫ Caught A Ghost – Time Go

My first encounter with Caught A Ghost was when they impressed me with their live show back in December so after falling hard for slow burn groover “Time Go” and high-speed soul dub “Sleeping At Night” I was stoked to catch them at their May residency at The Satellite. Not content to just show up and play the tunes, Jesse Nolan and company turned the residency into a weekly hallows eve style party they dubbed The Hereafter. Already a good sign. So when they took the stage with a DJ, 2 saxophone players, and 2 girls in stretchy ghost skins I knew we were in for a treat. Having never heard anything besides the 3 song CAG mixtape, much of the show was new material but that didn’t stop the band from nailing it perfectly and driving it right into my soul. Nolan’s voice is on the money and his band is right with him at every turn. People were even dancing. In LA. On a Monday. Awesome.

Catch them live if you are in the LA area! If you aren’t then get them to your down by supporting their Kickstarter campaign!

Upcoming shows:

5/21/12 – The Satellite, LA, CA

5/28/12 – The Satellite, LA, CA


[LIVE] Jhameel @ The El Rey May 9th

Jhameel – Love Me Twice

Don’t think I mentioned I saw Jhameel open for Hoodie Allen on Wednesday. Don’t think I mentioned that he killed it. Don’t think I mentioned that he had the whole crowd into it. Don’t think I really needed to, though. Of course he did.

Upcoming shows:

Jun 2 – Sophia’s Thai Kitchen | Davis, CA

Plus I hear he coming back to L.A. in June. See you there.


[LIVE] The Weeknd @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery – May 5th

(Click to enlarge)

♫ The Weeknd – Montreal

When I think of Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles I don’t think of cemeteries but that’s where I ended up last night. And it was perfect. The day of sun and beer had given way to a sharp black sky and looming supermoon. People lounging, snacking, and boozing just feet from the eternally resting. Then The Weeknd took the stage and brought a ruckus that immediately woke us all. His epic voice lived up to the records and he had energy for days. Whereas Edward Sharpe left me checking my watch, last night my mind didn’t wander from the stage for a second. Then The Weekend lays down his “oooohs” from Drake’s “Crew Love” and got into his lines, much to everyone’s delight. Then Read more