[LP] EVERYTHING EVERYTHING have good jams weather you are a SUFFRAGETTE or not a SUFFRAGETTE

who is gonna sit on your face when i’m gone? who is gonna sit on your face when i’m not there?

♫ Everything Everything – Suffragette Suffragette

It was Joel & Scott’s Remix Roundup that introduced me to Everything Everything via the Clock Opera remix of “MY KZ, UR BF.”Intrigued by what I heard, and all the blog buzz that I quickly discovered, I got my paws on their debut LP, Man Alive. I’ve been digesting it for a week or so now and it’s definitely an interesting album. I was initially disappointed in both the album and the original version on “MY KZ, UR BF” but after a few listens the whole endeavor is slowly growing on me. Its definitely a headphone album, you want all the weird sounds and vocal acrobatics to swirl through your ears unencumbered. So anyway, while I work on figuring out how much I like this album, I can tell you one thing, I love “Suffragette Suffragette.” Besides all the great angular hooks and dance-rock spazzing out, there is that unforgettable chorus (above) that is begging for an answer! My only complaint is that apparently this jam came out a single in 2008 and I never knew about it until know. Harumph. Anyway, I’m curious what you guys are thinking about this album. It seems like a polarizer so it’s kinda weird that I am on the fence.

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[LP] LES SAVY FAV may have watched SLEEPLESS IN seattle while staying in SILVERLAKE. I’m not really sure.

we hit the hills and we hit them hard, with iron wills and with mastercards

♫ Les Savy Fav – Sleepless In Silverlake

Les Savy Fav are one of those bands that I have been hearing about fooooooorever but never heard their music. Their latest album Root For Ruin has been making suck a racket on the music blogs that I decided to check it out. While the album is some solid guitar rock and there are a handful of jams it doesn’t really stick with with me as a whole. Lead single “Sleepless In Silverlake” is another story. If all the tracks on Root For Ruin were this instantly catchy and memorable then I’d be on board for sure! That guitar kicks things off so right and the rest of the song follows suit! Other favorites on the album include the churning driving anthem “Let’s Get Out Of Here” and the guitar n’ drums head bobber “High and Unhinged.” Any Les Savy Fav fans want to set me straight? Perhaps some other recommended tracks for a casual newbie like me?

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[LP] THE-DREAM will definitely F.I.L.A. up your lady if you don’t have a fresh YAMAHA to compete with this Love King

she said she had a man but i had to pursue her, he ain’t never there, so she let me do her, now i’m all up on her like “oh, oh,” now she all up on me like “oh, oh”

♫ The-Dream – F.I.L.A.

The-Dream is a name I have heard bandied about over the past few years but considering that neitther top 40 radio nor R&B are really my jams I never paid much attention. That all changed 6 weeks ago when The Todd over at Audiomuffin wrote a review of The-Dream’s new album that had me instantly sold on it. I highly recommend you read his piece and then get your own hands on the album quick! This is 79 minutes of straight between the sheets sexiness. Seiously, did you read those lyrics. But in addition the some of the most hilariously blush-worthy lyrics around, the beats are on point and I guarantee you will find a new appreciation for the genre. After all, this is the guy that wrote Rhianna’s “Umbrella” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” He is not fucking around.

♫ The-Dream – Yamaha

Not many in the game could get away with using a motorcycle as an analogy for his lady but luckily The-Dream pulls it off with flava to spare. In addition to these hot tracks I recommend “Panties To The Side” which is about exactly what you think and “Florida University” which is The-Dream’s way of using the school’s acronym to tell off an ex. Sweetness. Ok people, time to get sexy!

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[LP] BIG K.R.I.T. deserves a RETURN OF attention 4EVA body who dismissed this HOMETOWN HERO

a superhero in the flesh, even at my worst i’m the best

♫ Big K.R.I.T. – Return of 4eva Feat. Big Sant

It’s pretty simple really, I totally underestimated the powerhouse that is Big K.R.I.T. I initially brushed off his blog-storming “Country Shit” as passable and moved on but something kept nagging me to listen further. After all, I kept running across rave reviews of his K.R.I.T. Wuz Here mixtape. So I finally got the damn thing and was immediately greeted with album opener “Return of 4eva.” Talk about perking up the ears! The beat is an instant winner, K.R.I.T.’s flow is like swagger flavored butter, and those record scratches are about as throwback fresh as it gets. “Return” is followed by “Country Shit” and suddenly the track is immense! A dominating rap track that is quickly stuck in the head. Did I mention that K.R.I.T. produces all his jams as well? Yeah, dude is fresh. K.R.I.T. is also a dedicated crate digger, diving so deep for his soul and R&B samples that he is offering $1000 if anyone can name them all. K.R.I.T. is also from Missippi, a state with no marquee rap names to brag of, a fact he is well aware of. Doesn’t seem like that fact will last long, though.

♫ Big K.R.I.T. – Hometown Hero

“Hometown Hero” is the track that solidifies K.R.I.T. as a bonafide superstar as he takes things down a notch for one straight from the heart. The production is so perfectly balanced that it’s almost silly that this is only a mixtape. In fact, the whole thing runs more like what I would expect from his forthcoming Island Records debut than the mixtape that got him the deal. I’m more and more impressed with each spin. Listen closely to “Viktorious” and tell me this doesn’t have his eye fixed on the prize. He sure as hell has the skills to get him there. Get K.R.I.T. Was Here.

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[LP] ARCADE FIRE are READY TO START getting some more plays around here

but I would rather be alone than pretend i feel alright

♫ Arcade Fire – Ready To Start

At 16 tracks, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs will be one of the most bloated albums on people’s best of 2010 lists. You can either take issue that I called the album bloated or you can take issue that I assume it will make the best of cut, but the reality is that both parts are true. In this day of 9 track LPs and running times that barely crack the half hour mark, The Suburbs is practically a double album. Well, thank goodness it isn’t because a, who the fuck likes double albums, and b, The Suburbs works brilliantly as a cohesive 16 track musical examination of life on the outskirts of the city. I have never been a huge Arcade Fire fan but am always curious to hear what they are up to. First taste tracks “The Suburbs” and “Month of May” left me unimpressed but curious of what would follow. Fast forward 2 months and I didn’t need to venture farther than track 2 on The Suburbs before I was thoroughly rocking out to “Ready To Start” (above) and already convinced I was going to like the rest of the album. An hour later I was left more than satisfied and itched to repeat the adventure. It’s all the things that people love about Arcade Fire: anthemic, big hooks, lush instrumentation, but somehow it all fits so much better. While there are a handful of epic tracks, there are a bigger handfull that don’t really standout yet but are nonetheless essential to the experience of The Suburbs. I might not be humming them later but I sure as hell am not skipping them in the moment.

♫ Arcade Fire – Month Of May

Early shoulder-shrugger “Month Of May” has definitely taken on a new persona while listening to the whole disc. Initially seeming like an awkward attempt at punk rock, it now makes perfect sense and I love hearing it rev up after the 4 relatively calm tracks that precede it. Anyway, I’m sure that at this point 94% of you already have The Suburbs but for those other 6% I encourage you to give this one a chance. It just might change your opinion of Arcade Fire, or at the least, 16 track albums. And definitely go check out their video experience for “We Used To Wait.” It’s interactive in the smallest way but packs a huge punch for the short line of text you will enter. And besides, it’s Arcade Fire set to film, something we can all agree is awesome.

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[EP] ENTREPRENEURS will get BUBBLEGUNK all over your dancing shoes

everything will be better in the fall

♫ Entrepreneurs – Bubblegunk

Fuck yeah. Uv Been Robbed (Joking, But Not), the debut EP from current TBE crush Entrepreneurs is out now for a ‘pay what you want’ price. As if the previously posted “Infinity” and “Revenge Platter” (also on the EP) didn’t convince you that this is the freshness the let me try. This is the freshness. The scuzzy, funky, synthy, rowdy, rock n roll freshness. Got it? Good.

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[LP] SCISSOR SISTERS serve up a lot of SEX AND a hint of VIOLENCE, the good kind…

sweetest taste is never gonna leave you even when it hurts you

♫ Scissor Sisters – Sex and Violence

That cover art pretty much says it all. Scissor Sisters’ third album, Night Work, is music for ass grabbing, flexing, shaking, bouncing and strutting, and if you have ever appreciated any of those activities then you would be wise to get your hands on this package in time for the weekend’s festivities! I just finished a workout/shower combo to the whole album and I couldn’t be more pumped for Friday night! Sure Scissor Sisters are about as flamboyant as it gets and Night Work is their master thesis on the subject but it’s also their best, most cohesive album to date. I’ve traditionally been only moderately inspired by their dance jams only to be left disappointed by the rest of the flimsy album material. In fact, I had even taken all their previous stuff off my iTunes in a recent hard drive cleansing. Then I heard “Invisible Light” and was convinced to give them a second (third) chance. Night Work wastes no more than 8 seconds before kicking things off big and bold. The title track is a straight disco funk jam and is subsequently followed by huge danceability through all 10 tracks. “Any Which Way,” “Something like This,” and “Skin Tight” are other album favorites that pave the way for current obsession, “Sex and Violence.” Jake Shears’ dark and sultry voice glide through the shimmering fog-lit rhythm for a track that is perfect for dancing closer and closer to that special (i.e. random) someone on the dancefloor. Fuck, I can’t keep trying to describe this stuff. It’s too hard to think, type, and dance at the same time. If you are remotely moved by these tracks then you know what to do. Night Work is out now!

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[LP] STEEL TRAIN have an epic album for YOU AND I would like to advise not to let it stay UNDERCOVER too long

moving all alone, i won’t attach now, growing like a wave, to anywhere far

♫ Steel Train – You and I Undercover

Two facts: The song above is one of my favorite songs of the year and the LP it comes from (at right) is one of my favorite albums of the year. So there’s that… Anyone who knows Steel Train knows how much these guys have evolved since their days as the “non-pop-punk band” on Drive Thru. Weirdly enough, I’ve been fond of them since their first EP and even caught an under-packed and under-appreciated live show during a 2006 Pianos NYC residency. So what I’m trying to say here is that despite the fact that I have been following these guys since 2003, nothing prepared me for this album. On this self-titled second LP Steel Train has stepped out of appreciable and into danceable, rock-able, and straight up lovable territory. I. Can’t. Stop. Playing. This. Album. Seriously, I’m so impressed here. “Turnpike Ghost” was a pleasant enough introduction that grew on me quickly before “You And I Undercover” (above) swooped in and blew me away. And now the whole album is rocking and I’m swooning.

♫ Steel Train – Children of the 90’s

Since I have already posted 2 of this album’s 12 tracks I was hesitant to put up another but “Children of the 90s” is so instantly epic that I had to sneak it in. These two tracks trace the spectrum of this album’s energy and if you are feeling either then you need to do yourself  a favor and get on board the Steel Train. Join me in the first car for an open-windowed sing-along!

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