[EP] American Royalty – PRISMATIC (w/ “Hungry”)

American Royalty - Prismatic

when i had my eye, staring at the sun, growing old and wise, but staying young and dumb

We’ve already been massaged by the jittery bongo & guitar shuffle of American Royalty’s mellowed out single “Honey & Queen” and now the LA group has dropped the Prismatic EP which has 4 more tracks of their psyched-out groove rock.”Hungry” follows EP-opener “Honey” and is the real party starter. Gutars shred over whiplash a rhythm section and it makes me want to rock. Then they get tender on “Mariah” before bringing the slow burn weirdo funk on “EVO.” Its an excellent document of the band’s continually evolving sound and proof that there are more ideas going on in their heads then they will ever be able to record. Get on this adventure while you can.

[LP] Wild Cub – YOUTH (w/ “Thunder Clatter” + “Jonti”)

Wild Cub - Youth

i see you hidden in the night

  • Who: Keegan DeWitt (TBE alum!) & Jeremy Bullock
  • What: Danceable indie rock, like Generationals, Kisses, Young Empires
  • Where: Nashville, TN + Facebook
  • When: Buy debut LP Youth now.
  • Why: First of all, I’m sorry. Sometimes I find an album that takes me by such surprise, that makes me so satisfied with it’s sounds, that I keep it to myself for far too long. I’m caught between the disbelief that it is as good as I think, and the nerves that come with writing a review of an album I love. It’s all illogical and foolish at best, but its the way I am. I’m like the partner that loves you so much that they don’t even know how to show it. Sorry Keegan and Jeremy, I do love you. And I love the beautiful baby Youth you’ve raised into this world.

My recent favorite tracks “Thunder Clatter,” “Straight No Turns,” and “Jonti” are are the perfect triangulation of their sound somewhere between the shaggy indie rock appeal of Generationals and the synth dance shades of Kisses. Hell, “Wishing Well” even throws some 80s nods to classic Peter Gabriel. Wild Cub draw rich water from a variety of wells but the cocktail they mix is undeniably their own.

[LP] Peter and Kerry – LA TRIMOUILLE (w/ “Annie” + “Fifty In The $lot$”)


but all your sighing heavily and semi-silent mutterings are another guarantee that it’s too late to stop me

Peter & Kerry’s “Knees” is one of my favorite sad-sack breakup folk songs in recent years so it was a pleasant surprise to hear them pepping things up for the sonically fun yet still break-up-y “Split For The City.” The fun kept coming when months late I finally got my hands on their debut full length La Trimouille. The album takes the elements of “Knees” that made it so infectious and blends them with a variety of fun and quirky songs stylings and a dash of hip-hop delivery that all adds up to and endlessly pleasing album. Even though the lyrical content is often classically English and mopey I can’t help but Read more

[EP] Set Sail – “Hey!”

Set Sail - Hey

lived our lives with adventures in our heads, we were the kids without a care

It’s been almost a year since Set Sail’s last EP so perfect timing for their Australian Summer. And perfect timing for me imagining I was in their Australian Summer. Title-track “Hey!” instantly hooked me with its fuzzed vocals and infectious guitar lines layers over jittery percussion and a chorus that demands you sing that hey! along with it. It’s got just the kind of fun I love Set Sail for but with a hint of maturity since the all out goofiness of “Boat Song.”

[Download “Hey!” here.]

[EP] Newtimers – EGO EP (w/ “Heavy Weather”)

Newtimers EP

we loved and we laughed, thought we would last

It’s been a year since we heard from Sweden’s sneaky sex-groove masters Newtimers so it’s about time we got some more magic. The Ego EP just dropped and if you and yours need some heat during these frosty times then throw these jams on the fire. It’s like Prince, only relevant. Like The Weeknd, only  less depressing. Like sex itself, only less complicated. Even breakup songs like “Heavy Weather” are bound to inspire one last hurrah. Oh, and we get a dance-off video cut to “She’s A Gun”? Sexy women. Sexy outfits. Sexy dancing. The band can even be in it. In the background.

[EP] Just Jack – ROUGH/READY (w/ “Rims of Doom”)

JustJack Rough Ready

we lost our way, we are all slaves, to the currency that flutters by, the jealousies we try to hide

♫ Just Jack – Rims of Doom

  • Who: Jack Allsopp
  • What: Chill pop, like Jack Penate, Peter & Kerry, Cosmo Jarvis
  • Where: Brighton, UK + Facebook
  • When: Release dates?
  • Why: If you aren’t British or haven’t been following this site since the beginning then you probably don’t know Just Jack. You don’t remember his awesome Brit dance-pop jams like “Starz in Their Eyes” or “Doctor, Doctor.” Ever since I missed his set earlier this year I’ve been wondering what he is up to. A bit of research turned up a whole EP of mellowed out and mature off-kilter tracks. “Rims of Doom” is the kind of “aging artist railing against the youth movements” track that would normally make me cringe but Jack pulls it off nicely. And there are horns. Its a departure from the songs that he is known for but a nice reminder that he is still out there making music. We’re here when you come back, Jack.

[EP] Jamestown Revival – THE KNIVES & PIPES EP (w/ “Ain’t It A Shame”)

Jamestown revival

we’re never gonna away, from dreaming of the good ol days

♫ Jamestown revival – Ain’t it a shame

  • Who: Jonathan Clay & Zach Chance
  • What: Southern slanted Indie Rock, like Brown Shoe, Kings of Leon, Y Luv
  • Where: Los Angeles, CA + Facebook
  • When: The Knives & Pipes EP is out now.
  • Why: Jamestown Revival play music that you can feel the history in. And not just of the south-folk tinged genre itself, but in the songs and stories they tell. Its no surprise that Jonathan and Zach go way back. Growing up together in Austin, Texas, they have built their chemistry through years of friendship. “Ain’t it a Shame” is my favorite song on their solid 4 song EP. I think. It’s hard to pick. Even harder when you see them live, which I was lucky enough to do in someone’s living room at a recent Sofar Sounds event in Venice. Pretty amazing.

[LP] Fake Blood – CELLS (w/ “All In The Blink”)


diamonds out of gold, oh the seeds of our love grow

Cells solidifies Fake Blood as one of the more interesting electronic producers in the game. We already heard the spastic piano banger “Yes No” and rest of the album brings a great collection of next level jams and Fake Blood’s great vocals. “All In The Blink” cranks up the jumpy piano fun and really gets things swinging is a completely different way than “Yes No.” There is even cowbell. Its range and diversity like that that make Cells so rewarding. I just don’t understand why more people aren’t all over this guy. Get into it.