[EP] AWOLNATION may BURN your ears if IT is cranked the opposite of DOWN

if you’re feeling like i feel throw your fists through the ceiling, some people call it crazy i call it healing

♫ AWOLNATION – Burn It Down

WOOOO! Talk about a cheek blasting roller coaster! Awolnation absolutely blast this one out of the gate and barely take a breath! Grinding guitars, machine-gun percussion, and pumped up vocals make for the kind of sonic insanity that gets my blood pumping. As if I already wasn’t hooked on these guys after one listen to “Burn It Down” the story just gets better. First of all, the rest of the Back From Earth EP is solid stuff. The 4 tracks showcase a surprisingly impressive mix of vibes and talent that show that this Los Angeles based crew/dude is definitely cooking with gas. “Burn It Down” does just that. “Guilty Filthy Soul” puts some blues and funk through an electro-soul treatment and then dusts heavily with hand claps. “Sail” is the lighter-in-the-air slow-burner that grinds and “ooohs” to great effect. “MF” closes it all with a bit of late 90s rap-rock that should offend the ears bit somehow totally fits in context. So there is the great EP but that isn’t all from Awolnation! These guys are going all in and getting into some crazy video stuff as well. Their website features all kinds of fun stuff like a shower-sung rendition of “Sail” and a fresh Cee-Lo referencing “MF” mini-video. But what really sets these guys apart are the not-one-but-two retro styled 3D movies that they have made faux documentaries and trailers for. Yeah, I know, read that sentence again, It’s a lot to take in (or just go actually take it in). I’m not really sure what it thing has to do with the music or the Awolnation’s master plan but I am stoked that they are super into the whole thing. Certainly gets me pumped. Time to play “Burn It Down” again! OH, and I almost forgot, they have an iPhone app too! Download it free here and I think you can listen to the whole EP and watch videos, etc. Crazy times.

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Miike Snow: The Band, The Facts, The Music

miikeI just got home from seeing Miike Snow for the 3rd time. As my mind recovers from their fantastic live show I figure we should go over the facts…

• Miike Snow is a band, not a man. They are made up of American Andrew Wyatt and Swedish producers/multi-instrumentalists Christian Karlsson & Pontus Winnberg (Bloodshy & Avant).

♫ Maroon 5 – Little Of Your Time (Bloodshy & Avant remix) ♡

• Andrew Wyatt, at 18, formed the Funkraphiliacs with Greg Kurstin (the “geggy” in Geggy Tah and Read more

DRAGONETTE want you to PICK UP their new LP, your feet, and THE PHONE. OKAY, DELORE?

Dragonette Fixinyou’re still very young and we only just started having fun

♫ Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone

Dragonette’s 2007 debut, Galore, was one of those albums that I was fully ready to like but just never hooked me. It felt like they were trying to hard at the electro-pop game but were missing something. Whatever was missing, we had a taste of back in May when their “comeback single” Fixin To Thrill” dropped. Had little Dragonette finally grown up? The song was a huge, hook-laden rock-fest with big claims, but was it all bombast? Would the other tracks match up? 2nd single, “Pick Up The Phone,” (video here) kicks some big cracks in that worry, even topping “Fixin” in my book, getting stuck in my head in a great way. Yesterday Australia and Canada got the full Fixin To Thrill LP and it’s high time to take a look at the goods. I just finished my second spin through it and this stuff is no joke. It’s that mix of bounce, synth, big riffs, and perfect vocals that just get my goose. If the first 2 singles haven’t got you hyped then peep this late-album favorite of mine.

♫ Dragonette – Okay Delore

“Okay Delore” is like “Hey Mickey” only without the overplayed baggage and Wayne’s World connotations. Dragonette has truly outdone themselves with Fixin To Thrill. This is looking to be a favorite album of the year. Or at least October.

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Esser thinks we can Work It Out. I hope so.


i’ve not worked hard for much
but i know that you’re worth working for

♫ Esser – Work It Out

Oh boy Esser, I hope you are right. I know that when I first heard your jams I thought you were a band but now I know better. I apologize. I need this song. I do. I don’t need your wife-beater or excessive hair product but I do need this song. In fact, your whole album is pretty fresh. You probably don’t know, but my first jam of yours was “I Love You.” It’s another great track but I just don’t think I’m ready to post it here…

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Major Lazer’s album will make you Jump Up and down. Possibly pass out.


be advised everybody thumbs up

♫ Major Lazer – Jump up feat. Leftside & Supahyp (Co-Produced by the Crookers)

The wait is over, every one’s favorite one-armed Zombie War veteran has finally released his debut album. With the help of Diplo, Switch, and a host of guests, Major Lazer has cooked up the kind of insane album that you would expect from cover art like that. Take special note of the Parental Advisory sticker, these jams are not for the faint of heart. First single “Hold The Line” had mention of donating sperm and it only gets more crazy as we get strippers (“Bruk Out”), graphic boning (“What You Like”), mad weed smoking (“Mary Jane”), mammary glands, testicles, and auto-tune (Baby”), and hardcore drugs AND cunnilingus (“Zumbi”). Don’t worry, there’s more but I wont ruin it now. Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do is not an easy album to sum up in a few sentences. Each track has a vibe as distinct as it’s guest vocalist(s), making it touch for you to not 1) laugh at least a few times, 2) be shocked at least once, 3) find a few jams you will want to listen to again. I don’t feel like I will be listening to the whole album much more but I will definitely be coming back to specific tracks. “Jump Up” is my hands down favorite for it’s no-holds-barred, get wiley in the club vibe. If this jam came on in the club at 2 am I would lose my mind, not to mention injure numerous innocent bystanders with my best attempts to “Jump up! Jump up!” It is an interesting note that “Jump Up” was co-produced by Crookers, a fact I didn’t notice until writing this post, but it explains a lot about it’s danceability, a factor that takes a backseat to wild beats and funny lyrics on the rest of the album.

♫ Major Lazer – Keep it goin’ louder feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze

Speaking of danceability, Pitchfork fave “Keep It Goin Louder” is fun, but in that sort of mindless, silicon & spray-tan kind of way. The kind of song you can make eyes at a drunk girl from across the club to. You probably wont remember it the next day but you’ll know you had fun.

My final thoughts on the album is that you should definitely hear it. Weather you decide to buy it after is up to you but it is worth a listen. And definitely watch the video for “Pon De Floor.” Weekend is coming up and you may want to show that girl from the club a few new moves…

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Generationals’ debut ‘Con Law’ is a Wildlife infused Sculpture of a perfect album


know that your old friends overestimate your demise

♫ Generationals – Wildlife Sculpture

Oh boy! Finally! Generationals debut album Con Law (which I wrote about back in April) is out and those of you who streamed it back then know it is fantastic. Don’t let the terrible album art fool you, Con Law is a varied and addictive album that wont be leaving my regular rotation anytime soon. The 10 tracks span all different styles and no two songs sound the same. “Wildlife Sculpture” sounds like a whole different band than on previously featured “Angry Charlie,” but they share a common thread of solid craftsmanship, perfect energy, and great hooks. “Wildlife Scultupre” was my first favorite track off the album so I am hoping it will hook you too. Over at their MySpace you can stream 5 others including first single “When They Fight They Fight” and a few others. How they pick a single out of such a solid and filler-less album is beyond me. Do yourself a favor and pick up Con Law. It is definitely on my short list for top albums of the year and more people need to recognize.

Previously – ♫ Generationals – Angry Charlie

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Throw Me The Statue’s new LP isnt sounding as good as their Ancestors


Throw Me The Statue – Ancestors

When I heard that TBE super faves Throw Me The Statue had a new album out, Creaturesque, I was pretty excited. When “Ancestors” was the first track I heard off of it I was fist pumping and may have even squealed. However, much like spotting a swimming pool through the bushes on a hot day and then running closer only to find out out it is filled with muck, Creaturesque dissapointed upon further listening. Now let’s be clear, it could very well be a fantastic album but I am a huge fan of their debut, Moonbeams, and had high hopes. Sean from eMusic is into it and saysCreaturesque sways and swings where it needs to.” I feel like a lot of the beats are familiar from Moonbeams and the variety of vibes and energy levels are missing. I guess the fact that TMTS has chosen the uninspired “Hi-Fi Goon” (get it here) as the lead single (and not Ancestors) just shows we are on different pages this time around. Anyway, Ancestors is so good that I will still wear my TMTS shirt with pride (It’s also super freakin soft).

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Nyle is strong as an Xman in this rap game [EP thoughts]

Nyle Capstone

extend like richard when i see her back-bend like mr. plastic

Nyle – Xman

Remember when Saturday was the best day ever? I would crack myself out of bed at dawn and hot-foot it to the kitchen for some cereal and then implant myself in front of the TV for more cartoons than my poor eyes could handle. If the sample in this track doesn’t bring you straight back to those days then, well, I guess you were probably cooler than me. Like Nyle says, “yup, I’m a nerd,” X-Men was my jam, in both comic and animated form and it’s amazing that nobody has sampled the theme song before. Nyle definitely does it justice as he deftly name drops nearly every superhero in the Marvel universe and puts more than one grin on my face. Grab Nyle’s Capstone EP for free below and check out some more of the recent NYU grad’s tunes. None of them particularly grab me like this one but if “X-Man” brings me back, then “Senioritis” is a interesting look at today’s rap game with Nyle’s thoughts on Kid Cudi, Wale, and more.

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