Joe Hertz – “One Another Ft. Jamie Isaac” // Art: Suzanne Saroff

Like the smell of a rose, “One Another” is a sound we’ve come across before, yet are still pulled towards it because we know it is going to be oh-so sweet. Bury your noes and ears in this jam. Or just bundle up a dozen on a mix tape and set the mood right.

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River Whyless – “Motel 6” // Art: Lee.K

River Whyless cut straight to the bone on this one. As if the beautifully shuffling indie folk wasn’t draw enough, the lyrics suck me right in. “I’m terrified of waking up alone” is a line we can all relate to and it is nice to now have someone to sing along with about it. Read on for the story behind the song.

We were driving home from a tough supporting tour, we were broke, which wasn’t uncommon. Halli had just moved to Oregon and we’d dropped her at a Motel 6 to spend the night before her morning flight. Watching her check into the motel as we pulled away felt like an ending. It was as if I removed a pair of tunnel vision goggles and could see the world and my life for the first time since we started this band. I felt incredibly small, fragile, irresponsible, foolish, at a loss for what to do next and very alone. The reality of what we had been trying to do for a decade came crashing down in an almost laughable way. We didn’t talk about it and I don’t know if anyone felt the same way but, at that moment, I changed. The funny thing is that a month later we had the most successful tour we’ve ever had.”
– Ryan O’Keefe

“Motel 6” is the new single from River Whyless, off their forthcoming new album Kindness, A Rebel — out everywhere June 8, 2018.

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Francis – “All I Want” // Art: Audrey Yeo

Whatever decade you feel like “All I Want” came from please listen to it in this one because it strikes perfect balance of energy and tenderness that makes it last through repeated listens and then some. I just love how the piano dances under the rhythm section and bobs in and out of the song at all the right moments. I can’t wait for more from Francis.

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Khruangbin – “Lady and Man” // Art: Nick Sheehy

It is as hard to pin Khruangabin down as it is to spell their name. Instead of trying to do either I just kick back and vibe out while these spaced out guitars jangle me off to way weirder world…

CRUISR – “Mind Eraser” // Art: Jee-ook Choi

It is always a good day when a new CRUISR jam drops and this sunshine-season timing is impeccable. Perfect weather to bust out into full indie-pop dance mode and break the sweat that CRUISR always kicks off. But don’t let “Mind Eraser”‘s sparkling indie-pop fool you. Opening with the eternal question of “how did I get here”, it is a thinking person’s dance jam we can all relate to.

CHILDCARE – “Big Man” // Art: Michael Reeder

Childcare nudge us to look deep inside ourselves and figure out what the heck is going on. It’s not a question that can be answered in one sitting so it is a good thing they’ve given us a funked out soundtrack for some deep & repeated reflection…

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Elle Belle – “The Real World” // Art: Felipe Pantone

This new jam from TBE faves Elle Belle is the kind funky throwback grooves and hushed vocals that gets my feet shuffling towards the door on a Friday night. “The Real World” is an apt title for a song that makes me want to leave the Netflix behind and head outside on a Friday night.  Read more

[PREMIERE] Quiet Domino – “Mystery Cup”

It’s easy to slap a Thom Yorke comparison on any left-leaning electronic song with falsetto male vocals, but “Mystery Cup” is much more than another copycat track indebted to King Of Limbs. A unique skittering percussion loop keeps things active even at the most minimal moments, but manages to never interfere with Quiet Domino’s voice as it echoes and rolls down unseen hallways. The way he builds the song slowly around the melody hits paydirt in the middle of the track, when soft pads and added vocal layers bloom into every corner of the sonic space. Making a transition feel simultaneously huge and subtle is no easy feat, but “Mystery Cup” is a masterclass in these understated flourishes. Somewhere, Thom is nodding slowly in approval.

If you want to hear Quiet Domino turn up the funk (which obviously you do), dig into “Slo Mo” below.