Young & Sick – “Letting Go Of Giving Up” + “Sleepyhead” Passion Pit cover // Art: Fang Fu

New Young & Sick jam from his even newer No Static EP… which was promptly followed by his most newest cover of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”. Get loose.

Also, get into the amazing artwork Young & Sick did for Vinyl Moon 031: The Nature Of Inner Space.

DD WALKER – “Do You Miss It” // Art: Jessica Fortner

Hot dang! DD Walker returns with a bang and a half on “Do You Miss It”. At just under 3 minutes, this jam packs more punch then a hot cup of coffee and is just as addictive.

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HNNY – “Till Dig” // Art: Renée Gouin

“Till Dig” is from the beautiful Ta Paus EP.

laxcity – “Instupendo – Clementine (Laxcity Remix)” // Art: Cinta Vidal

The laxcity remix of “Clementine” comes from the remix EP of selections from instupendo’s ‘faces I know’ EP. Get more instupendo in your life on Vinyl Moon 028: Long Intuition.

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DYAN – “Faking” + Absence EP // Art: Sofia Bonati

DYAN continue their gorgeous roll out of new songs from the Absence EP which is out now. Hear a version of “Faking” in the new Netflix animated movie, Next GenRead more

Charles Fauna – “The Boatman” + “Friday” // Art: Emil Alzamora

I love Charles Fauna and am so stoked on his recent music. Get into him on the beautiful and haunting new EP The Boatman.

Get more Charles Fauna with “Restless Child” from his previous project Paideia on Vinyl Moon 014: Through The Window.

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