Young & Sick – “Letting Go Of Giving Up” + “Sleepyhead” Passion Pit cover // Art: Fang Fu

New Young & Sick jam from his even newer No Static EP… which was promptly followed by his most newest cover of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”. Get loose.

Also, get into the amazing artwork Young & Sick did for Vinyl Moon 031: The Nature Of Inner Space.

Young & Sick – “Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)” // Catherine Song

If you think you know what you’re getting from this cover, you might be surprised. TBE favorites Young & Sick give the Fleetwood Mac classic a plinky, modern treatment before an abrupt shift into the funkiest gear halfway through. Suddenly all the things you’re expecting get tweaked, reworked, and grooved out. And we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Speaking of tweaking and reworking, check out the music video below featured chopped, screwed, mangled, and psych’ed out revisions of the album art from Rumours.

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North Downs – “Nothin'” (Townes van Zandt cover) // Samantha Wall

Oooh yeah, this is haunting in all the right ways. A groovy ghoulie spook-fest of guitar plucking and hip swinging. Pre-game music for bayou ghosts with schemes on the mind.

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[PREMIERE] Third Eye Blind – “Mine” (Beyonce cover)

One of the most beautiful things about music, in all its shapes and forms, is its ability to dig deep into your soul and strum something real and raw. To elicit the kind of emotional response usually reserved for the first day of spring of a new crush. I’ll never forget my own first fall into love “love” and having the whole whirlwind of naive longing soundtracked by Third Eye Blind’s debut album. The wounds of that youthful relationship have long since faded and been replaced by the wisdom and additional wounds of growing older. But hearing Stephen Jenkins’ voice always sets my mind in a special state.

Being older and wiser is luckily no reason to not be deeply affected by music. As Jenkins states below, he had his own chemical reaction to hearing Beyonce’s “Mine” and I’m just honored to Read more

The Derevolutions – “Another Day In Paradise” (Phil Collins cover)

The Derevolutions reign in the spazz on this cover but definitely retain their signature tropical clown bounce goofiness that make them one of my favorite music making weirdos at the moment.  Read more

Lavashark – “Susie Q” (LIVE Dale Hawkins Cover)

Naming your band something as badass as Lavashark is tough because it can easily be the pinnacle of your career. Many a band has faltered under the weight of a great name (I was initially disappointed to find out Arcade Fire wasn’t a killer post-punk band). Los Angeles’ Lavashark, however, have something else up their sleeves to backup their razor-sharp and un-meltable sets of teeth: sheer fking analog talent. Its a beautiful thing that with today’s technology anyone can create music on their laptop in their bedroom. But its an even more beautiful thing when the heavily digital world of electronic music gets an injection of analog. Just listen, there is nothing that sounds like this. And certainly nobody pulling it off live like Lavashark. This “Suzy Q” cover is all they have released so far but damn if it doesn’t get me pumped for more.

Owl Eyes – “Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover / Chores Edit)

TBE favorites, Chores, have done it again. This time remixing a cover or a Daft Punk song. Its sultry and steamy while still packing a big bass whomp that gets the gut moving. Perfect for getting the weekend started!

BASECAMP – “All That She Wants” (Ace of Base cover)

[soundcloud id=’137654867′]

As we didn’t love Nashville’s BASECAMP enough already, they had to go and cover Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” and etch their home in our hearts. Almost like they set up a base camp there…. oh…