[VIDEO] Beastie Boys – “Sabotage” MCA Tribute / Kids Edition + “Intergalactic Heads (Its Overture Bootleg)” & Coldplay cover of “Fight For Your Right”

This is a beautiful and awesome and hilarious and moving thing. Thank you, James Winters.

In other MCA tribute related news here are two Beastie jams reworked by people of varying fame.

♫ Beastie Boys – Intergalactic Heads (Its Overture Bootleg)

Who knew that “Intergalactic” would blend so brilliantly with A-Track’s remix of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll”?

♫ Coldplay – (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) (Beastie Boys Cover)

[COVER] Chet Faker – “No Diggity”

curve’s the word, spin’s the verb, lovers it curves so freak what you heard

♫ Chet Faker – No Diggity (Blackstreet cover)

  • Who: A guy whose real name is probably not Chet Faker.
  • What: Chill-hop, like Rhye, Haim, Christopher Norman
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia + Facebook
  • When: His EP,Thinking In Textures, is out May 22
  • Why: There has been a serious lack of cover song action on TBE so far this year and I can think of no better way to get back into them with this thick and slow version of “No Diggity.” If the first one soundtracked your ride to the party, then this one will get you home. And probably get you laid.

[EP] Godwolf – GODWOLF EP (w/ “Another Me” & “Crosses” Jose Gonzalez cover)

you can’t break what you can’t see, you cant’s take what’s yours to keep, you can’t steal it if its free

♫ Godwolf – Another Me

  • Who: Joe Kosky & Tom Armstrong
  • What: Indie electro variety pack, like Gemini Club, Is Tropical, Kitten Berry Crunch
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Their debut EP is out now for free.
  • Why: I can’t place what 90’s alternative rock jam “Another Me” kicks off like but it doesn’t really matter because things quickly diverge into a swirl of beats and grooves that set this track in the now. That kind of twist on your expectations is all over Godwolf’s debut EP as they spin from electro tenderness like “Another Me” to harsher rhythms like “Reaching For The Dark” to screechy bangers lie “Dead Weight” or even some dubstep dabbling on their stellar cover of “Crosses.”

♫ Godwolf – Crosses (Jose Gonzalez cover)

These two Australians are clearly wielding some sharp talent and I’m looking forward to more tight jams. Grab the other 4 tracks on the EP free from their Soundcloud..

[COVER] John Mayer – “Video Games” (Lana Del Rey cover)

♫ John Mayer – Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover)

While rumors of the two dating haven’t surfaced (yet) we have these two music institutions together in a much more palatable way. Mayer whipped up an instrumental guitar version of “Video Games” and damn if it isn’t pretty stellar. In my head this version isn’t even instrumental because the rhythm alone brings all the words to mind instantly.

[COVER/STREAM] I Am Noxious – “I Gotta Feeling” (Black Eyed Peas cover) & “Stranded On Love”

i don’t mind if they hear us, i just don’t want to miss out on you

♫ I Am Noxious – I Gotta Feeling (cover)

  • Who: He goes by “T”
  • What: Genre, like XX
  • Where: Copenhagen + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Release dates?
  • Why: If you hadn’t read the word cover above I bet it would take you a moment (or 4) to orient your ears to the tenderly catchy sounds you are hearing in relation to the context of the original. And that, my friends, is what makes a great cover. I love feeling turned upside down by a cover. New life is breathed into stale bread. But enough about what I Am Noxious does with other people’s songs.

The man from Copenhagen has got some serious chops of his own. “Stranded On Love” is a sultry call to to the bedroom that weaves a deftly growing beat with distant bongoes and gentle moans to make the kind of jam that can dim lights just as easily as it can start congo lines. Radical. Once you are decent again check out his older jam “Flashback Tears.” What a sing-along!

[LP/COVER] Bear Mountain – LIVE AT THE CHINA CLOUD (w/ “Sing” & “Take Me Home” Germany Germany cover)

♫ Bear Mountain – Sing

  • Who: Ian, Doug, & Kyle.
  • What: Soulful loop-pop, like Germany Germany, Ray Lamontagne, Gotye.
  • Where: Vancouver, BC + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Live At The China Cloud is out now. A proper LP is slated for Spring.
  • Why: Live albums are generally rubbish for for diehard fans of outdated bands. And then there are the odd discs that actually turn you on to a new band, making you forget you are listening to a live recording long enough that when you remember you are, you say “Woah, all that was live?” Meet Bear Mountain. They make big (and often instrumental) swirling indie rock jams with a soulful heart and a pop edge. They also cover Germany Germany. Twice. Radical.

♫ Bear Mountain – Take Me Home (Germany Germany cover)

Second best song on the album is “Two Step” but you have no excuse not to get the whole thing because its free at their Bandcamp.

[COVER] Capital Cities ft. Tupac Shakur – “Breathe” (Pink Floyd cover)

all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be

If you follow TBE on Facebook or Twitter then you know I caught Capital Cities on Monday. If you follow TBE in any way then you know that makes me a lucky man. They tore the house down and then built the whole thing back up just to tear it down again. On a Monday! Live horns, extra guitarists, crisp blazers, and signature jumbo glasses were all on stage as they pumped out all the favorites plus a handful if new jams that sounds absolutely stellar. Nestled somewhere in that aural firework display was this reworking of the Pink Floyd classic. Chew on it as you plan your strategy to get them to play your town soon. Fly me out too!

Plus catch another remix of “Safe and Sound” in Joel’s recent Remix Party Playlist!

[MP3] Lady Danville – “Operating”

i wish you could believe i meant it all for you to know

♫ Lady Danville – Operating

  • Who: Michael, Dan, & Matthew
  • What: Vocal piano pop, kinda like Local Natives, Ben Folds, Jack’s Mannequin
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: The Operating EP is out February 14th. Aww…
  • Why: You may remember Lady Danville from their fantastic “Kids” cover from almost 3 years ago (below). They have been keeping us waiting since then but finally just returned in a big way with “Operating.” The vocals are huge and the hooks even bigger, the whole thing forcing me to sing along at top volumes. Their sound has evolved in remarkable ways, leaving few traces of the band we knew. I’ve heard the rest of the EP and it’s arena-sized sing alongs built for thousands. Gone are the days of twee-pop singer-songwriter soft-serve in place of a sound like Death Cab and Local Natives having a sleepover pillow-fight at the Hollywood Bowl. I guess a near death tour van wreck will do that to a band (see the for-reals album art). Now I’m not saying that they should get in more wrecks but if this is the music that comes out, then… well… just maybe.