[MP3] Joseph & David – “I’m Here”

your heart burning from the love that you found

♫ Joseph & David – I’m Here

  • Who: Ummm…
  • What: Ambient folk, kinda like Arrange, Youth Lagoon, Peter & Kerry
  • Where: Leeds + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: The Rise Up The Sun EP is out now
  • Why: If you feel like your entrance to the office on Monday’s could use a bit more super-slow mo and an epic soundtrack then this may be the perfect track. When the horns and the “ooohh”s and everything culminate towards the end right as you make it from the parking lot to te front door it will be mind blowing. Or just listen to it calmly in your car and get lost in the way the instruments and vocals play so beautifully with each other. The rest of the Rise Up The Sun EP is more tender. Same for this free Leonard Cohen cover. But it’s still all delicate and gorgeous stuff.

[COVER] Nathan K – “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails” (Stepdad Cover)

you think she had enough, its not enough, she always wants more 

♫ Nathan K – My Leather, My Fur, My Nails (Stepdad Cover)

Any excuse to listen to the severely underrated Stepdad is a good one, especially a sleepy-afternoon acoustic version of their freak-pop masterpiece “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails.” Use this version to ease you into Monday morning and then go back to the original for a mid-day pick me up. Thanks Nathan K!

[COVER] The Limousines – “Call Me Al” (Paul Simon cover)

if you be my bodyguard i could be your long lost pal

♫ The Limousines – Call Me Al (Paul Simon Cover)

The Limousines were in the pipeline for a post on their jam “Internet Killed The Video Star” (and it’s fun video) a few years back but somehow never made the cut. Leave it to a fun Paul Simon cover to get them back in the mix! Although, any excuse to resurrect this track is a good one. People would go off if they put this in a live set.

[COVER] Birdy – “1901” (Phoenix cover)

♫ Birdy – 1901 (Phoenix Cover)

  • Who: A 15 year old girl. I know, right?
  • What: Girl-with-pipes-singer-songwriter, like young Ellie Goulding, Florence & The Machine.
  • Where: UK + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Her self-titled album of covers (+1 original) is only out in the UK.
  • Why: More rewards reaped from the comments of the Best Covers post! Apparently I totally missed the phenomenon of Birdy that happened last year as the girl covered a who’s-who of TBE favorites like The xx, The Postal Service, Bon Iver, and The Naked & Famous. Thank goodness I’m caught up to speed because while pared down covers of modern classics are always good for a listen or two, this delicate and emotional re-imagining of “1901” gives the original a run for its money. Birdy folds herself into the song while making it her own, keeping instrumentation perfectly sparse but not getting too empty. The slowed beat and her little voice give the song a weight that the original (nor its myriad remixes) ever achieved. Well done. I just wonder if she can emerge as well formed in her own songs. Sample more of those covers below. Read more

[MP3] ANR – “Millionaire” (Kelis w/ Andre 3000 Cover)

where there is cheese there are rats, where ever there are rats there are cats, where ever there are cats there are dogs, if you got the dogs you got bitches, bitches always out to put their paws up on your riches 

♫ ANR – Millionaire (Kelis cover)

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that the giving spirit doesn’t live on! TBE alums ANR dished out a 2-song gift over holidays and while their cover of “Little Drummer Boy” may have to wait a few months to dip into rotation, their take on Kelis & Andre 3000’s “Millionaire” is something else. There is weight here. Not many of us can identify with the pain of being rich but now we can know what it sounds like. And who doesn’t want to hear Andree 3000’s verses slowed to an easily followable speed? Plus they take on a whole different feel when they are sung with more heavy emotion. Well played, ANR.

[VIDEO] Daniel and the Lion – “Holocene” (Bon Iver cover)

Yesterday’s Best Covers of 2011 list sparked some suggestions from you guys and one of them was this stunning version of “Holocene” by a band I know nothing about but damn if this Daniel guy doesn’t have a voice like a lumberjack angel. And can we get a collective jaw drop for that xylophone work!? Plus props to Ross for diving in uninvited.

The 15 Best Cover Songs of 2011

Welcome to the end of the year. A time for reflection, for resolutions, for binge drinking, and for me telling you what was good in the TBE hood! Kicking things off are my 15 favorite covers spanning all genres and damn near all instruments. Guys! Girls! Guys singing girls’ songs! Girls singing guys’ songs! It’s mayhem! Strap in, rock on, and Read more

[COVER] Capital Cities – “Holiday” (Madonna cover)

holiday, celebrate

♫ Capital Cities – Holiday

In honor of the.. oh forget it. This song is for the holidays, about holidays, and honestly Capital Cities should just have a holiday named after them they are so jamming. It’s a cover of the Madonna song that I wasn’t so keen on; let’s just say I am now keen. If you missed it, their EP dropped this year and you can also check the video for the cover here.

Artist links: Facebook / iTunes