Brandon’s TBE Digest 15 – 11.10.2010 [Kanye West, Cold War Kids, Two Door Cinema Club, The Drums, Twin Shadow, Mark Ronson, etc]

Loosen those belts because this Digest is quite the spread and you’re gonna need some breathing room to get through all 18 of these morsels. Bear with me because, save for the last two, this is all great stuff and there are a few “Best ___ of 2010” shoe-ins lurking below. Once again, the jams are broken into “courses” for your convenience. Enjoy!

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♫ Kanye West – All of the Lights (Ft. John Legend, The-Dream, Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Charlie Wilson, Elly Jackson, Alicia Keys, Fergie, Kid Cudi, Rihanna, & Elton John) – Besides all the gems at in Kanye’s GOOD Fridays free mp3 program, this guest-crazy jam from the forthcoming My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy also dropped recently. It’s a memorable moment from the “Runaway” film and sure to be a centerpiece of the album.

♫ Trophy Wife – Microlite (acoustic) / Trophy Wife’s latest single “Microlite” may be even better than “Take This Night” and it definitely has a Read more

[MP3] LYKKE LI wants to GET us SOME action

don’t make demands, i don’t take none, just say a prayer that it goin’ get done

♫ Lykke Li – Get Some

Lykke Li is back and cutting to the point with her signature steamy swagger. The primal “Get Some” is basically big drums and innuendo-free vocals with a few breaks for some heavy “oooh ooohhh”s. Yeah, definitely put this one on the next mix-tape for someone you are trying to woo. In fact, get started on that with the cool interactive lyrics widget at her website where you can send individual lyrics to friends/twitter/facebook. There you can also get ahold of the single’s B-side “Paris Blue,” the mellower afterglow to “Get Some”‘s sweaty romp. This Swede is always full of surprises and I’m curious what gems she’ll have on her next album. For now this a pretty sweet 1-2 punch of Lykke goodness.

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[MP3] HOME VIDEO play THE kind of music that drifts like SMOKE

from my eyes to yours, from my mind to yours

♫ Home Video – The Smoke Home Video last graced our ears with the Radiohead tinged “I Can Make You Feel It” and are now back with a new single that takes things in a much more delicate direction as they deftly twinkle their way through the soft dance shuffle of “The Smoke.” The duo seem more secure in their sound as they weave the wispy bass, the lightly propulsive drums, and that lonely guitar riff into a track that is both lonely and self assured. Home Video’s new LP The Automatic Process is out November 16th.

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[MP3] RESTLESS PEOPLE DON’T know how to BACK DOWN from such rockingness

hold me up, hold me down, hold me back, hold me tight, hold me close, don’t let go this time

♫ Restless People – Don’t Back Down

Ok, so this one is a two-parter. First, there is this epic jam from Restless People that sounds like a reggaeton hit slowed to half speed and then shot into space on a cocktail umbrella. Just give in to the ass shaking and handclaps, you’ll be a better person for it. Restless People share 2 members with Tanlines and you can hear a bit of that tropical tinge soaking through. “Don’t Look Down” is off the Brooklyn group’s debut album (which also contains the great “Days Of Our Lives“) but I discovered the track on the latest installment of the Poule d’Or compilation series. Volume 5 dropped a few ago and it’s a massively solid affair. Featuring new tracks from the likes of Young Empires and Museum of Bellas Artes, it’s 20 tracks of bouncy, slushy, rustling, pop music that is perfect to drift along with.

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Dubstep Roundup Vol.4 – 11.5.2010 [ N.A.S.A., Example, The Streets, Far East Movement and more]

Welcome back

TBE knows you’ve been salivating for that womp, womp, wobble.  So, here we go again, Joel & Scott, back to provide you your fix with Dubstep Roundup Volume 4.

Call us your local “Dub Dealer”, and yeah we’ve got some of that wobbly, wobbly shit.

“One two three and to the four, Joel and ScottyP is at the door, ready to make an entrance so back on up, cause you know we bout to BASS shit up”

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Fiend no more friends and by all means enjoy your weekend!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

♫ N.A.S.A. (Feat. Kanye West, Santigold & Lykke Li) – Gifted (Masuka Remix) / We dont know much about Masuka other than he is a fresh DJ from Belgium.  We really dig how he provides an edgy bass-lift all the while keeping the original track intact.  N.A.S.A. + Masuka = Epic

♫ iSquare- Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix) / So, if you’re looking for a slap in the face look no further than Skrillex.  Dude just brings the house down.

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[MP3] WILD PARTY know that LIFE’S TOO SHORT not to mix business (muffins) and pleasure (pleasure)

if i could only find your purpose i could take control

♫ Wild Party – Life’s Too Short

Speaking of The Killers… Wild Party are coming at us straight from Texas and lead singer Lincoln Kreifels sounds to me like a younger, less uptight Brandon Flowers fronting a band who never bothered to read the synth manual and instead opted for rocking socks in a more booze soaked and traditional way. You want another bonus? Well, the fact that they are currently clocking: 1) 19 MySpace friends, 2) 278 listens on this jam, and 3) I had to break out photoshop to create a proper version of their album art (you know I love my album art!) makes them about as fresh at a hot baked chocolate muffin that burns the top of your mouth and makes you squeal awkward noises that could easily be mistaken for bedroom vocals. Confused? What I am trying to say is that these guys are easily as good as chocolate muffins or sex. Or even both combined! But try that shit at your own risk.

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[MP3] GOTYE has his EYES on our WIDE world and is OPEN about his concerns

everything we had, everything we did, is buried in dust

♫ Gotye – Eyes Wide Open

Holy crap. This is epic. It’s spine-tingling even on it’s 5th listen. In spite of the preachy lyrics, the song’s heart quickening drama-pop holds the whole thing together so tightly that I keep hitting repeat. When I caught hold of Gotye’s fantatsic “Learnalilgivinanlovin'” last year I wouldn’t have guessed that this would be his next direction but I guess it has been 4 years since he released that up-beat single so all bets are off as to where his head is at now. I just hope it’s focused on getting a new album out because I could totally handle 9 more jams like this! Shit, that might be pretty intense. Maybe I actually couldn’t…

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[MP3] GOLD PANDA drops beats like falling SNOW whirling bustling pedestrians & swerving TAXIS

♫ Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis

Stand up. Turn off the lights. Close your eyes. Bounce your head in rhythm with one of the 37 beats going on here (you pressed play at some point, right?). Enjoy. London-via-Chelmsford’s Gold Panda is getting quite a bit of attention these days and with a toasty jam like this it’s no surprise why. His debut album Lucky Shine is out now and is high on my wish-list. This guy is blending styles so smoothly that you could drink these jams with one of those coffee straws with the really tiny openings that are totally not meant for conducting liquid. Seriously. Try it. Sooo tasty…

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