Dubstep Roundup Vol. 8 – 12.31.2010 [ROBYN, ELLIE GOULDING, WIZ KHALIFA, SUNDAY GIRL, and more…]

“Hey guys. Whoa, Big Gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later.”, 2010.

So its the end of a year….
Yippee, all that means to us is that tonight is going to be funking nurdy as hell and we obviously want the same for all of you.  So scroll down to a devastatingly heavy list of bass filled dubbers sure to pop the cherry’s right outcha JBL’s.  Last but not least we, Joel & Scott, want to wish you all Happy New Year! Get drunk. Have fun. But most of all get fucking NURDY!
We’ll see you all in 2011!

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♫ Robyn- Dancehall Queen (Diplo Remix)

♫ Ellie Goulding- Your Song (Blackmill Dubstep Remix)

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*NYE Special* Remix Roundup Vol. 35 – 12.31.2010 [STEED LORD, RUSS CHIMES, PASSION PIT, THE KNOCKS, and more…]

Ok, its NYE and you know we’re getting bonkers as hell… and we want you to party with us.  Lets do it through your speakers.  As you know, we have a hobby of getting Nurdy and NYE is just one of those special nights that gives us the excuse to get ridiculous…  So, in the effort to turn the page on 2010 and make 11 epic, we’re giving you a two roundups.  Below, we have compiled one of the Nurdiest Remix Roundups to date.

We, Joel & Scott are proud to present Remix Roundup Vol. 35…  Just in time for your Friday bitches.

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♫ Steed Lord- Bed Of Needles (SonicC Remix)

♫ The Knocks- Make It Better (Monsieur Adi Remix)

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♫ Baby Monster- Ultra violence and Beethoven

I have been digging through my music files of the last year and realized a tragedy…  I never shared one of my absolute favorite songs of the year (although released in late 09).  Baby Monster’s “Ultra violence and Beethoven” and its spacey synths are other worldly.  In fact, if there are space people out there somewhere, this is there theme song.  The first comparison that came to mind was MGMT for their psychedelic synths and extremely catchy melodies.  I know, I hate to play the compare game, but lets be honest, this is a music blog.

Baby Monster just recently toured with the Klaxsons and Scott from The Burning Ear “Remix Roundups” was able to catch them live in Seattle.  Our overwhelming opinion is that these guys have a chance to blow the scene up in 11.

Check out their remix of The Good Natured- Your Body Is A Machine

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[MP3] THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE always leave their beautiful STAMP on my ears

and our love’s waiting tonight, and our love’s wasted tonight

♫ The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp

One of my favorite bands in recent years, The Rural Alberta Advantage, is back with a new track from their forthcoming follow up to their tremendous debut, Hometowns! “Stamp” is all steam engine drums, dancing guitar, and perfect ‘oooohs’ charging through my ears and growing on me more and more with each listen. Hometowns made such a sonic impact on me that I think my expectations were a bit warped and so I initially didn’t immediately love this jam. Listening to it now (especially that guitar that kicks in at 1:08!) it seems like a crazy thing to say because it’s so damn good and is perfect RAA. Funny how that stuff works. Departing is out March 1st. Damn, that’s far away.

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and i won’t stop now, and i can’t stop now

♫ Christoph Andersson – Capital

New Orleans’ Christophe Andersson dropped this jam in my inbox a few weeks ago and instantly caught my attention with the buttery smooth funk of “Capital.” A simple vocal sample, a hearty helping of “ooooh ooooooo ooooh”s, and a beat that places two firm hands on your ass and shakes! We’ve got ourselves a winning party jam! He has a few other treats floating around so track ’em down and crank ’em up. I expect more great things from Mr. Andersson.

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[MP3] PATRICK STUMP is about to be in the SPOTLIGHT

depression is a little bit like happy hour, right, it’s always gotta be happening somewhere on any given night

♫ Patrick Stump – Spotlight (oh nostalgia)

If you ever managed to get over yourself long enough to enjoy the power-pop perfection that is Fall Out Boy then you know Patrick Stump well. He is the voice and the music behind fame-hungry Pete Wentz and has just ventured out on a solo project that will see his Soul Punk LP drop early next year. “Spotlight” is his first single and in a nod to the internet fans that made him famous he is letting us vote on which of two versions we prefer. I think I like the “(Oh Nostalgia)” version better, for it’s tempered pace and distant percussion. Either way “Spotlight” is a nice slice of motivational-songwriting that keeps Fall Out Boy’s sugar but loses a little of their spice. I’m curious where the rest of this project will take him.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 34 – 12.24.2010 [NEON INDIAN, MARINA & THE DIAMONDS, LYKKE LI, THE SHINS and more…]

Merrry Christmas Eve!

Ok peeps, its Christmas eve and we’re getting straight to the point.  Nothing but ridonculous jams.  Enjoy!

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♫ Neon Indian- Sleep Paralysist (Com Truise ‘Eyelid’ Remix)

♫ Adam Kesher- Gravytrain (Fortune remix)

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Brandon’s TBE Digest 17 – 12.23.2010 [The Get Up Kids, Bon Iver, Tokyo Police Club, Local Natives, Lykke Li, Chromeo, …]

It’s Christmas time. I’m in a cabin in the woods. My stolen internet connection is worthless. My family is going through some stuff. I love you all but I’m just not able to give this post all the detailing that it deserves. I hope that you are too busy with your own holiday festivities to care and can just kick back and enjoy this collection of jams for the interesting mix that they are. Dive in and enjoy. I know I’ve been.

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♫ The Get Up Kids – Regent’s Court / It’s no “Mass Pike,” “Red Letter Day,” or “Hannah Hold On” but it’s good that that the boys are back in town.

♫ Estelle & John Legend – Shiny Suit pt.2 / They dropped a whole EP of free jams like Read more