[MP3] The Denzels – “Slow Death” & “Montrose Next Door”

i said it’s tuesday, let’s go out and paint the town red, yeah so what we’re broke let’s do it

♫ The Denzels – Slow Death

Just cause it’s rainy and gloomy here in Warsaw doesn’t mean that those of you who live in places having a real summer can’t get your shades/brews/tunes combo platter on and bask in the good times. Who better to soundtrack that fun then Brooklyn’s The Denzels who kick out jams that could turn Brighton Beach into the next Venice. These guys are on nobody’s radar yet and it’s a damn shame because between these two tracks it’s clear they have the chops for squinty eyed summer days with cold colas as well as sunset on the shore with your beachside lover.

♫ The Denzels – Montrose Next Door


Do your weekend and your next summer mixtape justice and slide these jams in right there. Look for a full EP in the fall.

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[MP3] Lloyd – “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) (feat. Andre 3000)”

and know i am well aware that you can bring a man to his knees and get what you need without saying please but can you bring a man to his feet when defeat is on repeat

♫ Lloyd – Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) (feat. Andre 3000 & narrated by Lil Wayne)

I have no clue who Lloyd is but the guy has Andre 3000 dropping verses and Lil Wayne on the intro so he must have something going on. Well, his lady still left him and he is sad. Fair enough. Well, missing your ex never sounded this good or made your grandma blush this much but I’m on board. Sexy hit of the summer? Oh, and can we get an Andre 3000 album please?

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[PREMIERE] Dream Jefferson – PUNCH PERM EP (w/ “Robo Kill Beneath Disco Club Layla” & “Purple Hearts”)

rap like hell and make it sound like heaven

♫ Dream Jefferson – Robo Kill Beneath Disco Club Layla

Fcuk Jay-Z and Kanye, the only new rap release you need to be worrying about is the new Dream Jefferson EP Punch Perm which went live to the world a few minutes ago. Dream Jefferson’s Corboe and Owel trade verses with slick ferocity, not slipping an inch from their stellar debut EP Sasquatch Bury Their Dead. The music gets a bit more adventurous as they slip in some chill throwback synths on “The Seed and Sower” and some funked up trotting beats and grunty vocals on “All Things Shining.” The rhymes and storytelling are quick, irreverent, and on point as they drop odd references to things like The X-Men (“The Danger Room”), The Royal Wedding (“Westminster Abbey”), and Final Fantasy and Beyonce in the same song (“Robo Kill Beneath Disco Club Layla”). I don’t know how Corboe and Owel got album art that is basically a mirror of what happens when you hear these jams. Nifty trick. Also a nifty trick is fleshing out their sound with a guitarist and some lady back-up vocals. Damn, ok, so now I think I have to post “Purple Hearts” too.

♫ Dream Jefferson – Purple Hearts

Gotta love that beat and groove. Gotta love Dream Jefferson. There is just no other way. If you are anywhere near Ottawa tonight then hit up the record release party and high five the guys from me.

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[MP3] Urban Cone – “Urban Photograph”

soon i’ll be gone and you’re not allowed to come

♫ Urban Cone – Urban Photograph

Oh yeah. Umm, yeah. Definitely yeah. This jam lets you know up front it is a contender. None of that “coulda been” crap, these are hooks from left and right. I just love that stuttery synth line and the way the whole song bounces gets me all dancey in my chair. That build and breakdown that starts around 3 minutes is epic!

Urban Cone are 5 guys from Sweeden who are right now recording their debut EP and I would kindly like them to hurry up and put it in my ears.

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[MP3] Lumeet – “Metacharm”

♫ Lumeet – Metacharm

This one landed in my inbox with little more information than “Metacharm” is a “taster single” from Lumeets forthcoming “full length spacey disco album.” More like tasty single. I can see Martians doing the robot and generally using the moon’s weaker gravity to facilitate fresh moves. How did Martians get to the moon? They rode “Metacharm”‘s sweet handclap-powered instrumental funk vibes!

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[PLAYLIST] The Best REMIXES of 2011 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

Strap on your shufflin’ shoes and make sure to stretch ’cause this list is an unmerciful messenger delivering jams of the highest quality. Some of these remixes have been banned by certain unenlightened governments for igniting dance parties and group high-fives so share with care.

This edition is chock full of TBE Remix alums and a few newbies shaking things up. Everyone’s favorite, Passion Pit, nab two spots while newbie Star Slinger clinches two more. In a massive non-surprise, RAC takes a heavy slice of this pie with a full 5 slots. Hey, it’s not my fault the guy is a genius. Stay tuned to the number 1 spot to see which brand-newcomers got the number 1 spot and then make sure to leave your thoughts and additions in the comments.

25 – ♫ Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (DOCTOR ROSEN ROSEN Remix) / This isn’t so much “Till The World Ends” but more “After The World Ended.” The Britney comeback party starter gets a post-apocalyptic haunted castle treatment with the “oooh oooh”s providing a completely different effect..

24 – ♫ Miami Horror – Holidays (Butcher Blades Recreational Disaster Remix) / Best name for a remix.

23 – ♫ Jump Jump Dance Dance – Modern Eyes (Vindata Remix) / Why doesn’t this remix have it’s own video of Read more

[MP3] Colorfeels – “Pretty Walk”

did i say too much, did i not say enough, where did i fail you my love?

♫ Colorfeels – Pretty Walk

Now this is beautiful heartbreak. The sun is setting, refracting it’s rays off the calm evening waves, as one man sings along to the light of a fading tiki torch. The luau is writhing a few hundred feet down the beach but somehow you don’t even care. You’ve come across this music and your feet suddenly melded with the sand as you stare transfixed, soaking it in, your breathing shallower with every note. As the song drifts away in it’s final minute you suck the last of your tropical drink through it’s neon straw and it suddenly tastes salty. You tell yourself it’s the sea air but your cheeks know better.

Colorfeels are from Nashville, Tennesse, but so far seem to radiate the vibes of a different place all together. Their debut album is called Syzygy and is out now for name-your-price at Bandcamp. I’m getting it right now.

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[MP3] Hooded Fang – “ESP” & “Den of Love”

cause i got a woman that i need to get next to or i will surely die

♫ Hooded Fang – ESP

Awesome band name? Check. Awesome album art? check. Awesome California throwback surf vibe? Check. Awesome hometown of Toronto? Ch.. what? Something must be in the water up in the T-Dot cause this is the second batch of surf inspired tunes this year to come from that part of The Great White North (see Art Imperial). “ESP” is all jittery cola beverage at the malt shop by the promenade while “Den of Love” takes things back to moms basement after the drive in for a little fumble and tumble on the shag rug. It’s like a perfect summer day and night rolled into two songs.

♫ Hooded Fang – Den of Love

Fun facts about Hooded Fang are that they recently toured with TBE favorites Rural Alberta Advantage and that their LP named Album from 9 months ago was been long-listed for a Polaris Prize. Why haven’t I heard these guys before? It’s just wrong. Their new album Tosta Mista is out July 26th. Summer ‘aint over yet!

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