[MP3] DUB FX has all kinds of freaky fresh FLOW

joined at the soul with a pair of headphones, we need nobody to let ourselves go

♫ Dub FX – Flow (feat. Mr. Woodnote & Flower Fairy)

Dub FX is the sound of one man making a bunch of noises with his mouth and then looping them through various pedals until he has made a whole song and blown your mind at the same time. See the video below for extremely impressive live version (watch it!) and grab the track above for the studio polished version of all that heavy breathing. The globetrotting Australian has a number of albums out, with every sound built on his voice. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. Except for maybe the addition of Mr Woodnote slaying shit on the sax over that hyperkinetic beat. Awww yeah… Read more


pile lover upon lover ’til we’re covered with skin

♫ Geographer – Kites

Shit man, this is what I’m talking about. Crazy noodling keyboards laced with angelic vocals that then break into a goosebump inducing beat that continues climbing and soaring like a [insert non-kite metaphor here]. B at Audiomuffin turned me on to this San Francisco 3-piece a while back and I have been in love with this track ever since. Geographer was started by Michael Deni after the unexpected death of both his sister and father. The weight of those experiences come across as the music is more than just sugary synths but has a soul that anchored it to my ears on the first listen. Their debut LP Innocent Ghosts came out in 2008 and this year saw the release of the Animal Shapes EP [home of “Kites”]. I will be going to get both albums on eMusic right about…… now!

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[MP3] TIFT MERRITT knows how to make a MIXTAPE

but me, i’ll be the same, no, i never change, oh, like a rare b-side

♫ Tift Merritt – Mixtape

We’ve all been there. We can all relate. We’ve all spent the hours sweating over track selection. Now Merritt has given a little something back to us. Like on any good mixtape, Tift Merritt combines a few simple elements that emerge together as something greater then before. Here it’s a few simple instruments, handclaps, and Merritt’s earnest voice that thread together her confession of rock n’ roll love. Merritt has been on the scene for over a decade and her 4th LP See You On The Moon is out now.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 31 Part I – 11.12.2010 [Minitel Rose, Dragonette, Lykke Li, Felix Cartal, and more ]

Part I

“just hit the eastside of the the burning ear, on a mission trying to find joel & scottyp, seen a car full of girls ain’t no need to tweak all you skirts know what’s up on T.B.E.”

What’s cracking party people?  We, Joel & Scott are back to fill your eardrums with that funk.  Today, we proudly present Remix Roundup Volume 31.   This time, because we’re in such a good mood we’re coming at you with two parts.  Diversity in sound is the name of the game this time around so enjoy this fruit cocktail of rad jams!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.


♫ Gemini Club – Ghost (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) / If you have been following our roundups at all, you know we fancy ourselves some Midnight Conspiracy.  We can only imagine what kind of carnage would be left behind after one of their DJ sets.

♫ Housse De Racket – Oh Yeah! (Walter Sobcek Remix) / We feel like we should be in a spaceship to a far away land getting lost in this jam.  Walter Sobcek and the French know their way around electronic music.

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[MP3] MIKEY JUKEBOX wants us to COME ON and party ALONG with him

ill be ready when i get the chance, light a fire watch it all turn black

♫ Mikey Jukebox – Come On Along

He’s got the right name, the right album cover, and the right pop jam for doing this Friday night right! I think I just pulled something during the aggressive air guitar session I just threw down during that solo! Suck it up, B! There is no whining on Fridays! Mikey Jukebox has been in like a zillion bands over the past decade and is now venturing out on a solo project that dropped it’s self-titled debut LP earlier this year.

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[MP3] FRIENDS ELECTRIC have a GOLDEN jam that gets in your BLOOD

every time you call i will be there just to catch you if you fall

♫ Friends Electric – Golden Blood

So what if the opening moments of “Golden Blood” are almost identical to Miike Snow’s “Horse Is Not A Home,” more bands should be biting the brilliant Snow crew, especially if it results in more spacey pulsating synth dance magic like this. Friends Electric hail from the former mining town of Neath in Wales and are clearly aiming for higher ground as they craft sparkling jams like this and their previous single “Wall Of Arms.”  Grab this crunchy Dirty Tees remix of “Golden Blood” and go forth into the weekend with fully loaded speakers! Read more

[MP3] KORI POP came out of NOWHERE with a tune that is now NEAR to MY HEART

wallowing gets you nowhere real fast, it leaves you stoney until your smiles are phony and awfully lonely

♫ Kori Pop – Nowhere Near My Heart

All I know is that if my name was Kori Pop I would know somewhere in my head that I had to make music. I imagine Ms. Pop’s reasons run deep than her awesome name but they really needn’t. With a voice like that and tunes this catchy and endearing she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone! I love the simplicity of the ragged handclaps and  piano work. The song seems to float on it’s own lightness. Her debut album From The Outskirts is out now! Check out the impressive video she made and directed herself below. Read more

[MP3] OH LAND wakes the SUN with her gem OF A song that hits like a pop GUN

birds sing for you, you can make the blue sky blush

♫ Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun

While I can sing the praises of Oh Land’s “Sun Of  Gun,” it’s Mike at The Recommender that does her beauty justice in his post on her. The girl is stunning and it’s a bit difficult to watch her perform her perfect pop nuggets (video below) without getting lost in her glowing Scandinavian features. Well, and that “oooh ooh” over the pulsating beat and sparse xylaphone is just perfect. Add in the fact that Naana Oland Fabricius writes and performs all her own music and her debut EP is out now and we’ve got something special here. I mean her real name is one of my favorite vocal garnishes! She is definitely worth keeping an eye on, for more than one reason. Read more