[MP3] FROGS IN SOCKS know IT DON’T matter if you MEAN to dance or not, it’s just A THING that will happen

awww, yeah!

♫ Frogs in Socks – It Don’t Mean A Thing

Uh-oh… Shoulders bouncing… toes tapping… body swaying… Might have to turn it up a bit and test out my new socks on these hardwood floors. And suddenly it all makes sense. Named after a saying that their Australian buddies used to say*, Frogs in Socks are Oli and Tom from Manchester and they’ve sampled “It Don’t Mean a Thing” by Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, turning it into a thumpy party starter that anyone in their right mind can get behind. Gotta love those horns!

*”[this party] is going off like a frog in a sock, mate!”

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[MP3] WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE make me wish i knew a KELLY

love in the dark, arrow in the heart

♫ When Saints Go Machine – Kelly

It seems that nabbing one of 2010’s best album nods from me mere months ago wasn’t enough When Saints Go Machine. The Copenhagen based group is set to release their next album (being strangely touted as their “debut”) Konkylie in June. Let the elastic bass of “Kelly” blend with those unique vocals and just try not to get a little bounce in your step. Talk about jam alert! Be sure you will hear more from me on these guys and Konkylie as a whole.

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[MP3] HEY CHAMP are ANYTHING but squares while hinting AT ALL kinds of grooviness

i was all for the future when the future was possible

♫ Hey Champ – Anything At All

TBE favorites Hey Champ are back with a smooth synth jam that is perfect for segueing into the warmer months of summer. These guys have been evolving quite nicely since “Cold Dust Girl” and I’m digging how “Anything At All” manages to keep it’s loose flow while still being quite catchy. All kinds of head bobbing going on over here. The Anything At All EP comes bundled with two more originals, a fresh “Cold Dust Girl” remix, and is out now. Stream here first.

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[MP3] BRASSTRONAUT tie SLOW KNOTS around our HEARTS with their TROMPET music

keep on sailing for that far shore cause it’s a tough world  when you’re fighting your own war

♫ Brasstronaut – Slow Knots

Brasstronaut was one of the many bands I wasn’t able to catch at The Great Escape but luckily Silence Killer caught them in Vancouver and I’ll have to live vicariously through his description of the band reaching “a whole new level of musical creativity (or chaos?), well beyond what your average pop, rock, or even jazz band are capable of.” The Canadian outfit is made up of a handful of classically trained musicians who play with mixing genres like jazz, electronica, and punk. “Slow Knots” does an ample job of laying their skills on the table but it’s their new single “Hearts Trompet” that really stops me in my tracks. A big bass line slips under perfect piano, horns, percussion and vocals to create a track that is simply beautiful. About half way through the whole things shifts gears into a bit of an epic build, leading me to want to summit my couch in some sort of slow motion triumph.

Brasstronaut – Hearts Trompet

Their latest album, Mount Chimera, is out now. I’ll be picking it up as soon as I get this flag to stay put and make it safely back to the floor.

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[MP3] TEAM ME have a DEAR of a jam and a wombat SISTER to boot

i guess i fell in love with that state of mind

♫ Team Me – Dear Sister

This is a song for getting a little twitchy to. If you don’t know what I mean then catch “Team Me” live and you will. Urgent “oohs”, propulsive percussion, and harmonies that could melt butter all get turned to 11 as this Norwegian sextet pumps the song full of all the energy in their vibrating bodies. I was lucky enough to witness it all go down at The Great Escape and it this track along with their moving slow jams just confirmed my suspicion that these guys are up to something special. Keep an eye out for more, like their new single “Weathervanes & Chemicals.” Oh, and if you do see them live, try to take your eyes off the delightfully spazzy girl in the group. She is Tord from The Wombats’ sister and talent clearly runs in the family.

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[MP3] MASTERS IN FRANCE programed the A.I. in their MADHATTER robot of rock

we’re not made of stones, we can all behave like we did when we were too young to care

♫ Masters in France – A.I.

Unhh, yeah. Gotta love that bass intro. Kick in the guitar riffage and we’ve got ourselves a bonafide jam! The Welsh band (no, not actually French) have been simmering with some radio play in their native UK but I say it;s about time this pot boiled over to the rest of the planet cause I’m hearing some serious promise here. “Mad Hatter” further confirms this with more swinging rock hooks and slippery grooves.

♫ Masters In France – Mad Hatter

The bands write in both English and Welsh so we can all look forward to picking up a bit of their local language as we tackle songs like “Yn y Ddinas” (some help, anyone?). Learning may not get much more fun!

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[MP3] QUIT YOUR DAYJOB have an ENVIRONMENTAL approach to meeting their carnal needs

i wanna f*ck the sunshine

♫ Quit Your Dayjob – Environmental

The lyrics say it all in this 90 second blast of spazzy rock music. Quit Your Day Job want to get it on and they want to do it with the original MILF: Mother Nature. It’s hard to argue with a sentiment this concisely put. The jangly guitar, bass, and drums just drive the point home even nicer. This Swedish band has been around since 2000 and their goal is to sound “like an unholy cross between Kraftwerk and Sex Pistols with a little heavy metal posing to top it off.” Hell yeah. Their latest album World Domination is out soon and with song titles like “Drunk All Over The World,” “Joan Of Ass,” and “Say It Loud I’m A Freak And I’m Proud,” you know I’m gonna be all over it.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 44 – 5.14.2011 [Kavinsky, Holy Ghost!, Martin Solveig, Justice and more…]

Duuu-ahhh Deeee Dee Dahh. Chickity Chikity booooom.

Keep it Nurdy

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♫ Alexander- Truth (White Arrows Remix)

♫ Kavinsky – Nightcall (Beaumont remix)

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