Remix Roundup Vol. 28 – 10.11.10 [Miike Snow, Tokyo Police Club, RAC, Naked & Famous, …]

Because sometimes Monday is a good day for a fresh batch of remixes. And because sometimes you know Joel and Scott are right around the corner with their set of bangers and you gotta act fast. And because sometimes I just love you all and want to spread the sonic goodness.

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♫ The Dance Party – Sasha Don’t Sleep (Pance Party Remix) / I can’t guarantee that listening to this song will make you as hyped as this crowd but it certainly couldn’t hurt. I love that one of 2009’s best jams is getting more love!

♫ Something a la Mode – 5 AM ft K. Flay (Pance Party Remix) / Did someone say Pance Party? Yeah, I DID! These guys rock the wheels right off on this jam. Something a la Mode are some crazy classical-electro outfit that wisely brought Read more

[MP3] DUCK SAUCE love BARBARA STREISAND and so should you

wooo ooo oo oooo oo ooo ooo oooh

♫ Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand

Duck Sauce is the epic duo of A-Track and Armand van Helden and they are pretty much murdering it. What few jams they have released so far each get better and better. And then there is their videos! Their videos! The one for “Barbara Streisand” is below and features every hip cat in the indie scene, as well as a C+ Barbara impersonator, all getting down this jams unstoppable funk. See how many heads you can spot! My favorite it the naked hood lounging cameo from The Fat Jew (dude is the only reason to be on Twitter). Get pumped, it’s Friday! Read more

[MP3] FOXY SHAZAM WANNABE rockin your weekend like some sort of pre-party ANGEL from ohio

you’ll probably end up in heaven and i’ll be burning in hell

♫ Foxy Shazam – Wanna-Be Angel

Piano! Ridiculous lyrics! Big sing-along hooks! Oooh oooohs! How did this song come out over a year ago and I never heard it!? Damn, anyone know if the rest of this Cincinatti crew’s debut is as sugary sweet good times as this perfect addition to a Friday evening hype-up playlist?

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Dubstep Roundup Vol. 2 / 10.8.10 / Joel & Scott present [Major Lazer, Turboweekend, Rusko, Jinder and more ]

We’re ba-a-a-a-ack……

We’re sorry to inform you that the little tiny dude inside your ears is about to get bitch-slapped, gut checked, and probably even kicked in the nuts a little bit.  So, I hope your eardrums are ready because this shit is about to get devastating.  Ohhh yeah, and Mr. Yuck is back too.

This week, we, Joel & Scott and The Burning Ear, bring you: Dubstep Roundup Volume II.

So, go ahead, sink your teeth into this tasty bass, but as always, proceed with caution.

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.

♫ Major Lazer- Never Good Enough (The Killabits Remix) / O.k., you’re  welcome.  Cuz this ones good enough for everyone.  Talk about a major bass lift by the Killabits.

♫ Jinder- Youth Blood (12th Planet Flinch Remix) / This song is straight Tits.  From 12th Planet & Flinch’s high pitched electro sounds mixed with the ins and outs of that dub bass.  Eargasms….  L.A. has two of the finest dubbers around.

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[MP3] Bedouin Soundclash & Coeur de Pirate

I stumbled across Bedouin Soundclash for the first time in a couple years in the midst of inserting the Coeur de Pirate song in last weeks “Remix roundup”.  Thank Tom Cruise I did too, because after nearly breaking up in 2007 and dumping their drummer the Soundclash are back with vengeance.

Case and Point:

cuz if you’re looking for love, you can look for that door

♫ Bedouin Soundclash- Brutal Hearts (Ft Coeur de Pirate) / This collaboration with Coeur de Pirate was  the first single released on the new album, Light The Horizon.  This song describes a man’s honest, dark search for those superficial intimate moments with another, and the realization that he’s not proud of living this way, but continues to do so (Thank you, Bedouin Soundclash for describing my romantic life).  This is easily one of my new favorite songs.

♫ Bedouin Soundclash- Mountain Top / Is definitely the pick me up, exhilarating song of the album and has a rad music video that fans were able to participate in as extras.

Don’t forget their 2004 breakthrough single…

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take me, take me away

♫ In Grenada – Distance And Temptation

If the opening 10 seconds on this jam doesn’t get your hips swinging then you need serious psychological help (or hip replacements). Well, the hip swinging-ness just keeps on coming as “Distance and Temptation” gets steadily groovier and more spastically danceable. Their debut LP Break is out now and I haven’t dug in yet but based on this jam I’m looking forward to good times!

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[MP3] THEM:YOUTH are giving me the best kind of TOOTHACHE with their new sweet sweet jam

i’ll keep you high on a heartbeat

Toothache by them:youth /// Courtesy of Them:Youth and the excellent folks at Outlaw Freelancers [watch]

Them:Youth hit my ears a few months back with their first single “Fever Rising” and they they have upped the ante big time with their second jam, “Toothache.” Dance-ache is more like it! This is a swelling sea of energy topped with a tornado of spinning synths and machine gun beat that would do any strobe light proud. These Brits are on tour through the UK at the moment and I have a feeling that this is a live show worth getting sweaty to. I am digging this jam so much I even gave in to their request to embed that downlader widget above instead of hosting the track on TBE. So listen in Soundcloud if you must or just take some good advice and get to the downloading! You will want this on your running/dancing/driving/getting hyped/vacuuming playlist for sure! Catch the video after the jump!

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[MP3] FOX IN THE HENHOUSE have put aside their FEARS of change

patience hits the furthest mark, the more you get the less you’ll spark

♫ Fox in the Henhouse – Fears

Fox In The Henhouse is a pretty great name for these guys because this musi definitely feels like stumbling upon something pretty great. Their 3 track The Fox EP is out now and contains “Fears” with it’s twangy swagger and playful vocals all wrapped in an extremely sing-alongable series of “oooh ooooohs,” plus a horn solo! The EP also sports “Up (Change)” which is all full steam bounce and stomp that instantly gets my limbs moving. The Baltimore based group has been around only a year but already have a full length coming out this month. If these two tracks are any indication then we are in for a treat!

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