[MP3] WEATHERHOUSE may replace DIAMONDS as a girl’s best friend

let no one tell you that you’re not the one

♫ Weatherhouse – Diamonds

With opening notes that smack of Radiohead, “diamonds” quickly opens the back door and let’s the funk dog back in the house. “Diamond’s is body music. For clapping those hands, dipping those hips, and shuffling those feet. It may not get you to break a sweat, but with the right cocktail in hand, you may just get the feeling that you are pretty boss. And yes, you are. And yes, that hottie over there is looking at you. And yes, you should totally go up and say something devastatingly witty. And yes, you should use protection.

Weatherhouse is the perfectly named ‘Calo-Disco’ project of two musical minds holding down forts in Los Angeles and San Francisco. While their new genre name may not end the Nor-Cal/So-Cal rivalry, the kind of lovemaking it inspires just might. Their debut LP E Pluribus Calo Disco drops March 1st and may bring with it an early Spring.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 38 – 2.12.2011 [Empire Of The Sun, Anoraak, Phoenix, Tiga and more… ]

Hot Jamz overlooooaaaad!!!! Like we said people, your weekend is going to sound oh so good!  So, as always, here is a collection, a roundup, a gathering, or gaggle of stupendously awesome tunes!  Hit up that zip and jump in that whip and let this music take you on that adventure you’ve been dreaming of.

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♫ The White Stripes- Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix) / The Glitch Mob will be inducing Nurd faces all over the world to this chunky TUNE.  This mix should come with a warning.

♫ Empire The Sun- Walking On A Dream (Colteur Remix) / Unlike Phoenix we are not tired of Empire Of The Sun remixes, and shit we really hope you aren’t either. If you dare take the blissful sounds of Empire and improve em, we welcome your work, always!

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Dubstep Roundup Vol. 10 – 2.10.2011 [SKREAM, NELLY FURTADO, KANYE WEST, ELLIE GOULDING and more… ]

Ahhh yeah!  We’re back up in this mother for another round of dub delectables!  Why so fast? Didn’t we just put out some dub last week? Well, last week was the best of the best (TOP 10 of 2010), but now its back to business as usual.  As you know we only have the highest quality s#*t for you, with this round seeing a lot of TBE newcomers and a mix of the favorites.  We know you’ll get that dope dub delight!  Oh, and keep an eye out for a remix roundup full of rad jamz tomorrow! Your weekend is literally going to sound so good!

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♫ Skream and Example- Shot Yourself In The Foot Again (Extended Mix) / F**k if you “Shot Yourself In The Foot Again” and your cloths look like shite.  You still got this jam to rock with.  UK’s finest Skream and Example show everybody else how its done.  Period.

♫ Bassnectar- Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado / More of this please.  We fancy us some chillstep/dub shite and Bassnectar delivers major.  There is so much cool going on here that we like to picture ourselves chillin on Mars to these sweet bass-vibes.

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[MP3] JOYWAVE are GOLDEN, whatever STATE they come from they can still HANG WITH ME and ROBYN

i watched myself rise up from beneath the sand and i knew i was here to stay

♫ Joywave – Golden State

Joywave hail from Rochester, NY, but have made their mark on my ears with this epic jam about love and loss in my home state on the left coast. “Golden State” pulls no punches, hard charging like souped up convertible on it’s way to Hooksville via a detour in Singalongstown. It’s a big, unabashed break-up rock song full of soul, guitars, and drums. And I can’t stop listening to it.

♫ Joywave – Hang With Me (Robyn Cover)

In a showcase of their eclectic style, Joywave have blessed us with a mellowed-out cover of the track made famous by Robyn’s own 2010 cover. Among their minimal instrumentation, Robyn’s version gets time-stretched to 800% and features as an ‘instrument.’ It’s an interesting yet successful take on the song, and even comes paired with a more interesting video treatment.

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[MP3] PURITY RING have just UNGIRTHED their debut single on us all

ears ringing, teeth clicking

♫ Purity Ring – Ungirthed

I have no idea what ungirthed is supposed to mean but it may have something to do with the Capoeira-like battle dance between the ghostly dub drone and spritely angelic singing that is this magical song. Set that scene amidst stuttering and wobbly beats and twinkling instruments and you’ve got one of the more oddly addictive songs of the year so far. No surprise, really, when you know that Purity Ring is the side project of one of the guys in Canadian indie-spazzers Gobble Gobble, one of my favorite bands to freak their way onto the scene last year. Purity Ring is a different kind of beast, but one that that seems doubtless to lumber it’s way through our speakers much more this year.

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Happy 2nd Birthday to The Burning Ear! – A Shirt Pack Giveaway, Merch Sale & A Mixtape!

Happy 2nd Birthday to The Burning Ear!

Holy cow. It was exactly 2 years ago (!?) today that I launched The Burning Ear from the butt wedge of my old couch. Since then it’s been nothing but a pleasure to share all of these great jams with you guys and gals. To all you regular readers and commenters, I love you all and look forward to another two! However, we all know 2 years olds don’t have patience for speeches so lets get right to the presents! I’ve got three gifts for you all, of which the first TWO are based on the number 2! Read more

[MP3] JACK LITTMAN gives me the SINKING suspicion that not enough people are on board his SHIP

if you made it easier on me, will things stay the same? are we together? we ‘aint as strange

♫ Jack Littman – Sinking Ship

I’ve never been known for being the first to post about bleeding edge stuff on TBE. My inbox gets backed up, I like to listen to stuff quite a bit before putting it up, etc. So it’s all the more shocking that when I finally get around to posting about this track I’ve had for 2 weeks now, I see that Jack Littman only has 18 listens on Last.fm. Literally, 33% of that is me and it’s high time I had some company. “Sinking Ship” is too good of a track to have all to myself. Littman’s vocals don’t seem to match his youthful face, but then again, “Sinking Ships” haunting grooves don’t exactly fit with their birthplace of Los Angeles. With an offbeat blend of thumping rhythms, soulful lyrics, and distorted horns, Littman creates an immediately ear catching sound that I am loving more an more with every listen. The rest of The Mixtape EP is available for the undervalued price of free at his Bandcamp. I’m headed there to get it right now.

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Joel & Scotts Top 10 Dubstep Remixes 2010

Alright our fellow face melters, its about time for us @ TBE to drop that Dub Top 10 list on you.

So, 2010 was a huge year for the genre dubstep right?  We (Joel & Scott) were recently thinking, we haven’t seen a new genre completely change the music landscape like this since grunge-rock in the early 90’s.  Given that we love getting Nurdy as hell everywhere we go, we like where this is going..  Back to the list…  While, this is the list we settled on, our top 5 could have been easily ordered in any way like bobbin for apples.  Anyway, we’re not going to lie people, we would love to sit here and explain our list to you, but its Friday night and we’re feeling its about time to get going on that crunk juice.

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1. ♫ Plan B- The Recluse (Nero Remix)

2. ♫ The Moody Blues- White-Satin (Zeds Dead remix)

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