[MP3] DVA are ready to start a TATANC party

trance, trance, trance… dance, dance, dance

♫ DVA – Tatanc

DVA are Czech so excuse yourself for not understanding what they are singing here. However, do not excuse yourself for not feeling the grooviness of this cutest little bounce jam. This song crosses all language barriers and should definitely be utilized to woo that foreign dude/chick you have been eyeing. Mixtape time! Head over to Polychronic for a mellower taste of their flavor and then pick up their album Hu.

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[MP3] BLOOD ORANGE has a little something for after DINNER

always on your own, don’t consider trying, tried you on the phone, but you considered lying

♫ Blood Orange – Dinner

If you followed through on my love for the Snacky Tunes Vol. 1 mixtape then you Blood Orange’s acoustic version of “Forget It.” The song definitely awoke my interest but it took “Dinner” to come along and kick that interest out of  bed. Smooth and sparse 80s production that is so steamy you can almost imagine the artificial fog and synchronized hip-shuffle dancing. However, with vocals as spot-on sultry as these “Dinner” a jam for late night affairs, whatever they may be. Blood Orange is the latest project of Devonte Hynes (Lightspeed Champion, Test Icicles) and perhaps my favorite so far. Keep an eye out for a full length on Domino Records in the late summer.

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[MP3] CASSETTES WON’T LISTEN brings us a PERFECT DAY with his side project THE FREEZE TAG. Dude has got THE HUSTLE!

you can’t see my face as i start to wave, as i start to fade, as i drift away

♫ Cassettes Won’t Listen – Perfect Day

Bleeps, bloops, and hazy poppy music that makes you want to drive into sunsets. Must be a new jam from TBE favorite Cassettes Won’t Listen! “Perfect Day” originally came out back in 2009 but I’m just catching wind of it as it begins paving the way for CWL’s new album. If you follow the TBE twitter then you already caught mention of Evinspacey and it’s tumultuous history. What you may not have heard about is Cassettes Won’t Listen’s side project The Freeze Tag with Brooklyn rapper Bisco Smith. CWL’s sunset-slicked production provides the base for Bisco’s tales of a fictional kid on the Hamster Kid EP which is out now.

♫ The Freeze Tag – The Hustle

I’m all over “The Hustle” and and it’s throwback beat and slightly Gibbard-esque chorus vocals from CWL’s Jason Drake.

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out of the rain and bursting through the front door

Another cheeky Sunday stream here, this one courtesy of Tom Williams & The Boat. It’s not easy to make this kind of straightforward folky rock stand out form the crowd but on first listen I was caught by both “Concentrate”‘s hooks and lyrics. The music get’s stuck in my head and I fid myself trying to sing along even though I can’t keep up with Tom’s fantastic lyrics. The guy is clearly taking a close look at his life and times and thank goodness he put it all to music so we can enjoy a jam like this. The 7” single is all sold out but you can buy it digitally here, as well as on his full album Too Slow.

Tom Williams & The Boat – Concentrate by Mud Hut Digital

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[MP3] IDA MARIA a CHERRY of rocker, pushing my equalizers into the RED

i’m gonna be your girl tonight, i’m gonna make you apple pie

♫ Ida Maria – Cherry Red

Tambourine, bass, guitar, and drums that mean business. Couple that with vocals that both sound and say that she’s having more fun than anyone and it’s hard not to enjoy the steamy bounce and crunch of “Cherry Red.” Go back to the very first post of this blog and you will find my top albums of 2008 list were Norwegian Ida Maria’s debut LP Fortress Around My Heart was praised for putting a nail in the coffin of the stereotype that chicks can’t rock. Ida has been laying low since then, regrouping and rethinking things but luckily for us teamed up with the legendary Butch Walker to produce her follow up LP Katla. It’s already out in Norway and will see worldwide release soon. From the sound of “Cherry Red” as well as the short song/clip “Whatever” below, Ida seems to be as loose and fun as ever and we may be in for another great gleaming chunk of polished chick rock.

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[MP3] FROGS IN SOCKS know IT DON’T matter if you MEAN to dance or not, it’s just A THING that will happen

awww, yeah!

♫ Frogs in Socks – It Don’t Mean A Thing

Uh-oh… Shoulders bouncing… toes tapping… body swaying… Might have to turn it up a bit and test out my new socks on these hardwood floors. And suddenly it all makes sense. Named after a saying that their Australian buddies used to say*, Frogs in Socks are Oli and Tom from Manchester and they’ve sampled “It Don’t Mean a Thing” by Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, turning it into a thumpy party starter that anyone in their right mind can get behind. Gotta love those horns!

*”[this party] is going off like a frog in a sock, mate!”

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[MP3] WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE make me wish i knew a KELLY

love in the dark, arrow in the heart

♫ When Saints Go Machine – Kelly

It seems that nabbing one of 2010’s best album nods from me mere months ago wasn’t enough When Saints Go Machine. The Copenhagen based group is set to release their next album (being strangely touted as their “debut”) Konkylie in June. Let the elastic bass of “Kelly” blend with those unique vocals and just try not to get a little bounce in your step. Talk about jam alert! Be sure you will hear more from me on these guys and Konkylie as a whole.

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[MP3] HEY CHAMP are ANYTHING but squares while hinting AT ALL kinds of grooviness

i was all for the future when the future was possible

♫ Hey Champ – Anything At All

TBE favorites Hey Champ are back with a smooth synth jam that is perfect for segueing into the warmer months of summer. These guys have been evolving quite nicely since “Cold Dust Girl” and I’m digging how “Anything At All” manages to keep it’s loose flow while still being quite catchy. All kinds of head bobbing going on over here. The Anything At All EP comes bundled with two more originals, a fresh “Cold Dust Girl” remix, and is out now. Stream here first.

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