[MP3] HOLY GHOST! has sure made us WAIT & anticipate but now it’s time to SEE what they are about

i feel dark, i feel heartless, are you feeling rough too? now the problems with me are you

♫ Holy Ghost! – Wait & See

Although it’s been over 20 months since Holy Ghost! last got their own post on TBE, they have popped up in numerous roundups and mixes since then. Now that their self-titled debut album is coming out it’s prime time to listen to another of their great jams. “Wait & See” kicks up the summery swing vibes and swirls them around a chugging 80s dance vibe that get’s my body feeling fluid and funky. A perfect start to a Friday night. Grab another album track at their website and stream the whole LP here. I’ll be diving into it too!

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[MIXTAPE] JOYWAVE and their whole vibe are TRAVELLING AT THE right SPEED OF motion to put them in my spot-LIGHT

i wanna feel the warmth of the summer, i wanna know just why i love her

♫ Joywave – Traveling At The Speed Of Light

Joywave already dominated my February with their epic track “Golden State” and now they’ve dropped a free mixtape titled 77777 to tie us over until a proper debut. 77777 is a mix of reworked tracks and original material that includes that Robyn cover as well as the original version of that Cosmonaut Grechko remix of “Travelling At The Speed Of Light.” It’s way more slow burn than “Golden State” but still showcases the bands rhythm and emotion.

♫ Joywave – Betelgeuse (Miike Snow & LCD Soundsystem)

With the tracks using material from other bands Joywave have woven different songs together into a sort of “this sounds familiar…” backdrop for their own vocals. Since “Betelgeuse” uses Miike Snow it’s naturally my favorite. Twinkling above the twitchy grooves of “Silvia” are pieces of LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great.” Inspired pairings like this are all over 77777 with standout “Winnipeg” sandwiching Foals between two Drake tracks and “Titan” layering Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Nine Inch Nails, and A-Ha. If you thought that was bold, they even cover a Limp Bizkit song with a minimal Joywave vibe. Alright, you get the picture with this mixtape. Get on 77777 now.

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[MP3] OVERLORD KEEP taking IT FROM the mellow to THE feisty, BABY

if i can’t save you no one can save you

♫ Overlord – Keep It From The Baby

Spring is bubbling just around the corner and this kind of hyper indie-pop is just the thing to get me pumped for warm summer evenings of music and mirth. I can imagine all kinds of caught-on-camera summer hi-jinks being edited at double speed to this guitar and drums cruiser. Brooklyn’s Overlord just released their fourth album In Soviet Russia, My Heart Breaks You, their first with a steady band to take on frontman George Pasles’ songwriting/crafting.

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Mashups…. WHAT!

What up my TBE people?

Alright peeps, I hope you bring your party headphones to work, because Im trying a new feature out.  What kind of feature you may ask?  We’re talking mashups.  So, enjoy, but don’t get caught having too good of a time.  After all, you’re supposed to be working.

Party on, Garth!

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♫ D.Veloped – Bring Em Home (Edward Sharpe vs. T.I.)

♫ Daft Punk – Fall (M83 Vs Big Black Delta Remix)

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[MP3] PREHISTORICOS light and beautiful yet still solid COMO LAS PIEDRAS


♫ Prehistöricos – Como las Piedras

If you are in need of a little tenderness after the intensity of Does It Offend You Yeah? then this is just the medicine. Brew some tea, light the votives, and settle in for a little cuddle session with your speakers as the various strings of “Como la Pierdas” pluck and strum their way through your ears and into your heart. Too sappy for you? Then you clearly aren’t listening. This is beautiful. The kind of song that, if only it were in English, would surely soundtrack the heartstring-pulling season finale to a prime time drama.

Prehistöricos is the recently formed musical project of Chilean actors Tomäs Preuss and Jessica Romo who came together last summer to create an album about teenage love. I don’t speak a lick of Spanich but this somehow makes complete sense as the music has a purity and emotional intensity that fits perfectly with adolescent passion. The album, La Orquesta Ocúlta, (“The Hidden Orchestra”) is out now and despite being placed on numerous Chilean best-of lists last year, is available completely free here. I wish I spoke Spanish. [Thanks to the Music Alliance Project and Chile’s own Super 45 for the tip]

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[MP3] ALUNAGEORGE make it hard to DISOBEY the grooves

and show the grey in the black and white, maybe in the wrong and right

♫ AlunaGeorge – Disobey

Twitchy, plonky, bouncy, and all wrapped up in gorgeous vocals, that’s the sound of AlunaGeorge. Aluna Francis and George Reid met through the internet a year ago quickly began laying the former’s vocals over the latter’s noodling beats. “Disobey” is the first taste of their project and it’s certainly promising. A bit groovy, a bit haunting, and two bits of beautiful. So many kinds of sweet bleeps and bloops! The London based duo have a few more tracks on their Soundcloud so hit that up for an advanced look at their double A-side single of “Analyser” and “We Are Chosen.” It’s out May 2nd and is another sweet taste of a band that is sure to be getting a lot more attention this year.

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[MP3] MSTRKRFT are ready to rock some BEARDS AGAIN

♫ MSTRKRFT – Beards Again

MSTRKRFT have always been better at remixing others than crafting their own songs but every once in while they pull out a jam. “Beard Again” is not redefining dance music but it is certainly a functional piece of guitar grinding and speaker shredding music. Use it to get you in the mindset to do something really intense. Like eating Taco Bell on an empty stomach or rubbing wasabi on your eyeballs. Or growing a beard… I guess… The track is being offered up free on their website along with the glitchier and more lazer-heavy “Back In The USSA.” I’m just hoping that still on the right is from an upcoming video.

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[MP3] THINGS I NEVER TOLD YOU bring me immense HAPPINESS and i’m sure they will bring the same to you and your NEIGHBOUR

believing is better, believing is tough, but not when i’m in between your legs

♫ Things I Never Told You – Happiness

Ummm.. so this is like the best thing I’ve heard in a loong time. Things I’ve Never Told You are an East London trio who started out making music together by soundtracking the gay porn series Indie Boyz. After being asked to tone down their jams a bit “so people could concentrate on the fucking” they formed the band as an outlet for the real stuff. Now we get to concentrate on the dancing! And it’s going to be hard not to. First single “Happiness” is instant groove-juice, slipping around my limbs and pulling them in a variety of funky ways. Can we get this on a karaoke machine soon? Aside from a total party starter, that chorus is epic sing-along material. A true love song.

♫ Things I Never Told You – Neighbour (Started Loving James)

“Neighbor” is the best unrequited gay love story set to elastic dance music I’ve heard in ages. Instant finger snapping and head bobbing ensue every time I hear it. If you have a neighbor named James I highly recommend you play this song at high volume.

Aside from opening for Kele last year, Things I Never Told You are quite unknown and still toiling away in the London scene. I hear their live show is something to behold so catch that if you can. With tracks like this in their sets I’d be really surprised if they don’t start filling up bigger venues soon.

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