Joel & Scotts Top 10 Dubstep Remixes 2010

Alright our fellow face melters, its about time for us @ TBE to drop that Dub Top 10 list on you.

So, 2010 was a huge year for the genre dubstep right?  We (Joel & Scott) were recently thinking, we haven’t seen a new genre completely change the music landscape like this since grunge-rock in the early 90’s.  Given that we love getting Nurdy as hell everywhere we go, we like where this is going..  Back to the list…  While, this is the list we settled on, our top 5 could have been easily ordered in any way like bobbin for apples.  Anyway, we’re not going to lie people, we would love to sit here and explain our list to you, but its Friday night and we’re feeling its about time to get going on that crunk juice.

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1. ♫ Plan B- The Recluse (Nero Remix)

2. ♫ The Moody Blues- White-Satin (Zeds Dead remix)

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[MP3] WALK THE MOON wanna take ANNA and you to a dance party as hot as the SUN

screen falling off the door, door hanging off the hinges, my feet are still sore, my back is on the fringes

♫ Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

Check your cynicism at the door and no residents of haternation allowed cause this post is for good-time-happy-party-people only! Cincinnati’s Walk The Moon are channeling nothing but smiles and sunshine on this lead single full of hip-swinging hooks, tangy guitar riffs and yearning lyrics. If just listening doesn’t make you smile then try and make it through the fantastically shot video (below) without feeling a bit better about your day. Read more

Brandon’s TBE Digest 19 – 2.3.2011 [Peter Bjorn and John, Cold War Kids, Passion Pit, Lykke Li, Joy Formidable, Adele, …]

Careful when you lift the lid on this pot o’ gold. A lot of steamy hot jams ready to jump out and burn you if aren’t careful.

For more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Peter Bjorn & John – Breaker Breaker / PBnJ are back and wielding way more buzzsaw like-ability than on their last sleeping pill! Wooo! Second taste “Second Chance” is also a jam! Gimmie Some is out 3/29.

♫ The Forms – Fire To The Ground [ft. Matt Berninger] / A little more Read more

[MP3] PETE AND THE PIRATES warm me in this WINTER weather that is currently below 1

you’ve got a long way home

♫ Pete and The Pirates – Winter 1

If you feel like your life has been lacking any serious head-bobbing action then Pete and The Pirates have returned with a 100% guaranteed method to get that neck doing it’s thing. With a fuzzed out guitar rhythm that could churn butter and healthy serving of handclaps, this simple-yet-effective ditty warms me up every time I hear it. Add on the xylophone, clickity-clack percussion, and that fantastic throwback Casio solo and I’m officially pumped on the Reading-based quintet’s sophomore album, due in May. If it contains any more jams half as fun n’ funky as 2008’s “Mr Understanding” then we are all in for a treat.

♫ Pete and The Pirates – Mr Understanding (Little Death, 2008)

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[MP3] BODI BILL aren’t for listening to alone in a HOTEL

you speak in generous words but all i need is your money

♫ Bodi Bill – Hotel

If you were at all down with Copenhagen’s When Saints Go Machine then you’ll want to add this jam to that dusk-funk playlist. Berlin’s Bodi Bill have been around for a while but this new track caught my ear with it’s plinking, off-beat percussion, muted horns, and odd vocals. Definitely not the kind of track you want to be listening to alone after watching Black Swan. I recommend snow-dusted afternoon walks in the park as a much more suited setting. Look out for Bodi Bill’s next full length in March.

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[EP] ACE REPORTER’s jam FRANKFURT is one of like TWENTY NINE thousand tracks he’s dishing out

i say stop, you say go, i say why, you say so

♫ Ace Reporter – Frankfurt

Ace Reporter is TBE alum Chris Snyder who recorded a song every day of 2010  (!!) and released them all for free. Much to my peasant surprise, many of them were really good. To culminate his project he has whittled his mammoth collection down and re-recorded and mastered his favorites into a series of (also free) EPs that he is slowly releasing throughout this year. The first, named after one of my favorites from the 365 Project, was the Untouched and Arrived EP. EP closer “Frankfurt” steals the show with it’s driving rhythm and ripping guitars.

♫ Ace Reporter – Twenty-Nine

Second EP, Lean Honey Lean, contains the tender and plinking “Twenty Nice” which instantly  hooks my ears and get’s me grooving along.

♫ Ace Reporter – [Day-338] ONE (Yeasayer cover)

Another bit of Ace Reporter goodness is his list of favorite albums of 2010, rendered in the form of five cover songs instead of the usual jpeg and blurb that us bloggers squeeze out. Catch his renditions of tracks by 2010 faves The National, Arcade Fire, Beach House, and Local Natives.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 37 – 2.28.2011 [CEREBRAL VORTEX, CHROMEO, MICHAEL JACKSON and more… ]

Did you think we were going to forget you on a Friday night? What’s that? No?

Yeah right, you were all sweatin’ it.  Well relax, we have some tasty tunes for your weekend ahead.  However, this will be a short list because you have 50 of 2010’s best to refer back to and a big fat nasty Dubstep Best Of coming next week.

So for now, here’s something to chew on.
Get Nurdy!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.


♫ Cerebral Vortex- Fly By Night (Jesse Jamz Remix) / The Jamz man does it again.  We dare you not to dig this.  This is an early favorite to be on the Top Remix List of 2011.  MAJOR PROPS.

♫ Amadou And Mariam- Sabali (Miike Snow Remix)

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[MP3] BUTCHER BLADES/ won’t make you dance like THE perfect SWAN but they are a MACHINE of sweet beats nonetheless

aaah doo eeehh aaahh ahh!

♫ Butcher Blades/ – The Swan Machine

Cold front? Winter time? Snow fall? Street slush? Crisp winds? Icicle injuries? Not today my friends! Melbourne, Australia’s Butcher Blades/ (yes, slash included) were tipped off to me by loyal TBE reader Darwin and “The Swan Machine” has been warming my bones for the past few weeks as I practice my hula moves, steel drummer impersonation, and tribal chanting. Not easy to do all of them simultaneously.

♫ Butcher Blades/ – The Mystery of Mulungu Cove

Once you’ve broke a sweat to the impossibly catchy rhythms of “The Swan Machine” you can catch a breath under the nectar-sweet shade of “The Mystery Of Mulungu Cove.” Things start out like a scene in a Disney movie where one might encounter a silken-haired maiden and make passionate kissing time but then quickly evolve into the fighting-for-her-honor scene. How does it end? You guess. I just hope you are ready for impossibly cute babies that may or may not be half animal.

More (free!) Butcher Bades/ at their Bandcamp where all their jams are paired with impossibly awesome vintage photos. Dig it.

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