[MP3] STARSMITH has a track WE can LEAVE on the stereo as we drift into TONIGHT

♫ Starsmith – We Leave Tonight

Today I will be on a plane. The clouds will seems to float by as I cruise towards the states, towards family, towards old friends. This is the track that I will be listening to as thoughts of the things to come swirl through my brain. It will be perfect. It is perfect. And Starsmith made it. A delicate gleam of piano driven sunshine that reaches across the sky to slip past your ears and right into your heart.

The man known for producing Ellie Goulding and remixing everyone from Passion pit to Lady Gaga is working on his debut LP scheduled for early next year. Other tracks we’ve heard so far are highly danceable electro-disco. It’s great to see he can handle his softer side with such grace.

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[MP3] WIZ KHALIFA is repping the city of BLACK AND YELLOW

so many rocks up in my watch i can’t tell what the time is

♫ Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow

Any regular hip-hop heads must be pretty patient with how late I always am to the new shit. Sorry guys and gals, this post is for the rest of us. Correct my lack of knowledge if needed. So Wiz Khalifa is a 23 year old Pittsburgh based rapper with a whole bunch of mixtapes and two studio albums already under his belt. I remember being unimpressed by the few tracks I heard from this years Kush & Orange Juice mixtape but then I caught this jam closing out a recent episode of Uhh Yeah Dude and was immediately hooked. The beat on this Steelers-repping anthem is so tight it’s ridiculous. I pretty much get amped every time I hear it. Wiz’s lyrics and delivery still have some room to grow but it’s hard to hate on that charming smile. Catch it in the video below, along with the rest of Wiz’s tribute to the awesome Steel City. Read more

Remix Roundup Vol. 33 – 12.10.2010 [GROOVE ARMADA, MGMT, ROBYN, YEASAYER, and more…]

Ok party peeps.  Shits been hectic as hell lately, so major apologies for not getting this roundup up for your friday eardrums.  We did however put together a class roundup that will blow your socks off and make you boogie.

Introducing Remix Roundup Vol. 33

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♫ Groove Armada- I Won’t Kneel (Beaumont remix)

♫ MGMT- Congratulations (Erol Alkan Rework) Read more

[MP3] WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE will hopefully not FAIL us next year otherwise i’ll be FOREVER dissapointed

lately i’ve been screaming from lungs that a tongue won’t follow

♫ When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever

This landed in my inbox today and in a rare instance of near instant turnaround it’s now being giddily thrust towards your lucky ears. A cyclic beat pulses as odd plinking sounds bounce in the distance. Then that smokey angelic voice (Antony anyone?) cuts in, the rolling strings rise up and the whole thing swirls into place. Fantastic. When Saints Go Machine hail from Copenhagen and their Fail Forever EP is out January 31st and it may be one of the best reasons to look forward to the new year. Ok, gotta go. Must listen again.

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[MP3] THE MILK are 54 plus 46 which WAS MY NUMBER in rating their upcoming jams

she’s a back door slammin’ leaver but it’s alright

♫ The Milk – 54 46 Was My Number (Toots & The Maytals cover)

Essex-based The Milk are about to have a big 2011. The former punks have hung up their scowls in favor of the buttery smooth grooves and crisp horns of classic Motown and funk. Naming themselves after their desire to bring back “white boy funk” they join a number of excellent artists with a similar mission (Mayer Hawthorne, Eli “Paperboy” Reid, etc). Although, with jams like these they may just leave them all in the dust. “54 46 Was My Number” is their take on the Toots & The Maytals classic and is the only track one available to download. It’s a beautiful blend of ska and soul with a dash of that wobble for you dub-heads. The real magic, however, still waits in the wings. Take a gander at the demo for “Kimmi Kimmi” which was recorded in the band’s shed.

The Milk – Kimmi Kimmi (demo)

Ummm, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Smooth, sassy, and sexy. Perfect for making or breaking love. Catch 2 more sweet jams at their soundcloud page. If those 4 songs were an official EP it would be topping my year’s best of list for sure.

With only a small handful of blog coverage they have still garnered some major label interest and are continuing the recording process. It’s all uphill from here as think we are going to be hearing a lot more fantastic stuff in the coming year.

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Dubstep Roundup Vol. 6 – 12.3.2010 [FOALS, ZEDS DEAD, NERD, and more..]

Welcome to your bi-weekly dub-slap in your noise maker

Yeah, “WE”, Joel & Scott like to turn to that wicked sauce when its time to get a little mad weird.  So, obviously, we were a little perturbed when we caught wind of the Four Loko banishment.  There is light at the end of the tunnel though….,  we still got that “Crunk Juce”.

Ok peeps,  its getting a little late on this brisk December night, but as always promised, we got the shit that makes you put your Nurd’ Face on.   Without further adieu, we introduce Dubstep Roundup Vol. 6.

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♫ Skepta- Sunglasses At Night (Prime’s Eyes On You Remix) / Lets just say there is almost no circumstance for ever wearing sunglasses at night.  That is unless you are listening to this dirty dubber.

♫ NERD & Daft Punk- Hypnotize You (Nero Remix) / The Queen was spotted last week embracing her countrymen’s work on Hypnotize whilst cruising some tea!

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[MP3] DIAMOND RINGS knows IT’S NOT how big MY PARTY is, but what tunes i play

keep on keepin’ on to hide our doubt, and hold a candle when the lights go out

♫ Diamond Rings – It’s Not My Party

John O, a.k.a. Diamond Rings’ “All Yr Songs” hit the blogs over a year ago but it wasn’t until I heard “It’s Not My Party” that I was sold on this Toronto dude’s style. It’s enough to wrap your head around that deep moan coming from such a sparkling boy-face, but his jams are also decidedly minimalist in comparison to his over-the-top style. “It’s Not My Party” hits all the right moods of a synth-driven heartbreak song with not much more that 4 instruments. And that “hmmm-mmmmm” is just perfect for humming along at first listen. Digging back into Diamond Rings I now have new appreciation for the more peppy “All Yr Songs” with it’s similarly sing-alongable “ohh oh oh ohh”s and simple keyboard beat. Both tracks would feel equally appropriate pool-side or fire-side, a rare treat.

♫ Diamond Rings – All Yr Songs

For more Diamond Rings check out his funny and awkward (relax John!) video (below) for “Show Me Your Stuff” and then pick up his debut LP Special Affections, out now! Read more

[MP3] HUMANS can be enjoyed AVEC MES MECS, filles, or better yet, both!

who knew that all we had to do was party?

♫ Humans – Avec Mes Mecs

With an awesome piece of album art and a name we can all relate to, Humans are already off to a solid start. Try exfoliating with their blend of compressed synths, chilled vocals, pulsing beats, and mounting grooves, and you’ll instantly scrub away all the residue of a winter’s day. “Avec Mes Mecs” (French for ‘with my guys’) is the title track for The Vancouver duo’s debut EP and the jam starts like a summer smoothie of good vibes and handclaps only to reveal that the booze had settled to the bottom and the party actually kicks off midway through. Speaking of parties! Human’s first video is for the super-funked out “Bike Home” (grab it free at their MySpace) and it features the best combo of puppets, sex, and police brutality I’ve see all year! Get on it, and then get on some Humans! Read more