TBE Digest 13 – 9.29.2010 [Big Boi, Shakira, Japandroids, Justin Vernon, Safe, etc]

Lots of goodies in here! I won’t waste your time here so hop to it!

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♫ Gobble Gobble – Eat Sun, Son / New Gobble Gobble! I’m so pumped for a full length from these freaks!

♫ Shakira – Loca (feat. Dizzee Rascal) / Shakira is easily my favorite sub-5-foot singer and she is heating it up with Dizzee for some sexy sunset limbo parties!

♫ Big Boi – Lookin 4 Ya (ft. Andre 3000) [All Verses] / It’s the song you love, now with an extra verse from each of the Outkast boys! F yeah! Read more

[MP3] YOUNG THE GIANT’s debut is one I GOT to get when it comes out

in the night where i live, there’s a strange force in your kiss

♫ Young The Giant – I Got

The only complaint I can muster up for this track is that it’s too good. That jangly hook is too perfect, those vocals too smooth, and the sunkissed soul feeling too real. So basically I’m all over it. Young The Giant only have one other song (“I Got”) on their MySpace but you should definitely check it out (and even track down if you are savy) to tie you over until their forthcoming debut. So far they are on point like woah. They are also on tour with The Futureheads so that is pretty damn nice.

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Dubstep Roundup Vol. 1 / 9.24.2010 / Joel & Scott present: M83, Ellie Goulding, Steed Lord, and more!

ATTENTION PLEASE: This is for those who love to get NURDY

As we write this its Friday night and we’re all hopped up on coffee and beer (last Friday). This is Vol. 1 of our new “Dubstep Roundup” series that we will unleash twice a month to pump some dubstep life support into those who fiend.  Below we have compiled a beginners list of some of our favorite dubstep remixes of the past year or so to start you off.

Enjoy, but carry on with caution.

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♫ M83- We Own The Sky (Udachi Dubstep Edit) / Whats going?  Whats going on?  This song is funking dazzling.  Snowboard videos always have legendary music and the video “That’s It That’s All” introduced us to “We Own the Sky” a few years back.  When we saw that it was being remixed we weren’t all keyed up about it………… But Udachi can be our wing man any day with masterpieces like this one.  Much praise.

♫ Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix) / When this song first comes on its dreamy.  I imagine Im dancing with a beautiful girl under the stars.  Then 1:00 hits and I open my eyes to see there is an entire dance floor full of madness right in front of my eyes.  So I leave her.

♫ The Streets – Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix) / Everything about this song was already serious, (if you haven’t seen the video for the original song, look it up) and then Nero warped it into a disturbingly crunchy dubstep track.  So, get drunk and whatever else it is that you do… and turn it up.

♫ Paramore – CrushCrushCrush (Slof Man Dubstep remix) / First off, Paramore blows and we understand that nobody comes to this blog to see any of their shiet.  The reason we decided to include this song in our first Dubstep roundup was show what a skilled remix artist is capable of.  This noise is much more than just listenable.  Don’t take our word for it, download it and see.

♫ Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (The Killabits Remix) / I need a dubber dubber, a dubber thats what I need, hey hey!  Killabits are guilty of taking Aloe Blacc’s amazing song and giving it a beautiful bass lift.  Enough said, press play and turn it up.

♫ Steed Lord – Bed Of Needles (AKS & Syndaesia Remix) / Better grab yourself a diaper and hold on to something tight because what AKS & Syndaesia did to this song is going to make you straight poop yourself.  And if you’ve never heard of the Icelandic group known as Steed Lord, consider this a warning.

♫ 12th Planet & Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P Remix) / CAUTION FLASHING LIGHTS: not for the faint of heart.  This remix is filthier than wearing used undies, easily receiving our Mr. Yuck sticker for the roundup.

♫ Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) / Blue Foundation’s Eyes On Fire has been gracefully brought into the bass world by the hands of Canadian duo Zed’s Dead.  This one has been haunting our dreams for a while now, and we like it.  Bass induced night terrors anyone?  Yes please.

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Dubstep Roundup Vol. 1 – 9.24.10

[MP3] ARNHAO dim the lights and make me go OH?!

we met atop a roller coaster, she was floating like a fiend

♫ ArnHao – Oh?! (Intangible Fantasy)

The latest installment of my man Hendrik’s Poule d’Or Compilations turned me on to this throwback synth jam from Atlanta’s ArnHao. The fact that they share a hometown with Big Boi comes through in the sultry R&B vocal stylings and sexed up funk of that steamy beat. The fact that they have less than 600 plays on Last.fm is, however, just a mystery.

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Dubstep Roundup Teaser / Joel and Scott present: La Roux

Grime. Filth. Melt. Chunk. Wobble. Smack. Gnar. Nasty. BASS.

We, Joel & Scott, are proud to announce we will be bringing the genre of DUBSTEP to The Burning Ear through our very special “Dubstep Roundup” series.  Our cold lockers are packed to the gills with devastatingly heavy sounds and we can’t wait to share.  Look for us to release this new series exclusively on Fridays twice a month beginning this Friday.

So here, for now, chew on this, for it is only the beginning friends, it is only the beginning.

♫ La Roux- In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix) This song isn’t new by any means.  BUT, it is delightfully evil and full of emotion (A perfect introduction to our most exciting series yet “Dubstep Roundups”).  Keep quiet, and listen to this cinematic tune.  It may induce goose-bumps.

[MP3] ALEX WINSTON dated an ANIMAL and used to call him BABY

so you wanna play pretend, but my best friends don’t bring out their claws

♫ Alex Winston – Animal Baby

Alex Winston already won me over with her great covers EP and now this original jam is just cementing the multi-instrumentalist’s talent. The 22 year old Detroit native just dropped her Knocks produced “Choice Notes” single which features two songs that are not “Animal Baby” so you can pick that up after getting into this soulful and groovy kiss off to an ex-lover. Gotta love those “ooooh ooooh”s!

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[MP3] TROPHY WIFE don’t TAKE much time getting into with THIS jam to play at NIGHT

won’t you show me how to dance, dance, dance, i will take this night to a different place

♫ Trophy Wife – Take This Night

If there is any bit of sunlight where you are then this is the jam to play as you bask in it’s fading rays of warmth. Hailing from rainy Oxford, England, these guys sure know how to infuse hazy warmth into their breezy jams. If you are hearing some Foals in there then you won’t be surprised to know that both bands hail from the same town (neigborhood even) and are now even on tour together. That’s a show I would love to see. Of the 2 tracks on their MySpace, “Take This Night” is not even one of them but it is certainly a promising piece of pop from a band I hope to hearing much more from soon. This guy is also really stoked.

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[MP3] ANAMANAGUCHI harken back to before the AIRBRUSHED t-shirt fad was even around

♫ Anamanaguchi – Airbrushed

While the 8-bit and chip-tune fad seems to have come and gone, Anamanaguchi are bringing something fresh to the table. Besides using hacked NES systems as instruments they throw on guitars and drums as well, making full on Nintendo fueled pop punk that only makes me wish their was a video game around I could play to jams like these. Oh, wait, there is! For more Anamanguchi you can get your paws on the full soundtrack to that Scott Pilgri video game as well as nab their great 2007 EP Dawn Metropolis which may or may not cause you to view the whole world in side-scrolling 2-D.

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