Remix Roundup Vol. 25 / 9.12.2010 / Joel & Scott present: Crystal Castles, Mike Posner, The Temper Trap, B.o.B, Rihanna, and more!

Let me introduce ourselves for we are the new faces….  Who are we you ask?  Well I’d like to think we laugh with the sinners and cry with the saints, but honestly we don’t hang out with too many of them saints.  I wish we were clever and able to come up with something sweet to say like this…

Born out of the mouths of wolves and serpents.
Raised up by degenerates and whores in the gutters of your forgotten cities.
Among the spawn of your outcast, your rebuked, your lepers.
Breaking bread with gangsters, hustlers, real motherfuckers
Scorned by your fearful leaders, and your simple masses.
Bearing no marking, no number, no names.
Only one sign, the Rad Omen.
For we are many, for we are many.

But, that would be ridiculous; as that is Rad Omens Bio on Myspace (damn).

The truth is that we are two dudes (Joel & Scott) from Seattle Washington that just love to get Nurdy’ and melt our faces on that dirty d-floor.   Remixes to Us are what platinum haired Bunnies are to Hugh Hefner.  We love Read more

[MP3] EGYPTIAN HIP HOP’s sound is more in the MIDDLE of where their NAME would imply. PERIOD.

♫ Egyptian Hip Hop – Middle Name Period

Neither Egyptian, nor particularly Hip Hop, these young British blokes tend to get their synth driven rock groove on more than anything. Take this jam for example. While the bands does in fact do vocals, it is this instrumental funk factory that really gets me pumped. All the layers of instruments (xylophone!) dancing around each other in perfectly spastic harmony. Egyptian Hip-Hop’s forthcoming EP Some Reptiles Grew Wings is out on the 20th and was produced by Hudson Mohawke, a guy I have heard great things about and should really start listening to.

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[MP3] SHUGO TOKUMARU makes me want to drink RUM and go HEE-hee

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

♫ Shugo Tokumaru – Rum Hee

Seriously, can you think of better sounds to start your week to? All that sprightly music coupled with the japanese lyrics are just like floating through a happy dream world where butterflies sing to you and the grass feels like velvet. Don’t know much about this Shugo guy but I guess he is big in Japan. Ha.

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[MP3] THE TING TINGS want you to throw your party HANDS in the air

i see you lookin up, you want to think about it

♫ The Ting Tings – Hands

I distictly remember my friend Sam asking me: “What do you think about The Ting Tings?” It was the summer of ’08 and he was splayed out in in a hospital bed after tearing his knee to shit. Before I was even able to connect the mental dots to “Great DJ,” the only song of theirs I knew at the time, Sam answered his own question: “I’ve decided I’m not into them.” We talked about it for another minute or so before evolving topics. The exchange always comes to mind when I think about the band because it wasn’t long after that I was giving their album a spin and making a similar decision: “I don’t think I like this much.” But that’s the funny thing about The Ting Tings, their popular opinion is made up of much more decision than reaction, people have to kind of think about whether this kind of spazzy club pop is OK with them. For a band that seems to cause so much thinking, they make music that should really require none. Anyway, after the sever over-exposure of tracks like “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up And Let Me Go,” I find it hard to imagine that anyone listens to them on the regular but that may be about to change. “Hands” is their new jam and although it’s still signature Ting, it’s also their most enjoyable and least grating track to date. A bouncy party groove for getting loose on the dance floor! Stop thinking, stop hating and get dancing!

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[MP3] SERF PARTY USA is a DAMN good name for a funky synth-rap crew doing their THANG

no they can’t believe how we can make cash money singing about our fantasy

♫ Surf Party USA – Damn Thang

Any band naming themselves after a 30 Rock line is gonna get my attention and so thank goodness they didn’t tarnish their namesake and have dropped a jam of a track here! Coming from California I never would have guessed that these Idaho inlanders would get their indentured farm party on so hard! You’ve got bouncy synth lines, auto tuned crooning, white-dude rapping, and enough glitchy goodness to keep things funky! The few other Serf Party USA jams I’ve heard are a bit rough around the edges but with only 28 listens on these guys are about as fresh as it gets and clearly have time to tighten up their shit between boozy nights in the cornfields. Bump it!

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[MP3] DAM FUNK has a tip for visiting the HOOD so you can PASS through INTACT

cause you never know when you gonna need to go back

♫ Dam-Funk – Hood Pass Intact (feat, MC Eiht)

Dam Funk’s largely instrumental (and large in size) double album, Toeachizown, garnered a ton of praise last year but the little I heard didn’t quire grab me and I never really tackled it. Well, now that Dam-Funk has thrown some vocals on a few of those tracks for his new EP my ears are perking right up. “Hood Pass Intact”‘s premise is about as awesome as it’s throwback 80s funk mega-handclap beat. Dam Funk’s high pitched soul provides a nice contrast to MC Eiht’s gravely flow. If this jam doesn’t make you want to cut the top off your car and put mega hydraulics in then you are lost, my friend. California love, baby. It’s nice to see a guy bringing back a genre and doing it with zero irony. (No surprise that Dam is on Stones Throw, the same label as Mayer Hawthorne)

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[MP3] GROUPLOVE is to awesome like crayons are to COLOURS

so i am a man up in the air and i float around this town

♫ Grouplove – Colours

Did you hear the one about the 5 people from LA, NYC, and London who all met and formed a band on the island of Crete and then stayed in touch before deciding to record an EP in LA? No, you haven’t heard it before, because shit like that does’t happen. Well, it doesn’t unless you are in Grouplove and then that is the exact story of how you got to the point where I am now listening to your single and being blown away. Backstory aside, this jam is a hugely impressive blend of all the things I love! Huge anthemic vocals! Soaring harmonies! Shredding guitars! Foot stomping beat! And most of all, a feeling that I am listening to something real and alive! Emotion and feeling are bursting through the seams of this track! Grouplove’s debut 5 track EP is out now and while I wait for the band to read this post and hook me up with a copy so it can become my favorite EP of the year I suggest you get a head start and pick it up! After all, NME named these guys #10 on the list of best new 2010 bands! They should probably have been higher.

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[MP3] CLOUD CULT recommend that TODAY WE GIVE OURSELVES a moment to rock TO THE epicness of this FIRE jam

i promise i’m a well intentioned explosion

♫ Cloud Cult – Today We Give Ourselves to the Fire

Some of you might know Cloud Cult from them being a band for forever and Light Chasers being their 8th record but I’m being introduced through this anthemic and life-affirming rock jam. A band with that much of a back catalog is waaaay too intimidating for me so I can promise you now that I won’t be giving myself to that fire, if you know what I mean. I have no problem just cranking this up, tying my sweater to my head, and conquering the shit of this couch! I can’t help getting pumped with those grinding guitars and huge harmonies!

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