Remix Roundup Vol. 29 – 10.15.2010 [DISCOTECH, Usher, The Presets, Heads We Dance, and more bitches..]

Channeling our inner Kenny Powers for this intro.

Its Friday,… and we realize that most of you cant live without our “Remix Roundups”… as you shouldnt.  I mean, what kind of idiot would hit the dance floor or pop-a-bottle tonight without checking our ridic jamz.

Listen mother fuckers, as you know our cold lockers are packed to the gills with epic tunes; which means we have about a years worth of jamz to unload on your faces.

So, here we are as usual, just in time for your Friday bitches.

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♫ Amy Macdonald- Spark (Discotech Remix) / DiscoTech are just better than everyone else.  Period.

♫ Usher ft. Will.I.Am- OMG(Vindata Remix) / OHHHH SHIT! BANGER ALERT! If this shit dont make you dance…………… F**k You.

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[MP3] Villa Nah & Helsinki 78-82

If you follow TBE, you know that I love getting Nurdy” to remixes, but I also like me some chill tunes.  Enter Villa Nah, the laid-back electro-poppers from Helsinki, Finland.

This Duo may hail from Finland, but they remind me of a chilled-out, darker version of Australia’s Cut Copy.

So here, take a time machine back to the days of Depeche Mode and check these three jams.

P.S. Check their Myspace and listen to Bennys Burning.

♫ Helsinki 78-82- So Lifelike featuring Villa Nah

♫ Villa Nah- Ways to Be

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[MP3] MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE’s new jam will kick you in the NA NA NA nads!

you run the company, fuck like a kennedy, i think we’d rather be, burning your information

♫ My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na

Lets get 3 three things clear: 1) That’s the best single cover of the year. 2) I love MyChemical Romance. Always have. 3) You certainly don’t have to like them by any means but if the fact  that I do cheapens your opinion of this blog then you can fuck off. Seriously, I don’t want your narrow-minded, high-and-mighty bullshit around here.* OK! Moving on to this ripping new jam that is unfortunately too late for summer because I would have loved to strap some lap-dog to my head and do my best impression of that cover while letting “Na Na Na” shred some poor jalopy’s sound system! It’s great to see the guys loosening up on the depressing black shtick and really going for the good times full steam. 4 years off seems to have done the band well after the slight misstep of The Black Parade. Gone is are scowls and black, replaced by a band that is clearly less concerned with fulfilling someone’s expectations of them and is instead celebrating good times and fun music. Criticize “emo” all you want for wearing it’s heart on it’s sleeve but you can’t criticize this song for wearing it’s fun on it’s sleeve by going with the most appropriate title possible! Anyway, you get the picture. I love these guys and dig this song and am psyched to hear what else they have cooked up for us on the forthcoming Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. I’d give you guys a primer on my favorite MCR jams off their first 3 albums (like I usually do) but the truth is that most of you have already made up your minds on MCR and will never be able to love them like I do and there isn’t anything I can do about it. Bummer. No point in telling you the story of seeing them open for The Used and Thrice in Poughkeepsie back in ’03 when they were small enough that Gerard could have drinks at the bar and nobody came up to him but my buddy Ted and I. The dude was as chill as ever and went on to rock the night into one of the top spots on my best concerts of all time list. Oops, better stop there before I get into the story about…

*if this post makes me sound like some bitter aging music fanboy asshole then, well, then I guess I am. (Sometimes.)

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[MP3] TEAMABC have an explosion of TANGLED sounds to get YOUR BONES moving

demands are not who and how but why and when

♫ teamABC – Tangled (Your Bones)

There is not enough xylophone in pop music and teamABC are doing their part to fix that with the spazzy head-bopping fun of “Tangled.” Not really a team so much as one guy from Wolverhampton, UK, teamABC teams up with various other vocalists to turns the youthful good times to 11 and let the melodies fly fast and loose. These jams reminds me of a British version of early Matt & Kim and point in a good direction for the future. “Casually Keeping Control” is my other favorite on the just released Water EP (his FIFTH!). It’s out for free on Bandcamp where you can pick up all his jams. Purchase a physical release and it comes with semi-transparent artwork cover and 8-bit computer game flavoured lyrics booklet. Freshness.

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[MP3] Demon- I Think + Video preview

So, I found this jam awhile back, but was never able to find a quality mp3 of it.  Luckily today, (due to my awesome persistence) I was able to find one  just for you.

Demon, (located in Paris) hasn’t even released a full length album yet, but here he is blowing up my personal itunes.  I’m definitely looking forward to his future work.  He has another rad tune “For Fuck Sake” that I havent found a proper MP3 of, but I will post on “tbe” as soon as I do.  Expect big things from this dude.

♫ Demon- I Think / Go ahead, let your ears burn.

Check out Demon’s New EP Trailer video

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Remix Roundup Vol. 28 – 10.11.10 [Miike Snow, Tokyo Police Club, RAC, Naked & Famous, …]

Because sometimes Monday is a good day for a fresh batch of remixes. And because sometimes you know Joel and Scott are right around the corner with their set of bangers and you gotta act fast. And because sometimes I just love you all and want to spread the sonic goodness.

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.

♫ The Dance Party – Sasha Don’t Sleep (Pance Party Remix) / I can’t guarantee that listening to this song will make you as hyped as this crowd but it certainly couldn’t hurt. I love that one of 2009’s best jams is getting more love!

♫ Something a la Mode – 5 AM ft K. Flay (Pance Party Remix) / Did someone say Pance Party? Yeah, I DID! These guys rock the wheels right off on this jam. Something a la Mode are some crazy classical-electro outfit that wisely brought Read more

[MP3] DUCK SAUCE love BARBARA STREISAND and so should you

wooo ooo oo oooo oo ooo ooo oooh

♫ Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand

Duck Sauce is the epic duo of A-Track and Armand van Helden and they are pretty much murdering it. What few jams they have released so far each get better and better. And then there is their videos! Their videos! The one for “Barbara Streisand” is below and features every hip cat in the indie scene, as well as a C+ Barbara impersonator, all getting down this jams unstoppable funk. See how many heads you can spot! My favorite it the naked hood lounging cameo from The Fat Jew (dude is the only reason to be on Twitter). Get pumped, it’s Friday! Read more

[MP3] FOXY SHAZAM WANNABE rockin your weekend like some sort of pre-party ANGEL from ohio

you’ll probably end up in heaven and i’ll be burning in hell

♫ Foxy Shazam – Wanna-Be Angel

Piano! Ridiculous lyrics! Big sing-along hooks! Oooh oooohs! How did this song come out over a year ago and I never heard it!? Damn, anyone know if the rest of this Cincinatti crew’s debut is as sugary sweet good times as this perfect addition to a Friday evening hype-up playlist?

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