[MP3] The Checks – “Candyman Shimmer”

look at the sun, its in a honey jar

♫ The Checks – Candyman Shimmer

My favorite New Zealand band The Checks are back and I couldn’t be more pumped! These guys dropped on of the best (and most under-acknowledged) albums of 2009. Candyman Shimmer is a winding slow burner that gets under your skin and makes itself at home. But forget my words, the band’s own description can’t be beat.

“Candyman Shimmer” is really all about you and your stinking mate in a clapped out 1.3 litre Fiat Uno chain smoking cigarettes hooning past two slick fellas in expensive suits cruising the motorway in a silver Porche. You pull your blue jumper over your eyes as you boost along and think about the Barbados coastline.

See, a new jam and some new vocabulary words! Learning was never this much fun. New Checks album is slated for a November release in NZ so start saving for that plane ticket.

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[MP3] Castles – “Ovary Montage”

♫ Castles – Ovary Montage

When you feeling as under the weather as I am at the moment it’s nice to have a little bit of tenderness to cradle you into the week. Castles deliver that nicely in the form of their oddly-named instrumental jam “Ovary Montage” which sounds a lot better than that title would look. Guitars shiver , strings sway, and synthesized sounds bloom and implode on themselves. This is magical movie movie that just needs a movie. Castles began their musical collaboration over the internet and then evolved to record a full album that they are offering for name-your-own-price at Bandcamp. [via Fairlychoherent.com]

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Dubstep Roundup Vol. 22 – 9.9.2011 [Nero, Justice, Pendulum, The Strokes, and more…]

We’rrrre BAAaaak.  Thats right its been one of those so called hot minutes since we’ve released a Dub Roundup.  Fear no more… Cuzz we’re packing that bass heat.  The kind that will make the little kiddies run and hide.  Call the poison control because its about to get yucky.

ARE YOU READY?!  Cheaah, we thought so.

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♫ Kerli – Army of Love (Grimey Bastard Remix) / Attention remix lovers and bass freaks.  Its time to get Nurdy.  What!

♫ Crizzly & Kids At The Bar – Like Dat / We had to move out of our house this month.  For a reason…………….. This song crumbled our foundation.  Beware of Mr. Yuk. 

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[MP3] Civil Civic – “Street Trap”

♫ Civil Civic – Street Trap

A sock-hop on speed, a go-cart race with Ferrari engines, grandparents on MTV’s The Grind. Something that should be wrong but feels so right has to be Civil Civic. The international purveyors of instrumental freak-out surf rock have returned with a new taste off their upcoming debut LP Rules and you bet your ass I’m as pumped as can be. “Street Trap” is a million mile an hour whirlwind of shredding guitars and eardrums as you are hurtled face-first into the world of CC. If you don’t know then you need to know. Read up, rock out, and get in. Get. In.

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[MP3] Hospitality – “Friends of Friends”

♫ Hospitality – Friends of Friends

This is such a sweet jam to wake up to, which is exactly what I did this morning after opening up my inbox. Composed of four very talented people, including the wispy songstress Amber Papini, “Friends of Friends” jams and strolls along at a bountiful pace. Keep tabs on the band, and their upcoming album in 2012 at their Facebook below.

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[MP3] Ryden Ridge – “Pretend”

let out all your thoughts, you wont get caught

♫ Ryden Ridge – Pretend

A little spacey, a little synthy, a little dancey, a lot of sexy. This summer evening beverage music is courtesy of Ryden Ridge, a guy who may just be starting out but definitely knows his way around a sparkling beat. “Pretend” shimmers and spins the whole way through but I especially like the fun around 2:30.

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[MP3] Dwntwn – “Transition”

what did you think, that we would always stay together?

♫ DWNTWN – Transition

On the heels of Kopps, Cults, Handsome Furs, and others, the boy/girl duo dance party continues with LA’s DWNTWN and their eyes-closed, hands-up brand of poppy dance voodoo. “Transition” is about as much fun as you can have while telling off your ex for being so damn optimistic about your failed relationship. Add this track to your Labor Day BBQ playlist and you won’t even remember that relationship in the morning!

Catch their remix of OneRepublic in Joel’s last Remix Roundup and grab another track “Hungry Hearts” at their Facebook which damn now that I am listening to it I am really digging. Brilliant. If you are in LA catch them tonight at AKBAR!

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[MP3] Browska – “Network”

♫ Browska – Network

“Cut up disco funk” from france makes perfect Saturday music for getting loose and bendy on the streets of your city. Put in in your car, crank it at the stop lights, delicately avoid crosswalk dance party. Crisp horns and an unrelenting beat keep my energy up in this sweat-soaked Barcelona heat.

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