[MP3] Azealia Banks – “212”

now she wanna lick my plum in the evenin’

♫ Azealia Banks – 212

If Nicki Minaj is the reigning queen of chill-inducing pipes that can destroy a room with their range and charisma then Azealia Banks is the polar opposite, laying down rhymes with a flat delivery that still packs plenty of charm. Oh wait, nope. Scratch that. She has mega-pipes too.

The Harlem based 20 year old rapper brings her whole bag of tricks to “212,” laying down lazy valley-girl flow, choppy rhymes that are a beat on their own, and huge vocals that are woven and served over a pretty sick production plate. For all her dirty lyrics and straight-forward sex talk, something about Banks feels so much less forced than similar “shock” artists like Peaches or M.I.A. Plus, her cover of Interpol’s “Slow Hands” shows a nice range of influences. Other Azealia tracks seem rougher than “212” but I won’t let that temper my excitement for what will hopefully develop.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud

[MP3] Spirit Animal – “Makin It Work”

and today i was a hothead when i wrote you and i told you i could not be friends with someone who swam in the deep end with me 

♫ Spirit Animal – Makin’ It Work

Fun song. Funner video (below). I think we can all appreciate the upbeat take on the always painful process of recognizing that a relationship is not actually working. Do the fun thing and dive in.

“Makin’ It Work” comes from Spirit Animal’s debut 2010 album The Cost of Living and once again they have new material as well. Watch the video for “I’m Around” and you will see that Spirit Animal can handle the tender stuff too. Read more

A Dirty, Filthy, Halloween Mix 10.26.2011

Hello my pretties.

Whether you’re a music fan or a Dj looking to fill your Halloween mix, you’ve reached that dark place.  This bass-heavy mix oozes with that scary stuff.  The stuff that fills your nightmares in your sleep.  If you fancy getting your wits scarred out of you, then proceed.

Warning: If your face starts melting call a Doctor and no, that girl dressed as a sexy Doctor may serve a purpose, but that ain’t it.

Side note: Thanks to Figure for making this mix easy to fill.

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♫ Cazzette – The Shining (Original Halloween Mix)

♫ Figure – The Werewolf (Dubstep Mix)

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[MP3] Rebeka – “Fail”

here we come alive with a crystal clear song in our ears

♫ Rebeka – Fail

Production that is both tight and crunchy, vocals that smuggle a sweetness into the mix, and a rhythm that is deceptively infectious, those are the elements that make up the incorrectly named “Fail.” Rebeka are a duo from TBE’s current Home-base of Poland so I am pretty stoked to be able to endorse their “experimental pop” sounds. As their Soundcloud will tell you, they don’t have much out yet, but I’ll take quality over quantity any day. And they certainly have that.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud

[MP3] Zach Ashton – “Come Home”

the party’s always better when you’re with someone you know

♫ Zach Ashton – Come Home

If you’re anything like me (or near the same time zone as me) you’ve just got home from work and want to kick back and relax with some tea and good music. Well, if that run on sentence didn’t tip you off, I’m providing the music for you. Zach Ashton is the artist, and laid back and chill is the vibe. Kick back, put your tired feet up, and take a solid listen folks; this one is special.

If you’re liking what your ears are catching click the link below to head to his site, where you can grab the album and learn more about the fellow in the process!

Artist links: Website

Remix Roundup Vol. 55 – 10.21.2011 [Boys Noize, Gigamesh, Strange Talk and more…]

Its Friday and things are groovy in the hood, so I’m back with some major remix flavor.  Just in time for the weekend.

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♫ Boys Noize – Arcade Robot (Sound Remedy Remix) / A mix that would have vibed perfectly with the Drive Soundtrack.  Its too late for that,.. and that’s a shame.

♫ Justice – Helix (Don Diablo Remix) / Noisemaker Don Diablo is back with a fiesty remix.  He is also about to blow Asia/Australia up on his upcoming tour.  For info check out his Facebook.

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[MP3] Kiriyama Family – “Time Out”

we are the understated, we are the time bomb, we’re gonna get out of this hell hole

♫ Kiriyama Family – Time Out

Synthezisers plus distilled adolescent joy equals “Time Out.” This perfect track for a Friday night comes to us from the unsigned and under-appreciated Kiriyama Family who call Iceland home. No word on whether they are a real family or more of a “blood-brother” type thing but its nice to hear theseguys having a great time. Now it’s time for me to have a great time. Let me just write time one more time.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud

Dubstep Roundup Vol. 24 – 10.19.2011 [Silver Medallion, Calvin Harris, Feed Me, Britney Spears and more…]

Its always a special occasion when we drop a sick-nasty-wobbly-wobblefest on our TBE peeps.  Super-obvi today will be no exception.  Rest assured, your worldwide dub dealer has got your fix…  So, get that change of cloths and that extra pair of undies ready.  The BASS is back.

I figured this picture fit in nicely with Halloween steadily approaching.  Just don’t stare too long.  Side note: I like my bass swollen, not my women.

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.

♫ Fytch, Captain Crunch, Carmen Forbes – Raindrops / No explanation required for this level of choonage.

♫ Silver Medallion – All I Ask (Lazy Ants & Norihito Ogawa Remix) / Bass infused filth may send you into wet-robot convulsions.  I once new a wet-robot, his name was Steve.

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