Remix Roundup Vol. 56 – 11.23.2011 [Justice, CSS, The xx, M83 and more…]

Whats up big pimpity pops?  Welcome back.

Its Thanksgiving and time to break away from your ever so important Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble-upon, Myspace (insert joke), Spotify and all things in the cyber-world.  Finally, take a minute and give thanks to the important things in your life like the Family, Happiness, Food and of course The Burning Ear.  You might be thinking “gee Joel, you kinda just contradicted yourself there with the whole cyber thing”.  Well,… I think you’re a contradiction.


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Premier: ♫  Flo Rida (featuring Akon) – Who Dat Girl (SmarterChild Remix) /SmarterChild is back on TBE and continues to show his diversity of sounds.  Once again he tackles a new genre and makes you question ever listening to the original ever again.  Please download from his Soundcloud, fan his Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

♫ Justice – New Lands (Anthony Atcherley remix)

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[PREMIERE] Citizens! – “True Romance (Gigamesh remix)” & “Girlfriend”

never knowing where you came from or where to go

♫ Citizens! – True Romance (Gigamesh Remix) [Please do not re-host. Link to this post.]

More London based indie synth pop dance fun! AND it’s remixed by Gigamesh! What, what!? I guess the weekend starts on Tuesdays these days. Lets focus on the magic of that Gigamesh remix for a moment. No need to talk about it really. Just listen some more. That Gigamesh is a genius. And what better way to get me even more pumped for the music of Citizens!? Catch them opening for The Rapture on their UK dates if you can!

♫ Citizens! – Girlfriend

Citizens! (the punctuation is important) are fresh on the scene but that hasn’t stopped them from already harnessing the powers of lead Franz Ferdy Alex Kapranos for studio production. You can you hear the sexy swinging good times this band is working with on the original version of “True Romance” (awesome video below) as well as the we-have-all-been-there sleaze of “Girlfriend.” More please! Read more

[MP3] Old Wives’ Tale – “Momma Devil”

you know you make me wanna shout

♫ Old Wives’ Tale – Momma Devìl

OK, what is born in Colombia, bred in Miami, and shreds some serious guitar action? The brothers of Old Wives’ Tale! Felipe & Jamie Valencia bring some serious rock n roll heat with the  throwback stylings of “Momma Devil,” a jam tailor made for air guitaring the sheit out of your living room. Have a brother? Get him wailing on some high pitched karoke and tear the whole thing up. Just don’t break the coffee table like last time.

Old Wives’ Tale’s 2nd LP Late Night Paraphernalia is out now.

Artist links: Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon

[MP3] Cookies – “Wilderness Tips”

we’ll walk away from everybody that we know like a criminal

♫ Cookies – Wilderness Tips

NYC duo Cookies are serving some tasty jams, full of chunky beats and rich boy/girl vocals that make the slappy rhythm all the nicer. “Wilderness Tips” surges and swells with every beat while still keeping things sparse nicely arranged. For some reason these guys are severely under exposed. Grab more jams and nice album art at their website.

Artist links: Website / Amazon

[MP3] Orbital – “Never”

♫ Orbital – Never

If you never got into Orbital before now is your time! These two British brothers are the old school bomb diggity (as they say…) with a whole handful of mind massaging classics in their catalog. Spinning aural gold since 1989, these guys took a break in 2004 and have been off my radar at least that long (2001’s double LP The Altogether was my jam). Listening to “Never” it is instantly clear how great it is to have them back. Close your eyes and lose yourself in the swirling beats. Or keep them open and ride the visual wave they have woven with their video for “Never.”

Artist links: Website / Soundcloud

[MP3] Clubfeet – “Last Words”

she said the last words in the world, we are not alone

♫ Clubfeet – Last Words

After giving RAC Maury some much deserved love a few weeks back I was inspired to track down the original of that Clubfeet remix and came up with a jam that holds it own damn well. “Last Words” has that kind of late night synth swing that is perfect for that post-party comedown. Still enough groove to keep you moving but not so crazy that you can’t get your contemplating on. I guess it coud also be some good nekkid-time music but I wouldn’t pretend to know about that…

Artist links: Facebook / Website

[MP3] Ghosthouse – “9.2.5”

look at your killer body knockin’ me out

♫ Ghosthouse – 9.2.5

Ghosthouse is a funny name for this Chicago sex-funk duo because I can’t imagine any ghosts at a party these guys would throw. And fitting in just one house? I’m skeptical… Anyway, if you like Chromeo then you will like “9.2.5.” Big clapping synths, shoulder slinking beats, and lyrics that lay out a plan for getting down to business. It’s the perfect music for leading into the weekend. FIrst thing tomorrow I’m checking out what other gems they have cooking at their Soundcloud.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud

[MP3] Music For Animals – “City Streets”

how you gonna pay for the ring? how you gonna tell your baby when the money’s all spent?

♫ Music For Animals – City Streets

If you are at all like me then a pair of headphones and a deserted street can easily lead to some high volume out of tune singing as you rock out on your iDevice. This is a dangerous practice since head-back wailing is not conducive to spotting the babe across the street who just rounded the corner and is now fully judging you. But sometime it has to be done and songs like this are those times. I mean the song is called “City Streets”! Add that to the raucous sing along melodies and that killer guitar solo at 1:20 and you might hurt yourself not rocking out in public. Anyway, thanks to San Francisco’s Music For Animals for ruining any air of calm collectedness I may have been hoping to exude this weekend.

Artist links: Facebook / Bandcamp